Flower Master in the City

Chapter 21. Low key beauty Qiao Xiao Qiao

Chapter 21. Low key beauty Qiao Xiao Qiao

Jianghai city vice squad.

After a brief period of silence, there were bursts of noises.

“Qiao Xiao Qiao?”

“Which Qiao Xiao Qiao?”

“It can’t be that Qiao Xiao Qiao, right?”

“How could it be that Qiao Xiao Qiao?”

“Most likely, it is another person called Qiao Xiao Qiao.”


Hearing Qiao Xiao Qiao’s name, Huang Haitao momentarily suspected that he had misheard Summer, this name was not an ordinary one. Within Jianghai city, whenever anyone heard this name, they would unconsciously think first of that Qiao Xiao Qiao. A girl from the Qiao Family who now only at the age of nineteen is already a leading figure in the financial world.

“Summer, the Qiao Xiao Qiao you’re talking about, is it that Qiao Xiao Qiao from the Qiao Family?” Huang Haitao couldn’t help but ask. With the director’s words, the other police temporarily quiet down, but together they watch Summer attentively waiting for him to answer.

Summer looked at Huang Haitao as if he was looking at an idiot. Qiao Xiao Qiao was, of course, a member of the Qiao family, was there still a need to ask?

But before he could say anything Cold who stood at his side first spoke. “Director, how could he know Little Qiao? He’s just a liar!”

Seeing Huang Haitao seemed to be hesitating in beliving her, Cold finally resorted to her trump card. “Director, how about I give Little Qiao a call and ask!”

Hearing Cold words Summer became overjoyed. “Big sister police do you know Little Qiao’s number? Please tell me, I was looking all over for her!”

“You don’t even know her number, and yet you still dare to say that she’s your wife?” Cold look at Summer with disdain before taking out her phone and quickly dialing Qiao’s number. “You damn scammer, wait for me to tear and reveal your true face!”

The call quickly connected. A tired voice came from the other end of the line. “Sister Cold?”

“Little Qiao it’s me.” Cold voice unconsciously became much gentler, causing everyone present to be surprised. This cold beauty also had such a gentle side?

“Sister Cold, did you need me for something?” Qiao Xiao Qiao has always been very straightforward.

“Little Qiao, I caught someone and he’s claiming to be your husband……” Cold also didn’t beat around the bush.

Qiao Xiao Qiao’s voice suddenly became anxious. Without waiting for Cold to finish, she interrupted her. “Is he call Summer?”

Cold was shocked for a moment and her heart began to give birth to a kind of bad feeling. “Little Qiao, his name is Summer, but how do you know … …”

“He’s at your Interpol station?” Qiao Xiao Qiao once more interrupted Cold words.

“Yes” Just as Cold finished saying this, she heard a voice from the other side: “I’ll be right there!”

Then, Cold will only hear the beep sound indicating that the call has been disconnected.

Cold stood there staring blankly. For a moment, she found it hard to believe but did Qiao Xiao Qiao really know this hooligan?

Huang Haitao saw that Cold was in a daze after the call and couldn’t help but ask. “Cold, what did Miss Qiao say?”

Cold gave Summer a complicated look and answered woodenly. “Little Qiao said she will come over immediately.”

Everyone was stunned.

“Big sister police officer, you are really the best! Haha! I will finally be able to see my wife this is even faster than I had originally planned!” Summer seemed exceptionally excited. His purpose in coming to Jianghai City was to find Qiao Xiao Qiao. Now that he was about to meet her, he was naturally very happy.

“Bumpkin, what are you so happy about?” A voice filled with dissatisfaction came from the door. It was Ye Mengying and her group. And the one who spoke was naturally Su Beibei.

“Hey, big beautiful sister, you’re also here?” Summer turned around and saw Ye Meng Ying, as for Su Beibei, he automatically ignored her.

Su Beibei was instantly unhappy: “Hey, I’m talking to you!”

“Oh, what did you just say?” Summer finally glanced at Su Beibei.

“You!” Su Beibei waved her little fist in the air and wanted to go up to give him a good beating, but after thinking that she definitely wasn’t his opponent, she retracted her fist in the end. “Bumpkin, you are caught by the Public Security Bureau and will soon be sent to jail, why are you still so happy?”

“I’ll be able to see my wife soon. Of course, I’m happy!” Summer seemed to not care about those small details.

“Your wife?” Su Beibei had a face of disbelief, “Are you talking about Qiao Xiao Qiao?”

“That’s right. Little Qiao will be here soon.” He was now in a good mood so he was willing to answer anything and everything for Su Beibei.

“Are you still dreaming!” Su Beibei curled her lips. “Right, let me ask you, why did you hit my fourth brother?”

“Your fourth brother? Who is it?” Summer was a little confused.

“Su Zi Qiang is my fourth brother!” Su Beibei said snappily.

“Oh, you mean him, he was asking for a beating.” Summer said lightly.

The group of people that came was left speechless. The reason for beating him up was just too over the top.

Su Jun Feng frowned, although he was very dissatisfied with this younger brother of his and felt that he was too useless but no matter what Zi Qiang was still his younger brother and a member of the Su family. Slapping Su Zi Qiang was equivalent to slapping the Su family in the face.

But the problem now was that Summer had saved his life yesterday, saved his precious sister, and also Ye Mengying. Speaking of which the Su family also owes him a debt of gratitude and if he insisted on pursuing this matter, then it wouldn’t be good for there reputation. Moreover, he had a feeling that even if he wanted to pursue this matter, Ye Mengying would stop him.

“Director Huang, I am Su Jun Feng, Su Zi Jiang is my younger brother.” Thinking of this, Su Jun Feng took the initiative to walk towards Huang Haitao. Although Su Jun Feng and Huang Haitao didn’t have any special relationship, they had at least heard of each other before.

“So, it’s the Su family Third Young Master.” Huang Haitao was full of smiles. Even though he was the Director of the city police and was considered to be in a high position. In terms of status, he was higher than Su Jun Feng, but he still had to give face to the Su Family behind Su Jun Feng. In front of the power and influence of the Su Family, he, Huang Haitao, was nothing.

“Director Huang, about the matter of my brother being injured …” Su Jun Feng glanced at Summer.

Huang Haitao quickly followed up, “Don’t worry Third Young Master, we will handle this matter impartially. We won’t let the culprit get away scot-free!”

The people of the Su family had personally come to pay their respects. Huang Haitao could no longer afford to bother with his son’s medical treatment, so he hurriedly expressed his attitude.

“Director Huang you seem to have misunderstood what I meant.” Su Jun Feng shook his head. “I mean, this is just a small misunderstanding between Summer and Zi Qiang. Our Su Family does not wish to pursue it, and hopes that Director Huang will not make things difficult for Summer.”

“Huh?” Huang Haitao did not react immediately. but still nodded his head, “Don’t worry, Third Young Master. We will deal with it according to the law.”

Though it was said according to the law, but everyone was clear that nothing will happen to Summer. Even the victim’s Family would not pursue the matter, and the medical examiner had not found any injuries.

However, the most unhappy with the development of things is still Cold. She has been getting more and more dejected. This damned hooligan, just who was he? She had originally thought that by offending the Su family Summer would certainly be finished. But who would expect for them to come and drop all charges not wanting to pursue the matter, wouldn’t that mean her plans have all been for naught?

“Third brother, how can you let this big pervert go so easily?” Su Beibei was very unhappy. “According to my plan, he should be locked up for at least eight or ten days!”

Hearing Su Beibei words, Cold was deeply in favor of this. Even if this damn hooligan didn’t have to go to jail, he still had to be detained for at least half a month!

“Who is going to lock up my husband?” A melodious voice was suddenly heard.

“Of course, I …… ah ……” Su Beibei turned around to look at the door but suddenly screamed in surprise and her eyes were wider then if you look at them through a magnifying glass. “Qiao Xiao Qiao!?”

All eyes gathered at the doorway to focus on a young girl at the door. She wasn’t tall, only about 160 cm. She wore a plain white T-shirt and light blue jeans. Judging by her outfit, she seemed like a normal girl next door.

Long eyelashes, big eyes, snow-white skin, straight nose, and thin cherry lips. The exquisite facial features were inlaid on the delicate oval face, forming a beautiful face. Her figure was slender, and although she wasn’t as sexy as Cold her curves were still distinct.

She is Qiao Xiao Qiao. Despite her unparalleled beauty, she was always dressed in a very ordinary manner. She did not like beautiful jewelry, nor did she like dazzling sportscar. She looked a little weak, but she was the one with the most influence in the business world Qiao Xiao Qiao.

“Wife, I’ve finally found you!” Summer cheered as he pounced toward Qiao Xiao Qiao, holding her up and even spinning her around a few laps only to gently put her down.

“What are you doing?”

“Release Miss Qiao!”

Two exclaims came at the same time, it is from two dress cool hot girls in uniform they both did not only dress the same but also had the same color short hair. They wore a tight little vest and shorts revealing their snow-white waists and beautiful long legs. They were extremely alluring, but they have been standing behind Qiao Xiao Qiao, the entire time but everyone had their eyes on Qiao Xiao Qiao, so much so that two beautiful sexy girls, have been neglected by everyone until they drew such attention to themselves.

“It’s fine he’s our people.” Qiao Xiao Qiao smiled sweetly. “He’s call Summer, he’s my husband.”

“How is this possible?” Countless people had the same thought. Even though they had heard it from Qiao Xiao Qiao mouth they still found it hard to believe. They truly could not believe that this ordinary-looking fellow call Summer really is Qiao Xiao Qiao’s husband.

“I’m dreaming, I must be dreaming, this bumpkin can’t be Qiao Xiao Qiao’s husband, it’s simply impossible, Impossible …” Su Beibei mumbled to herself.

“This dead rogue really is Little Qiao’s husband?” It was also difficult for Cold to accept this fact. She had originally planned to immediately ask once Little Qiao came but now it’s pointless to do so since the facts have been shown right in front of her as Qiao Xiao Qiao is still being embraced by Summer.

“My husband, let’s go!” Qiao Xiao Qiao’s voice rang out again. Next, everyone saw Qiao Xiao Qiao and Summer holding hands as they walked out.

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