Flower Master in the City

Chapter 18. Crazy police

Chapter 18. Crazy police

As the captain of the sixth brigade of the Criminal Police Department of Municipal Public Security Bureau. Cold is the well deserved first beauty of the entire police force in Jianghai City. Everyone knows that the thorn on this Police beauty is not a general sharp. There have been countless people who have been stabbed into a hornet’s nest by her, but despite this, there are still countless men who continue to pursue this thorny police flower.

Not just her name but even her Surname means Cold the name alone is enough to make people feel a burst of chill, but this world is filled with strange things, the colder a woman, the more she is likely to arouse a man’s desire to conquer her, Not to mention Cold also has the body and looks to make any normal man crazy while her name doesn’t mean she really is a block of ice though even if she really was ice. I’m afraid there would still be countless people who would want to hold her to sleep.

In fact, there are quite a few cold women in this world, but there weren’t many who were cold to this degree and being cold to this degree was definitely unique. Countless men with extraordinary backgrounds have tried to sneak close to Cold, only to get beaten just because they lustfully looked at her, and it was rumored the most outrageous thing that Cold has done was t publicly slap the deputy mayor of Jianghai City. What’s the most ridiculous thing is that after that Cold was still fine not only, she wasn’t demoted, but she actually rose from vice-captain of the Criminal Police Force to captain.

Many people said that she had a strong backer, but no one knew who it is. Even among the rich and powerful people in Jianghai City, there’s no one that carries the surnamed Leng. So, the problem is if she doesn’t have a backing then how could she still be safe and sound? Moreover, many people have found that even the director of the city’s Public Security Bureau, is extremely courteous when dealing with Cold.

“Damn that little rascal, you wait for me!” Cold was currently angrily pacing back and forth in the office. The other police officers had a very tactic understanding to stay quiet, no one dares to make a fuss.

However, the atmosphere in the office was rather strange at the moment, giving off a depressing feeling.

“Cold!” A tall man suddenly rushed in, breaking the silence in the office.

This man looks rather handsome, but every policeman had a strange expression on their faces when they saw him.

“What are you doing here again?” When she saw this man, she couldn’t help but get even more annoyed.

“Ice, I missed you, so I came to see you! “The tall man walks in front of Cold and looked at her rather strangely.

Cold already had a belly full of anger, and now seeing this person, her mood turns for the worse. She shouted at him. “Scram!”

Hearing this, the face of everyone present changed, and the tall man’s expression suddenly turned abnormally terrifying.  He looked at cold as if he couldn’t believe what he had just heard. “Cold, you, what did you just say?”

“I told you to scram, don’t bother me!” Cold was already becoming impatient.

“Cold, how could you treat me like this? Have you, have you forgotten the feelings we’ve had over the years?” The tall man’s face twisted and his voice started to tremble.

“Enough! Huang Anping, when have I been with you for so many years?” Cold was very annoyed. “There’s never been any relationship between you and me. You have a problem with your brain so you come up with all sorts of nonsense. I feel sorry for you so I never bother to care about your delusions, but you are still endless bothering me. I tell you now I’ve had enough!”

“You, you actually said that there’s something wrong with my brain?” Huang Anping’s eyes turned red.

“There’s really something wrong with your head!” She said snappily. “Hurry up go to the mental hospital!”

“You, you, Cold, you ……” Huang Anping pointed at Cold, his eyes gradually turning crazed.

“You what? Get out quickly, don’t affect my work!” Cold said this, then turn around wanting to return to the interrogation room.

But suddenly her waist felt a little light, Cold face became pale when she reaches out to touch her waist. She quickly turned around but it was already too late, as a black muzzle was facing her, and the pistol that should have been around her waist at the moment, was in the hands of Huang Anping.

“Ah…” There were exclamation all around, as the police station became a mess.

“Huang Anping, drop the gun!” Two policemen pulled out their guns and drew it at Huang Anping.

“Captain Huang, don’t be impulse!” A few policemen shouted.

“Call the director!” Someone had already started dialing.

“I am going to the director!” A person rushed out alone.

Compared to the panic of the crowd, as the party most involved Cold, quickly calm down, She glanced at the two police officers pointing at Huang Anping with their gun and shouted: “What are you doing? Quickly put away your gun?”

“But, Captain …” One of them wanted to say something.

“But what? Do you not know that he’s ……” Cold didn’t continue to go on, but the crowd understood what she meant. The two of them quickly put away their guns because they knew that it was useless.

This was because Huang Anping had two very special identities. Firstly, he was the son of the Director of police Huang Haitao. This identity determines that they did not dare to recklessly shoot at him. In other words, if they pulled out their guns, they would at most scare him to death. If they really shot and killed Huang Anping, then they will basically be finished.

But, more importantly, Huang Anping had another identity: he was a madman.

The words Cold said earlier to Huang Anping were not empty abuse, but a fact there indeed is a problem with Huang Anping’s brain, for someone who had a problem with their brain, pointing a gun at him would not only not frighten him, but would instead make him shoot first. This meant that using a gun against him was completely useless and would only have the opposite effect. In this case, Cold naturally orders them to put down the gun.

“Huang Anping, what do you want?” Cold stared at Huang Anping with her beautiful eyes, not the least bit afraid.

“Cold you, you tell me, why did you have a change of heart?” Huang Anping was gnashing his teeth, his expression somewhat hideous.

“Huang Anping, there has never been any relationship between us, all of this was your own imagination!” Cold snorted as she said. “You better wake up!”

Everyone was depressed. Big sister, you clearly know that there’s something wrong with his head, why are you still explaining it to him? Can’t you trick him into putting the gun down first?

“No, that’s not possible. You’ve already agreed to marry me. We’ve planned to get married by the end of the year!” Huang Anping hiss roared. “Have you fallen for another man? Speak, who is it?”

At this time the sound of rapid footsteps can be heard coming from the hallway, very soon, a forty-year-old middle-aged man appeared at the door. He had a square face and looked dignified. However, there currently was a trace of anxiousness on his face.

“Director Huang!” When everyone saw this person, they all quickly greeted while many were finally a bit relieved, this man is Jianghai’s City Public Security Bureau Director of police Huang Haitao, since he had come here personally, no matter what happened, he would have to shoulder the burden as the director and Huang Anping father even if Huang Anping should die here, It wouldn’t fall on their head.

“Andy, what are you doing? Put the gun down this instant!” Huang Haitao hastily rushes toward Huang Anping in a hurry, berating him harshly.

Hearing Huang Haitao’s scolding, Huang Anping seems to have a trace of fear. From small to large, Huang Haitao has been very strict with him. leaving Huang Anping with a form of shadow in his heart. Even now that his mind isn’t normal, but the innermost fear within his heart seems to have not disappeared.

Huang Haitao was keenly aware of the change in Huang Anping’s expression. He couldn’t help but relaxed a little. It seemed that the situation wasn’t so bad after all. Even though his son wasn’t very sane at the moment, he still listened to his words.

“Little An, come, give me the gun first.” Huang Haitao’s tone softened a little as he walked towards Huang Anping and stretched out his hand.

“Stop, don’t come any closer!” Huang Anping suddenly screamed. “If you come any closer, I’ll shoot!”

Huang Haitao’s face darkened. He knew that the situation was out of his control. Although his obedient son was still fearful of him, he was no longer obedient to him.

“Little An, what are you trying to do?” Huang Haitao’s voice became even softer, “Why are you pointing your gun at Cold? Do you really want to shoot her? Don’t you like her the most? Wouldn’t you feel some heartache after hurting her?”

“Cold has a change of heart, she doesn’t like me anymore. She has another man!” Huang Anping shouted crazily, “She promised to marry me! I can’t let her leave me!”

Huang Haitao had a burst of headache, although he didn’t know what specifically happened, he just understood that Huang Anping may have been stimulated by cold, but he didn’t blame Cold for provoking Huang Anping. He knew very well in his heart that Cold had nothing to do with his precious son, even if Cold had a relationship with someone it has nothing to do with Huang Anping. Though of course he was a bit puzzled and curious after all did the famous Cold beauty really have a man? If that was the case, this would be the biggest news of the city’s Public Security Bureau.

“Little An, are you sure you’re not misunderstanding?” Huang Haitao tried to persuade Cold on the side to play along with a wink. “How could Cold change her mind? You must be mistaken. “

Huang Haitao had hope that Cold would play along and explain, but he was depressed to have found that cold did not seem to see his eyes hint and did not react at all.

“I’m not mistaken!” Huang Anping shouted, “Cold said there’s something wrong with my head. She even said that she has nothing to do with me, and she still told me to scram. Isn’t that a change of heart? She must have found another man! “

Huang Haitao looks at Cold with some dissatisfaction. Even if his son is crazy, was there a need to tell him that?

Although he was dissatisfied, he didn’t show it on his face. He only said in an amiable tone to Cold. “Cold ah, you should explain to Little An. You also know that Little An’s current emotions are easily agitated and, in that case, you’ll be the one to suffer the most!”

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