Flower Master in the City

Chapter 19. Throwing off handcuffs to grab a gun

Chapter 19. Throwing off handcuffs to grab a gun

Cold natural understood what Huang Haitao was implying, Huang Anping was not in his right mind right now. If he shot her to death, he probably wouldn’t go to jail. If she died at the hands of a lunatic, then that would really be an unfair death.

Although Cold was in a bad mood, she wasn’t an idiot. She knew that this is not the time to be stubborn but right when she was about to say something to this crazy guy, a sudden voice intercepted. “Hey, kid, do you not want to live? How dare you point a gun at my wife!?”

Hearing this, everyone cried out in their hearts. They all turn to find the source of the sound only to find a person had suddenly appeared on the side of Cold. they begin to hope that a bolt of divine lightning would suddenly strike this idiot down. Was there really someone so stupid enough to make the already bad situation even worse?

“Dead rogue, what nonsense are you spouting? Who is your wife?” Cold became anxious this damn guy, how did he manage to escape from the interrogation room?

“Big sister police officer, although you are not my wife yet, you will definitely be it in the future.” Summer smiled and said, this guy stayed in the interrogation room for a while and begin to feel bored, so he ran out by himself. At that moment, the entire police station was a bit chaotic because of Huang Anping’s appearance, so naturally, no one cared about him. As a result, he came smoothly to Cold side though even if they were alert, they still wouldn’t be able to see his movement.

He didn’t wait for Cold to talk but spoke in a comforting way. “Big sister police officer, don’t be afraid. With me here, no one will dare to bully you!”

“You, shut up!” Cold was extremely furious. Why did this dead rogue come here to cause trouble!

“Are you Cold’s new man?” Huang Anping staring fiercely Summer.

“He is not ……” Cold had wanted to quickly denounce it, but unfortunately, she was still a step to slow, as Summer had already interrupted her as he nodded and gingerly replied: “That’s right, I am Cold’s husband!”

Without waiting for Huang Anping to speak, Summer added. “Hey, kid, those who dare to hit my wife’s idea won’t ever have a good ending. I’ll give you a chance if you immediately put down your gun and let me slap you once I’ll let you go with just that. But if you wait for me to make a move, I’ll turn you into a eunuch!”

“You say you’re Cold’s husband, if so, then why are you wearing handcuffs?” Huang Anping suddenly asked as he stared at Summer’s hand.

Summer raised his hand: “Oh, you say this, you know Cold likes me so much that she’s afraid I’ll run away. That’s why she cuffed me.”

“You rascal, are you still spouting nonsense? Are you looking to die?” Cold said with a bit of murderous in a low voice while gnashing her teeth.

“Very good, then I will kill you first!” Huang Anping snorted angrily. and pointed his gun at Summer.


“Little An, stop!”

Cold and Huang Haitao screamed at the same time, and at this moment, Summer also made his move.

It was almost as if time stood still as summer rushes towards Huang Anping. while at the same time he flexed both of his hands and dexterously pulled them out of the handcuffs, and then simultaneously reach out for the right hand of Huang Anping that’s holding the gun. Two of his fingers quickly pinch Huang Anping’s wrist slightly. Huang Anping gave a painful cry, as his right hand went limp naturally causing the pistol to fall and Summer caught it fluidly with his free hand.


After this series of actions were completed the sound of the cuffs, he had originally been wearing seem to single time returning back to normal. As for the witness to this event they only saw a blur move cross their eyes and then they found that Huang Anping handgun has been seized by Summer, and Summer’s handcuffs that were removed had just fallen to the ground.

Everyone present felt a sudden chill rising up from the soles of their feet as they all silently ask the same question in their hearts. Just who is this guy? In such a short amount of time even fewer than two seconds, he had actually managed to not only break free of his handcuffs but to also seize the gun right before the trigger was pulled. Wasn’t this a bit too unreal?

Cold face also changed. Earlier, she had suffered at the hands of Summer and knew that his skills were outstanding, but she had never thought that he would be this strong. At this moment, she vaguely understood that the reason she was able to handcuff Summer was not because she had pointed a gun at him but because of some other reason he was willing to be handcuffed.

Summer didn’t care about the strange stares he was receiving from everyone around him as he begins to pinch Huang Anping wrist, and muttered to himself. “Hey, your kid really does have a problem with your brain. I originally was going to beat you up, but I also don’t want to bully a patient. How troublesome, Should I cure your illness first and then beat you up?”

Everyone was left speechless when they heard Summers muttering. What kind of person has such bad taste? First, they would treat his illness, and then once he’s good they’ll beat them up, wouldn’t that mean at the end of the day he will still remain a patient? That’s just abuse!

“Let go of me, you bastard! Let go of me!” Huang Anping struggled and roared.

“You’re too noisy!” Feeling slightly dissatisfied Summer, raising his hand to knock Huang Anping on his head a bit.


Huang Anping was unfortunate enough to become the third unlucky victim of the day to be knocked unconscious by Summer.

Everyone looked at each other, isn’t this guy a bit too arrogant. right, in front of the Director of police he actually knocks his son out?! is he just treating the Director of police as air?

“What are you doing?” Huang Haitao glared at Summer. “Who are you? You dare to assault an officer in the police station?”

“Chief, his name is Summer. He’s a suspect in a murder case.” Cold finally woke up from this chaotic situation. She quickly reported a sentence and then glared Summer, “Give me the gun!”

“Hey, how can you be so ungrateful?” Summer stared at Huang Haitao, “This guy is crazy, if I don’t knock him out, he’ll probably kill you all. If you die it won’t matter but if my wife gets hurt what would you do?”

Here, Summer suddenly slapped his forehead “Oh shit! This really is a problem, if this crazy police came, here again, to cause trouble for big sister police things will get troublesome. I think it would be for the best if I just kill him now, but I can’t, bully a patient that’s really beneath my identity, oh well, in order to protect my wife, I’ll treat this lunatic first!”

Summer once more begin to disregard everyone else around him and mutter to himself. Seeing this Huang Haitao was very angry he was about to attack, but then he heard the last part which causes him to hesitate a little. He pressed his anger down and asked. “Can you cure his illness?”

“Of course, he’s just a lunatic. It’s not like he has a serious illness.” Summer said lightly.

Huang Haitao had the urge to vomit blood, not a serious illness? in the past six months, He had sought countless famous doctors but none of them were able to do anything. He could only watch helplessly as his son became more and more abnormal day by day. Was this not a serious illness?

“Summer, stop talking nonsense. If it was so easy to cure a lunatic, the mental hospital would have already closed down!” Cold snappily said.

“Police sister, my master had said, it’s not that the illness is too difficult to treat, it’s just that there are too many quack doctors in this world.” Summer smiled and handed the pistol to cold. “Here’s the gun.”

“You really can treat it?” Although Huang Haitao did not believe him, but this guy has indeed performed exceptionally well, and More importantly, his son’s illness had left him helpless. He could only try his luck at this point.

“Hey, I’ve already said that his illness isn’t very hard to treat. This guy just got hit in the head and even though the injury is clear on the surface he still has internal bleeding in his head which is suppressing the nerves. As long as this blood clot is removed restoring the flow of blood, he will naturally return to normal.” Summer was a little displeased that this man didn’t believe in his medical skills.

However, he soon recalls the scene of when he had tried to earn money at the entrance of Jianghai University yesterday. He now knew that it was not easy to convince others that he was skilled in medicine. So, he now begins to feel that Huang Haitao’s suspicions were also normal.

“This kid is really amazing. He actually knows the cause of Captain Huang’s illness.”

“Indeed, I think that he might really be able to treat it…”

“I wonder how Captain managed to catch such an incredible person. Judging from his skills, I’m afraid that even Captain isn’t his match.”

“This is called a hero falls prisoner to beauty ……”

The surrounding police begin to whispering among themselves, the cause of Huang Anping’s illness was not a secret within the station. In fact, Huang Anping could be considered a good police officer, even though he had a father who was the director of police, he would often rush into the front line. On one of those occasions when he had arrested several robbers, he, unfortunately, injured his head in the process and then he began to act a bit abnormal.

The doctor’s diagnosis was just about the same as Summer. The only difference was that no doctor would dare to perform surgery to remove the blood clot. It was said that the success rate was too low, so when Summer casually mentioned the cause of Huang Anping’s illness everyone started to believe Summer a little bit.

“Which medical school did you graduate from?” Cold stared at Summer and began to question him.

“Big sister police, I’ve never been to school.”

“Where’s your practice permit?”

“Don’t have one.”

I think you’re a fraud. Take out your ID card and let me have a look!”

“ID card …… I don’t have one yet!” Summer scratched his head innocently. “Big sister police officer, why don’t you help me get an ID?”

He had initially thought that he would be able to find Qiao Xiao Qiao as soon as he arrived in Jianghai City he can then let Qiao Xiao Qiao help him get an ID. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as he wished, it seemed that he would have to find someone else to get his ID card for him since he had heard from Qiao Xiao Qiao that without an ID card, things will become troublesome for him in the city.

“I am a criminal police officer, I don’t deal with ID’s!” Cold Snappily said she then turned around to look at Huang Haitao. “Director, as you can see this guy is most likely a swindler. I’ll take him back to the interrogation room first!”

“Wait.” To be honest, he didn’t want to trust someone he didn’t understand that easily. However, in the past six months, no one had dared to say that they could cure his son. Yet, such a person had suddenly appeared he had to pay attention to it even if it may be a lie.

He really wanted to give it a try, but he still lacked a solid reason for him to make such a painstaking decision. Thus, he decided to get to know this person first.

“You help me take Little An to the hospital.” Huang Haitao instructed the two policemen.

“No need, he’ll wake up in half an hour.” Summer interjected.

Huang Haitao’s eyes narrowed. “Are you so sure?”

“Of course, I am.” Summer curled his lip, “I have always control how I beat someone. For example, that guy who calls Su Zi Qing that I’ve beaten into a pig’ twenty minutes ago should wake up now, as for the guy after him, he should be awake by now as well. If you don’t believe me, you should call the hospital to ask. ”

As soon as he finished speaking, Cold had already begun to dial the number a few minutes later, Cold hang up the phone, and look at Summer strangely.

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