Flower Master in the City

Chapter 15. Restaurant conflict

Chapter 15. Restaurant conflict

Wang Jie turned his head towards Summer and smiled. “Big brother, when can you teach me two tricks?”

“Your qualification is too bad, you’re not suitable for martial arts.” Summer lazily replies.

“Huh?” Wang Jie suddenly had a bitter look on his face. “Big brother, although my qualification is certainly not as good as yours, I don’t want to be as good as you are, I just want to be able to single out ten or eight punks.”

“Your requirements are so low!” Summer thought about it. “That’s possible.”

“Then big brother does this mean you promised to teach me?” Wang Jie was suddenly overjoyed.

“Wait till I see your sister to say it again.” Summer seemed to have a lack of interest in teaching others martial arts unless the other party was a beauty.

Wang Jie’s fat face suddenly turned into a bitter melon again.

“Hey, Wang Jie, isn’t that your girlfriend?” Fang Xiaoru poked Wang Jie’s arm with her finger, then pointed towards the entrance of the restaurant.

Wang Jie looked even more depressed. As he saw a tall handsome boy embracing a pretty girl walking into the restaurant, that pretty girl was his ex-girlfriend Zhang Li.

Yesterday, when Wang Jie and Zhang Li made a ruckus outside the flower shop it touches Fang Xiaoru also remember them, so as soon as Zhang Li walked in, Fang Xiaoru immediately recognized them

Because there are fewer people in the restaurant, the goal is even more obvious. When Zhang Li entered the door, she also found Wang Jie. When she saw that Wang Jie was talking to Fang Xiaoru, a trace of disdain flashed across Zhang Li’s eyes.

“Yo, Wang Jie. You’re pretty good. You found a new girlfriend so quickly?” Zhang Li glanced at Fang Xiaoru, “I didn’t expect that you would be so hungry that you would even want a flower seller!”

Speaking of which, Fang Xiaoru was half a celebrity in Jianghai University. It wasn’t because she was too pretty, but because she sold flowers at Xinxin Flower Shop. Everyone often passes through here, and many people know her through it.

“What did you say?” Was so sudden to find an unexpected calamity fall upon her head Fang Xiaoru was both shock and a little annoyed, “What’s wrong with me selling flowers? It’s better than selling like you!”

Not to mention, although Fang Xiaoru is not as beautiful as Zhang Li, but the mouth is much more powerful.

“Who did you say was selling himself?” Zhang Li flew into a fit of rage. “You are the one selling yourself, your whole family is selling yourself off!”

“What is the difference between betraying a poor boyfriend and posting yourself to a rich man and selling your body?” Fang Xiaoru snorted.

“Yo, so you’re trying to win back face for your Wang elegant?” Zhang Li anti-laugh, “I didn’t expect you to like that fat guy so much. I’m actually very curious, how can someone as small and skinny as you stand up to his tonnage?”

“You ……” Fang Xiaoru was no fool, she naturally can hear the hidden meaning in Zhang Li words. “You’re so vulgar!”

“Zhang Li, you do not go too far?” Wang Jie suddenly stood up, “Fang Xiaoru and I only met today, and she’s not my girlfriend. Even if you don’t like me, is it really worthwhile for you to criticize her?”

“What is it? Are you sad? ” Zhang Li sneered, “She scolded me first. Can’t I scold her?”

“Zhang Li, you are simply outrageous!” Wang Jie shouted angrily. “”You followed that bastard Su Zi Qiang behind my back, and now you fucking come like you’re the victim and I should feel sorry for you!”

“You bastard should feel sorry for me!” I do not know what came over her but Zhang Li also suddenly roared toward Wang Jie.

And now, that tall boy also spoke. “Wang Jie, you’d better clean your mouth. Otherwise, you’ll regret it!”

Wang Jie looked at Zhang Li, and then looked at the tall boy then he suddenly started laughing crazily. “Hahaha, this is too funny, Zhang Li, I finally know why you treat me as your enemy. Hahaha, I heard that Su Qiang likes virgins, but now he found out that you’re not a virgin, right?”

The more he begins to think of it the merrier Wang Jie laughed: “Su Zi Qiang, do you feel very great? You still have to drink my foot washing water, but Zhang Li’s effort in bed is really good!”

“Damn fatty, shut up!” Zhang Li’s complexion became more and more unsightly. Although there weren’t many people in the restaurant, she still felt like countless pairs of eyes were watching her.

“Tch, do you really believe if you tell me to shut up, I will just shut up? Dam slut you fucking betray me first no problem, I do not find you to cause trouble is already your blessing, but now you’re still trying to make things difficult for me, do you really have no sense of shame?” The more and more Wang Jie speaks the angrier he becomes. “Before, I was fucking sad, but now that I’ve thought it through. I didn’t lose out and instead earned. I played with someone else’s wife for two years!”

“Men really do have this kind of irresponsible idea.” Sun Xinxin whispered.

Although no one else heard her whisper, but Summer was clearly able to hear it. He immediately went close to Sun Xinxin’s ear and whispered, “Sister Xin, I will take responsibility.”

Sun Xinxin immediately became bashful, “What nonsense are you spouting? Who wants you to be responsible …? No no, I’m not saying that I don’t need you to take responsibility. I’m just saying that we don’t have anything to do with each other …”

The more Sun Xinxin tried to explain the more chaotically confuse she became, finally, in the end, she coquettishly rolled her eyes at Summer: “I will not bother to say!”

“I said sister Xin, Summer, Wang Jie is currently arguing with people, but you two are still in the mood to flirt?” Fang Xiaoru really feels the two are a bit too much.

“Isn’t he gaining the upper hand?” Summer didn’t think much about it. Seeing that Zhang Li was so angry that her face was completely red, while Su Zi Qiang had an ugly expression on his face. It was clear that Wang Jie had stabbed both of their sore spots.

He hadn’t even finished speaking when Su Zi Qiang could no longer hold back and punched Wang Jie right in the chest. Wang Jie groaned in pain as he fell back. He fell on his butt and couldn’t even stand up for a while.

“Wang Jie, your mouth is good, but a man doesn’t rely on his mouth in an argument between men.” Su Zi Qiang coldly snorted. “When you see me in the future, it would be best if you get the hell away from me, or else I’ll beat you up every time I see you!”

“That’s right, I’ll beat you up every time I see you in the future.” An unhappy voice rang out as Summer stood up, and looked at Su Zi Qiang in displeasure. “Didn’t your family teach you to hit a dog you have to first see who the owner is first?”

“Who are you?” Su Zi Jiang frowning.

“My name is Summer in spring, Summer, autumn, and winter I’m the world’s first above the heavens” Summer stared fiercely at Su Zi Qiang, “Wang Jie is my little brother. Other than my wife and I can bully him, no one else is allowed to, do you understand?”

“I just bully him. What can you do about it?” Su Zi Qiang laughed coldly. Seeing Summer’s body, he already feels he could knock him down with just one punch, but yet he wishes to play as someone big brother?

‘whoosh!’ Summer quickly kick out towards Su Zi Qiang who had no time to respond, only to already receive a kick in the middle of his lower abdomen.

“Ugh!” Su Zi Qiang screamed miserably, as he clutches his lower abdomen with his hands and bent down in pain, “You, you actually dared to hit me? You, do you know who I am?”

“I don’t care who you are!” Summer lazily send another kick towards Su Zi Jiang, he finally couldn’t withstand the impact and fell down.

“Good, very good do you have the fucking balls to wait here?!” Su Zi Qiang was in so much pain that he was sweating cold sweat. He clenched his teeth and stood up, “If so then you wait for me!”

With that said, Su Zi Qiang stumbled out of the restaurant, not even bothering to greet Zhang Li.

“Zi Qiang!” However, Zhang Li reacted quickly and chased after him.

“Big brother, you’re really awesome! I really didn’t make a mistake in recognizing you as a big brother!” Wang Jie finally got up from the ground and looked at Summer with admiration.

However, Sun Xinxin was a little worried. “Summer, it’s best for us to quickly leave. I think that person is probably going to find helpers.”

“That’s right, big brother, Su Zi Qiang seems to have some background. Should we avoid first?” Wang Jie also said.

“Do you know why your wife is running away with someone else?” Summer looked at Wang Jie and suddenly ask.

Wang Jie was dumbstruck but still reply positively. “That, big brother, Su Zi Qiang, that brat is even more handsome than me, and he’s also richer than me … …”

“Wrong, it’s because you’re too timid!” Summer curled his lip and continued. “Do you know what being a pervert is? You’re so timid, yet you don’t have the guts to act like a pervert. How could you get a girl without having the gall to act like a pervert? Even if you are lucky enough to get one, she will still run away with others.”

“What kind of nonsense is this?” Fang Xiaoru was not convinced.

“This is what my master said.” Summer, smiled. “My first master is a generation flower master. He has courted countless girls in his life and has almost never faced defeat.”

“Almost undefeated?” However, Fang Xiaoru heard the key point, “If that’s the case, then he has still failed!”

“That’s right. In the several tens of years that my first master has been a generation flower master, he has only failed once. However, you cannot fully blame him. He can only blame his bad luck for encountering another person worse than him.” Summer took pride as he pointed to his nose and said. “That is me, he originally saw Fairy sister and wanted to win her over but was I snatch away to be my wife.”

“Keep bragging!” Fang Xiaoru scoffed loudly, this brat, does not know when to stop bragging?

“Big brother, you’re too much, you even dare to snatch a woman that your master has his eyes on!” Wang Jie was filled with admiration, “When can you teach me how to pick up girls?”

“Hey, you guys are boys, why are you always trying to pick up girls?” Fang Xiaoru was dissatisfied, “The dishes are here. Hurry up and eat!”

With such a delay, the waiter had already started serving the dishes. Although Sun Xinxin was a little worried, she didn’t continue to try to persuade Summer to leave.

“Come, big brother, let me toast you!” Wang Jie poured alcohol for Summer.

Summer took a sip of the beer, and smacked his lips, then shook his head: “This stuff doesn’t have much of a taste ah. Monkey Wine is still better to drink.”

“Monkey wine?” Wang Jie stared blankly. Wasn’t that the type of thing that only existed in novels?

although Summer felt that this beer wasn’t very tasty, but that didn’t stop him from getting rid of the bottle, Wang Jie was very excited, he called for a few more beers and the two of them drank them one by one. After drinking a few bottles Summer had no reaction however Wang Jie was already unable to take it and went to the restroom.

“Summer, stop drinking. If those people come and you were to be drunk, it would be troublesome.” Sun Xinxin could not help but advise on the side.

“It’s okay, I never get drunk.” Summer faced Sun Xinxin and laughs. “Sister Xin, do you want to drink?”

“Why? Do you want to get me drunk?” Sun Xinxin pouted coquettishly.

“Yeah, when you’re drunk, I can carry you home.” Summer admitted it honestly.

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