Flower Master in the City

Chapter 20. Ye brothers and sisters

Chapter 20. Ye brothers and sisters

“What’s the situation like?” Seeing how Cold hasn’t spoken yet Huang Haitao couldn’t help but ask.

“Director, it seems that he’s right. Both of them are now awake, and…” She gritted her teeth and looked at Summer angrily.

“And what?” Huang Haitao frowned slightly.

“Director, I sent a forensic doctor to inspect their wounds, but they don’t have any injuries on them!” Cold was a little annoyed. she just couldn’t understand how this guy did it.  She had also heard that Su Zi Qiang was beaten into a pig’s head. Now all of that swelling has miraculously disappeared so when the forensic doctor went to examine his wounds those swollen things were completely eliminated!

“A talent!” Hearing Cold words, everyone begins to look at Summer differently again. If this guy was going to use torture to force a confession, then he would definitely be a master.

Huang Haitao began meditating, after a while, he turned to Summer and said gently. “You’re called Summer, right?”

“That’s right.” Summer nodded.

“I am Huang Haitao, the Director of Jianghai City’s Public Security Bureau. He is Huang Anping, my son.” Huang Haitao introduced himself, “Little An was a very good Cop in the past, but his head was injured while chasing criminals. If you really can cure his illness, I will truly be thankful to you for that.”

“Oh, you don’t need to thank me, as long as he doesn’t try to steal my police sister from me in the future.” Summer said casually.

“Who’s yours?” Cold has the urge to strangle him.

Huang Haitao waved his hand, indicating Cold to stop. Then, he asked in an amiable tone. “Summer, can I ask you something? Have you ever treated someone before?

“Of course, I was the one who cured my wife.” Summer replied.

“Your wife?” Huang Haitao looked a little embarrassed as he turned around and looked at Cold, “you mean……”

“I’m not his wife!” Cold grind her teeth audibly and shouted angrily.

“Oh, Big sister Police, I’m not talking about you. I’m talking about another wife.” Summer smiled and said.

Once again everyone was left speechless by his words. This dude already has a wife, but yet he still wants to soak Cold beauty, really acting recklessly!

“Then Summer, can you tell me your wife’s name is?” Huang Haitao asked, His plan was actually quite simple. Although he already somewhat believes Summer, he was still worried if whether or not Summer has any experience in treating others. If Summer had treated someone else, he just needed to find that person and investigate whether or not Summer medical skills are really good or not.

As the Director of Jianghai’s City Public Security Bureau, it wasn’t too hard for Huang Haitao to investigate a person’s background. All he needed was to get some clues.

“She called Qiao Xiao Qiao.” Without hiding anything Summer immediately reported her name.

Then there was silence.


Sacred Heart Hospital, is one of the many Hospitals of Jianghai City but to ordinary citizens of Jianghai City, this hospital was not very popular. While it’s quite the opposite for the high-class society of Jianghai City, As they were all very clear that this was actually the best hospital in Jianghai City. Not only do they have first-rate equipment here, they also host the best doctors, but ordinary patients could not enter this hospital at all. To put it plainly, this is a hospital dedicated to the high-class society.

Ye Meng Ying wearily came out of the intensive care unit, her grandfather’s condition still has not made any sort of improvement, so her mood was very bad at the moment. From small to large, her grandfather has always doted on her and there had even been rumors long ago, my grandfather would take most of the property left to her , but also because of the rumors that this cause most of her brothers and sisters in the family to hate her, and the only one who treated her well was her big brother.

As one of the most powerful families in Jianghai City, Ye home had countless properties and assets worth ten billion, and right now, the owner of this grand fortune was her grandfather, the chairman of Southern Day Group, Ye Tiannan. Such a huge fortune naturally attracted the coveting of countless people, and when Ye Tiannan fell ill, the secret competition had reached its climactic point of no return.

She was sure that the accident that had happened on her way back to Jianghai city was planned by someone in her family, but fortunately, for her she kindly let Summer hike a ride with them and allow herself to dodged a bullet, now back to Jianghai City, where her big brother sits, these people are afraid to target her so openly.

“Little sister.” A gentle voice sounded.

Ye Meng Ying raised her head, with a smile on her face. A tall and handsome man was walking towards her. It was her big brother, Ye Shao Xiong.

“Big brother, you’re here!” Ye Meng Ying greeted him with a look of joy. Only in front of her big brother did she have such a happy smile on her face. She knew that in this world, aside from her grandfather, the only person who would never scheme against her was her big brother.

“This is an unusual time, although I’ve sent a few people to protect you in the dark, I’m still worried. When I heard that you were going to stay at the hospital tonight, I personally came to accompany you.” Although he knew that his little sister had already grown up and could take charge of herself, he still unconsciously thought of her as the weak little girl from ten years ago.

“Big brother, let’s go for a walk outside.” Ye Meng Ying said softly.

“Alright.” Ye Shao Xiong never refused a request from his little sister.

Sacred Heart Hospital has very good environmental conditions. Walking in the hospital was like strolling in a park, but there weren’t many patients out here as the sky was getting a bit dark so on the road, they will see fewer and fewer people walking.

“Big brother, do you think grandpa will get better?” Ye Meng Ying sounded a little sad. Although she knew that her grandfather was a bit old, and that in ten days, his eightieth birthday would come. However, she still hoped that her grandfather could live a longer life in this world.

“I think he will at least finish his eightieth birthday.” Ye Shao Xiong sighed softly.

“In fact, my Grandpa never said that he would leave all the property to me, and neither did I ever wanted it. I also didn’t want to compete with everyone for the property, so I decided to leave Jianghai city alone and go to Star City. my company is not big now, it’s not a problem for me to support myself. To me, Grandpa’s piece of property doesn’t matter.” Ye Meng Ying’s tone was bitter as she continues to speak. “But why do they still bother me? Why would they ever want to disgrace me in such a way?”

“I won’t let them off!” Ye Shao Xiong’s eyes flashed a cold light. Whoever tried to harm his most beloved sister no matter who they are he will never let them have a good end!

Pausing for a moment, Ye Shao Xiong then slowly said. “Although Su Jun Feng doesn’t have much ability, but at the critical moment he does have a bit of responsibility. I checked the person call Summer, but didn’t find anything about him, and I also didn’t find any info about Qiao Xiao Qiao having a fiancé, but since this brat has saved you If there’s a chance, I will thank him properly.”

“Speaking of which, it’s quite strange. Summer shouldn’t be able to find Qiao Xiao Qiao, which is why I specifically left him with my business, I had thought he would have called me yesterday, but he hasn’t called me yet.” Ye Meng Ying slightly frowned. She was a bit worried, did something perhaps happen to Summer?

Just as Ye Shao Xiong wanted to say something, a clear voice suddenly came from behind, “Cousin, big cousin!”

The two of them turned around and saw a cute little girl. It was Su Beibei, and the person accompanying her was Su Jun Feng.

“Big Cousin, when did you arrive?” Su Beibei rushed over with a face full of excitement. “Wow! big cousin, I just haven’t seen you for a few days yet you seem to have gotten even more handsome!”

Ye Shao Xiong felt a burst of headache, how is his luck so bad that he ended up running into this girl?

“Jun Feng, how are you feeling?” Ye Meng Ying knew that her big brother was a little afraid of this little girl, so she quickly helped him out by moving the topic to Su Jun Feng.

“Nothing much, I just had a mild concussion, I’ll be fine after a few days of rest.” Su Jun Feng said quickly. Yesterday when he was sent here and woke up to hear what happened, he still couldn’t believe that the person who saved them was that guy called Summer.

“Ah, yes. Cousin, did that bumpkin call you?” Su Beibei looked as though she had just thought of this.

“No.” Ye Meng Ying answer truthfully, she naturally understood who Su Beibei was referring to as a country bumpkin.

“That doesn’t make sense. I’ve also let people stare at him, that bumpkin did not go looking for Qiao Xiao Qiao!” Su Beibei was a little confused. Then, she acted as though she had suddenly realized something, “I understand, that bumpkin most certainly was bragging, he definitely doesn’t know Qiao Xiao Qiao!”

At this time Su Jun Feng’s phone suddenly rang, he took out his phone and looked at the caller ID. When Su Jun Feng saw the caller he frowned, but still answered the call. With an obvious hint of displeasure in his tone he spoke. “Zi Qiang, what happened?”

“You’ve gotten beaten up? Could you be a little more promising…… Wait, what was the name of the person who hit you?”

“Summer?” Su Jun Feng’s voice suddenly rose an octave, “Are you sure the person is called Summer? Fine, leave this matter to me, don’t alarm my family, that’s all!”

Su Jun Feng hung up the phone and noticed that three pairs of eyes were staring at him.

“Hey, Third Brother, what did you just say on the phone? Who did Summer beat? Is it the same country bumpkin Summer or someone else?” Su Beibei was the first to lose her cool and asked a few questions in one breath.

“Zi Qiang was beaten up by someone at Jianghai University. The person who hit him refers to himself as Summer. As for whether it is the Summer we know of I’m not so sure.”  Su Jun Feng felt a little helpless, “However, I heard that he’s been taken to the city’s Public Security Bureau. I plan to take a look if it’s him or not.”

“He’s been caught?” Ye Meng Ying’s face changed and she turned to look at Ye Shao Xiong.

“Let’s go and take a look together.” Ye Shao Xiong smiled faintly. In his heart, he was also a little curious about the person who saved his sister.

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