Flower Master in the City

Chapter 23. Summer's bored

Chapter 23. Summer's bored

I saw the door open, and a familiar person came out, but they can’t seem to connect him with the red Volvo.

“Isn’t that Summer?” Fang Xiaoru exclaimed.

Yes, it’s Summer, in fact, Summer is walking in front of Sun Xinxin now. “Sister Xin.”

And the red Volvo, soon left, people in the car didn’t bother to show up.

“Hey, Summer, where were you last night?” Fang Xiaoru was the first to ask. “Sister Xin said you didn’t come back last night, who did you go to fool around with?”

Although Sun Xinxin didn’t ask, but her pair of beautiful eyes are looking at Summer, apparently she also wanted to know the answer.

“I was with my wife.” Summer casually replied.

“Your wife?” Fang Xiaoru had a look of unbelief. “Who?”

“Didn’t I already tell you?” Summer was a little depressed as he spoke these words once more. “Qiao Xiao Qiao is my wife!”

“Qiao Xiao Qiao!?” Fang Xiaoru pursed her lips up, “If so my husband is Qiao die”

“Who is Qiao die?” Summer ask a bit puzzled. “Didn’t you say your husband is Bill Gates?”

“Oh, Qiao die and Bill Gates, are both very rich.” Fang Xiaoru explains a bit.

“That Joe die and Bill Gates what do they do?” Summer a little curious.

“Uh …… Joe die is selling apples, Bill Gates is selling windows.” Fang Xiaoru little headache, this guy did he crawl from out of a rock, such famous people he do not even know?

“Summer, you do not listen to Xiao Ru nonsense.” Sun Xinxin finally could not resist, “People called Steve Jobs not Joe die nor is he selling apples but selling Apple’s mobile phone and computer etc.”

“Apple phone?” Summer scratched his head, then took out a stuff from his pocket: “Is not this?”

“Four generations Apple!” Fang Xiaoru sharp-eyed, grabbed in the past, “this thing cost thousands of pieces Summer, last night you will not go near a rich woman, right?”

“My wife gave me!” Summer a bit helpless, why now, Fang Xiaoru still do not believe Qiao Xiao Qiao is his wife?

“Cut, I do not believe it!” Fang Xiaoru curled his lip, “If Qiao Xiao Qiao is really your wife, why come here today?”

“I took Xin sister a month’s wages, at least at work here for a month!” Summer feel man talk about credibility, although he has found Qiao Xiao Qiao but he took in advance from Sun Xinxin a months wages, he at least should be here to do a month work.

What’s more, he can not be a man that eats soft food, even if he found Qiao Xiao Qiao, its best to find a way to make his own profit.

His idea, Qiao Xiao Qiao did not say anything, just gave him a cell phone, so that two people can keep in touch, and then personally sent him to the Flower Shop.

“Brother, brother!” A Fatty breathless ran over, it is Wang Jie.

“What do you want?” Fang Xiaoru said snappily.

(T.L Note this girl is really annoying it’s not like he call you why is she asking)

“Brother, are you okay ah, I was worried you will be locked up!” To see Summer, Wang Jie a lot of relieved.

“I certainly okay.” Summer nonchalantly reply, “Even if they really put me lock up, I can always come out.”

“Big Brother is really super powerful!” Wang Jie began flattery.

Fang Xiaoru really could not stand, could not help but curse loudly: “Lackey!”

Wang Jie This guy seems to be very busy all morning to stay in Flower Shop, from time to time to let Summer to teach him martial arts, but each time was Summer sentence blocking: “When I first saw your sister to say.”

Flower Shop business is still relatively deserted, but Summer is still no flowers tasks under boredom, he began playing with Qiao Xiao Qiao sent IPhone, but playing for a long time, he still could not figure out many of the features this stuff has, Fortunately, he finally know how to call.

He bored first to Qiao Xiao Qiao called and did not talk a few minutes, because Qiao Xiao Qiao there seems to be busy afterwards Summer do something to make Fang Xiaoru considered the history of the most boring things.

Summer phone had only one number that is Qiao Xiao Qiao’s, but after figuring out how to add phone numbers, he put  Sun Xinxin, Fang Xiaoru and Wang Jie three numbers added and then call them.

“Xin sister? It’s me Summer.”

“…… I know, I’m next to you.”

“Wang Jie, its me brother your.”

“Brother, I’m behind you.”

“Hello, is this ……”

“I don’t waste phone money!”

See Summer holding a cell phone would like to dial again, Fang Xiaoru had had enough: “Summer you bored just take sister Xin and  go, do not call to harass me.”

Just finished, Ringtones Sun Xinxin again rang out: “You are my rose, you are my flower ……”

Fang Xiaoru face black line: “Summer, if you’re going with Xin sister dating, no need to call her to speak?”

“I did not call!” Summer feel very innocent.

“Not you?” Fang Xiaoru took Summer cell phone and found he really did not  dial-up, while Sun Xinxin there also connected to the phone.

“Hello, I was …… right, well, no problem, the telephone is …… assured that we sent.”

Summer finally had his first task

Sun Xinxin answered the phone, a man named Lu Gang call over, this guy is a former student Jianghai University Two years ago, he found a girlfriend who was in Jianghai University. Then in two years, Lu Gang gave his girlfriend a gift. Nearly a hundred bunches of flowers, each bunch of flowers is more expensive than the last. It is said that this guy has spent more than 10,000 in this flower shop, which is a VIP customer of Xinxin Flower Shop.

Lu Gang graduate this year, a few months ago went to the field to work, and his but his girlfriend has not graduated. It is said that he did not return home during Summer vacation.Today is the birthday of his girlfriend. Lu Gang cannot leave. So, so he call the Xinxin Flower Shop and let the flower shop send a bouquet of flowers to his girlfriend.

Although there are many online Flower Shop, but Lu Gang most trust this often before dealing with this Flower Shop, but after Sun Xinxin received the phone call did not hesitate to ask his girlfriend’s phone after they promised to take up the task and deliver it to his girlfriend’s hand.

Lu Gang’s girlfriend is call Lei Qiao Yue. When Sun Xinxin contacted Lei Qiao Yue at noon, Lei Qiao Yue said that she was not in school, but she would be back in the afternoon. However, when Sun Xinxin called again in the afternoon, Lei Qiao Yue said that she would come back at night, and after about six o’clock, Sun Xinxin called again. The result was that Lei Qiao Yue said that she might return very late, and she would not go home until twelve o’clock tonight.

Lei Qiao Yue’s birthday is today, if  wait until 12 o’clock to send the flowers, it would be meaningless. In desperation, Sun Xinxin called Lei Qiao Yue again and asked her where she is now. She will now send the flowers to her, Lei Qiao Yue hesitated for a long time then finally gave an address, Blue Sky Hotel.

Then Summer will be holding a bouquet of flowers went to the Blue Sky Hotel, originally Sun Xinxin little worried Summer can not find the place, ready to go with him, but Wang Jie volunteered willing to give Summer to lead the way, Sun Xinxin also just told Summer to go home directly after the flowers are delivered, no need to go back to the flower shop.

Holding a bouquet of red roses, Summer in the bus has attracted many people’s attention, Blue Sky Hotel very far from Jianghai University Summer sit for half an hour on the bus to arrive at the destination.

Outside the Blue Sky Hotel, Summer took out his mobile phone and dialed the phone number of Lei Qiao Yue.

“Hello, I’m Xinxin Flower Shop, where are you ……?” Summer a little depressed, because the woman on the phone tells him that she is no longer in the Blue Sky Hotel, but in a KTV called Spirit Song dynasty.

“Rely on, this woman in the end want to receive the flowers or not?” Wang Jie very dissatisfied, “I think this woman must be getting faithless!”

“It may be that we are too slow.” Summer actually did not care how, people are faithless or not has nothing to do with him, but this is right or wrong he first deliver the flowers, this is also the first time he sent flowers, so must complete properly.

“Well, brother, we have to go that Spirit Song dynasty?” Wang Jie grimaced.

“Do you know where Spirit Song dynasty is?” Summer asked.

Spirit Song dynasty is a very famous KTV, Wang Jie naturally also know, and Spirit Song dynasty from the Blue Sky Hotel is also not to far, walk up to ten minutes.

Summer, holding a bouquet of flowers appeared in the Spirit Song dynasty, nobody bother him, although to send flowers in this place is a little weird, but this place have been all kind of people to delivery flower is hardly surprising, at the door wearing a traditional Chinese hugging dress cheongsam a beautiful young lady smiling toward Summer bow, with a sweet voice saying welcome.

Summer gave Lei Qiao Yue a call, which makes him a bit uncomfortable, he gave his wife Qiao Xiao Qiao only one phone call today, and this Lei Qiao Yue, he does not know, actually have played two telephone calls.

Fortunately, this time, Lei Qiao Yue is still here, let Summer wait outside, she will come down immediately.

In less than two minutes, a beautiful girl walked out from the inside and saw Summer with flowers, and immediately came over.

“You are the Xinxin Flower Shop? I am Lei Qiao Yue, the flowers can give me.” The girl said quickly.

“Happy Birthday!” Summer flowers handed over, as for the happy birthday, before Sun Xinxin explained to him, when he saw Lei Qiao Yue, to say it.

(T.L Note: it’s really weird seeing Summer act this way well it’s a rare sight cherish it)

“Thank you!” Lei Qiao Yue took the flowers, turned away, a very eager look.

“Well, Lei Qiao Yue, you really behind my back with your ex-boyfriend exchange!” An angry voice suddenly came a tall thin bespectacled boy suddenly appeared in Lei Qiao Yue behind.

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