Flower Master in the City

Chapter 16. Molesting Female Police Officer

Chapter 16. Molesting Female Police Officer

“Pervert, I knew you were up to no good!” Sun Xinxin rolled her eyes at Summer. “I’m not going to be tricked by you!”

Sun Xinxin’s current expression that has a slight angriness with it, adds a bit of elegance charm to her already gorgeous and extraordinary self. At this moment, she is even more beautiful than before. Summer was lost in thought as he looks at this sexy and wonderful lady in front of him. He must win her over! He thought.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Sun Xinxin was a bit shy, feeling the burning gaze of Summer.

“Sister Xin, I want to kiss you.” Summer said very seriously.

“Ah …” Sun Xinxin immediately felt her cheeks burning up. This guy, how could he say such words in front of others?

Sun Xinxin white cheeks were beet red, making her look all the more charming, Summer was no longer able to hold himself back, as he begins to bring forth his mouth forward to slowly scrape towards her.

Looking at Summer getting closer and closer to her mouth, Sun Xinxin was stunned into a little dazed. Was this guy really going to kiss her here? She wanted to dodge, but she was a little worried if she dodged, wouldn’t he lose face in front of others?

In her moment of hesitation, Sun Xinxin also forgot to react, but the side of Fang Xiaoru and Wang Jie who see all of this was stunned.

“Big Brother is to the point where the word powerful isn’t enough to describe his ability!” Wang Jie began to admire Summer more and more.

However, Fang Xiaoru couldn’t help but lamented: “This development is really fast, at noon they were still just holding hands, and now in the evening mouth to mouth then what about at night wouldn’t it be…”

“It’s them!” An angry voice suddenly came from the door

The sound was like a bell awakening Sun Xinxin, and she suddenly found Summer lips have been less than a centimeter away from her face, she couldn’t help but be startled.

“Ah!” Sun Xinxin softly called out as she instinctively turned her head, to dodge the oncoming attack.

Summer immediately became angry, which son of a bitch burst his good thing? Originally, he was just short of a cm from kissing Sun Xinxin and he’s sure that once he had done this he would have won her over!

Turning his head Summer saw Su Zi Qiang walking in the forefront. Suddenly he jumped down from his seat and flash like a whirlwind of fury over.

“Papa Pa …” In an instant Summer flies over, lightning fanning Su Zi Jiang a dozen slaps, turning Su Zi Qiang into a pig’s head his cheeks became so swollen that they looked terrifying. But Summer still didn’t feel as if he had vented enough, so he raises his heels to Su Zi Qiang and sent a kick in his stomach once more sending him to the ground. After doing all of this Summer pointed at him and angrily swore: “You son of a bitch, who let you mess up my good thing!”

Poor Su Zi Jiang had yet to react, first, he felt dizzy from the dozens of slaps so there is no spare effort to speak. While his lower abdomen was kicked again, the unbearable pain plus gas anger in his heart caused him to faint just like that.

Summer action was too fast, the whole process was less than thirty seconds, whether positive with Summer dinner Sun Xinxin or the few people that came together with Su Zi Jiang, had no time to react, they just felt their vision blur for a moment, then they heard the sound of rapid slaps then they found Su Zi Jiang unconscious on the ground.

“Zi Qiang, Zi Qiang, how are you?” The first one to react was Zhang Li. She threw herself beside Su Zi Qiang, shouted a few times, but found that Su Zi Qiang did not react at all. her face couldn’t help but change. “Quick, quickly call an ambulance!”

The two helpers that Su Zi Qiang had found, were one tall and one short man who didn’t seem to be even thirty years old, they finally had a reaction as they first went to Su Zi Qiang’s side to check his condition, and when they found out that Su Zi Qiang had indeed fainted, their faces immediately darkened.

“Jian Wei, you send young master Qiang to the hospital first, leave this place to me.” The taller man said.

The short guy nodded his head and didn’t say anything. He carefully carried the unconscious Su Qiang and quickly left the restaurant. Very quickly, everyone heard the sound of the car engine starting up.

Watching as the car drove away, the tall man turned around and stared at Summer in a gloomy manner: “Kid, I will give you a chance, break one of your hands!”

Summer unhappily rolled his eyes. “Hey, they went to the hospital so what are you still doing here? I will give you a chance to hurry up and go to the hospital yourself. ”

“If you force me to do it, then you better be prepared to spend the rest of your life in bed!” The tall man took a step towards Summer staring at him with vicious eyes.

“You two-bit minions really like to run on with nonsense!” Summer lightning punch toward the tall man.

he first rushes to the front, when the tall man saw this incoming punch his face couldn’t help but change. He hurriedly turned his head wanting to hide. Unfortunately, when his head turned a little bit, the high-speed fist of Summer also deviated from its original direction, finally hitting his forehead evenly.

“BOOM!” The tall man felt as if the sky was spinning before his eyes, as he spun around then fell.

“I already said that I will give you the opportunity to go to the hospital yourself” Summer shook his head, “Now, you have to find someone to take you to the hospital!”

Summer calmly walked back to his seat next to the Sun Xinxin and sat down again, the other people in the restaurant. All looked at him as if looking at a monster. In just a few minutes, two people were knocked out by him and as if this wasn’t bad enough, others do such a big thing, at least, need to find ways to deal with the aftermath or leave as quickly as possible, but why this guy acting as if nothing had happened. He even looks like he wants to continue to drink?

“Uhm, big brother, shouldn’t we run away quickly?” Wang Jie was a little scared. He began to feel like he had recognized the wrong big brother. If this continued, he might be dragged into prison in a few days.

“That’s right. Summer, let’s hurry up and leave!” Sun Xinxin was also was a little scared.

you might even be convicted of intentionally injuring the person and end up in jail. I think it’s better if you turn yourself in, or you run away quickly!” As expected of a student of the Law Department, the moment Fang Xiaoru opened her mouth, she immediately thought of the crime.

However, Summer acted as if he didn’t hear their words. He continued to eat and drink and then mumbled. “I’m not full yet. I’ll leave when I’m full.”

Summer was unwilling to leave, but the rest of the customers in the restaurants have already started to check out and left. Not long later, only they were left at the restaurant, while the tall man that was beaten down by Summer still remained on the ground without any reaction.

Wang Jie also ran to settle the bill first he didn’t run away, but just sat there restlessly as if on pins and needles. He was no longer in the mood to continue drinking. Sun Xinxin looked at Summer that was still gorging while suppressing her uneasiness in her heart.

“Okay, I’ve had enough, let’s go!” After a few minutes, Summer finally was full, After hearing these words, Wang Jie felt as if he had a spring in his seat as he hastily got up and looked as if he wanted to immediately rush out.

“Who just called the police?” An exceptionally cool and pleasant voice came from the doorway.

Everyone unconsciously looked over. Wang Jie almost drooled. What an enticing policewoman!

Long legs, slim waist, big chest, round buttocks, among these four, as long as a woman occupied even one of these four, she would be able to attract countless gazes of many men, and in front this policewoman, with her exceptionally long and slender legs, slim grip waist, double peaks enough to burst through her clothes and high tilted round buttocks, not only did she take all four crowns, but each of them could be said to be perfect to the extreme!

Even worse, not only did this policewoman have a sexy figure, her face was exceptionally beautiful. For a time, Wang Jie was fascinated, until he found the cold eyes of the policewoman, he was spirit awakening.

This policewoman is really tempting, but unfortunately, to see her cold eyes, Wang Jie knew that she was an ice beauty with spikes growing all over her body. It was fine if he fantasized about it in his heart, but if he were to take action, he would definitely be stabbed to the ground and covered in blood.

When everyone was shocked by the policewoman’s beauty, a voice suddenly rang out. “Height 175, legs 114, bust size 36D. Wow, Police sister, your figure is really good. You’re so beautiful, be my wife!”

Wang Jie Jaw drops open as he watches Summer who had unknowingly stood in front of the policewoman, Big Brother, I know that you are very powerful, but I did not expect you to be this badass!

For a time, the restaurant was caught in complete silence. Everyone was watching Summer, this guy really is not an ordinary sturdy! He even dares to molest such cold thorny policewoman.

Behind the policewoman were two young male policemen, they were also watching Summer, but within their eyes, there was a hint of pity. This brat even had the guts to tease the famous cold beauty of the Criminal Police squad.

And that policewoman was left stunned at the moment, starting at the man in front of her. From her teens, she has kept seeing those men who are filled with admiration and obscenity for her. During her years as a cop, she had interacted with all kinds of people. and the men who pursued her were innumerable, full of all kinds of tricks, some had a sweet tongue, some love to send flowers, some love to spend money, while others would directly take the money and by a diamond ring sports car or even villa to send for her. she had thought that all the tricks men used to pursue women, she had already seen however, she never imagined that there is actually a guy who makes her directly become his wife!

“What did you say? Rogue!” After a while, the policewoman finally reacted. She angrily glared at Summer. What she didn’t understand was how this guy knew her figure so clearly? Especially her long legs that would make a professional leg models feel inferior, and the proud chest, these two data is definitely her privacy, even those female friends who have a good relationship with her, do not know the exact numbers, so how could this rogue say it out so easily?

“Police sister, you didn’t hear me clearly. I just want to ask you, can you be my wife?” Summer looked at the cold and elegant policewoman without restraint, her tone was very natural. Obviously, he didn’t think anything was wrong with it.

“Rogue, you’re courting death!” The policewoman flew into a rage and raised her hand to slap Summer.

Policewoman shot quickly, seeing her glistening white hand, to come into close contact with Summer cheek, the two policemen already begin to wait to hear the crisp slap sound, such a scene for them, has become a commonplace whenever this Cold beauty encounter molester, she will always give the other two slaps in the face, no matter who it is, and every time, she will be successful, never missed before.

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