Flower Master in the City

Chapter 24. The highest realm of beating

Chapter 24. The highest realm of beating

“Zhao Zheng, do not misunderstand ……” Lei Qiao Yue quickly explained.

“I have seen, how can I misunderstanding?” The boy named Zhao Zheng looked very angry. “You keep going on your phone today, I would have feel something’s not right, now let me caught you? You old me you have already break up with your ex-boyfriend!”

Zhao Zheng clearly upset, will rush in front of Lei Qiao Yue toward Summer point at: “You’re mine pretty dated ex-boyfriend?”

“I rely on, this woman really faithless.” Wang Jie could not help but curse, it seems this year it became popular for girls to pedal in two boats? Before, his girlfriend Zhang Li carried him with Su Zi Jiang, and now, this Lei Qiao Yue is obviously carrying Lu Gang engaged with others.

Summer frowned, from the smell of alcohol of this guy is obviously he’s drinking too much.

“Zhao Zheng, you are mistaken, he’s from Xinxin Flower Shop came to send flowers.” Lei Qiao month quickly explain.

”Send flowers?” Zhao Zheng stunned, but then he was dissatisfied. “I Rely on, who asked you to send flowers to my girlfriend? I haven’t ordered flowers. Who let you bring these fucking flowers?

“Hey, are you sick?” Wang Jie said dissatisfied. “Someone orders flowers, we naturally have to send them. If you are not convinced go order flowers!”

“What did you fucking say!?” Zhao Zheng was furious.

“Rely on, curse to curse you, how you deft?” Wang jie before this day was not so bold but now there is Summer at his side, he naturally not afraid, Summer fighting ability, he’s personally seen, he can not believe he would lose.

“Well, you dare!” Zhao Zheng stared at Wang Jie, “I dare you to wait here a minute!”

Zhao Zheng said that, they will immediately ran toward the inside.

”Wait to wait, I am not afraid!” Wang Jie is very upset. “We just to send a flower? Where we provoke so much?”

Summer also feels innocent, what does this have to do with him, if he was to send flowers? How can it be given to Lei Qiao Yue, although she is also a bit attractive, but far from being able to meet his standards.

“This year crazies really everywhere, sigh” Summer, he felt that this guy named Zhao Wei was crazy. He met Huang Anping’s a crazy yesterday. Today he met another one. The crazy in this city is too much. He thinks that he only needs to go specifically to deal with such a case. You can make a lot of money by treating them.

Positive sigh, a group of people has been rushed out of the karaoke, everyone armed with steel pipes, menacing.

“Just the two of them, give me severely beat!” Zhao Zheng towards Summer and Wang Jie point out a finger, “Don’t let people die!”

Wang Jie was in a cold heart, subconsciously stepped back a few steps, hiding behind Summer, joking These guys come to one by one, he can’t beat it, let alone a dozen? At this time, he can only hope that this big brother who just recognized the day will once again make a big splash.

A group of people then quickly rushed to the front of Summer, holding a pipe, but suddenly see Summer that move in the air pipe no longer dared to fall.

“Big, Big Brother, is that you ah?” Run ahead of the guy gingerly ask, was secretly crying, how they met this metamorphosis ah!

“Do I know you?” Summer is a bit strange, who is this guy?

“Brother, you do not remember, yesterday we were with leopard brother ……” This guy was laughing with a smile, but his heart was a little depressed. he uncle had beaten them yesterday, didn’t remember them.

”Oh, you guys.” Summer grin. “Do you want to hit me with a steel pipe?”

“No, of course not, dare it?” This guy is quickly put the pipe taken back, look and smiled, “Brother, you are coming to sing? I’ll prepare the best private room right away.”

“Black Three, what are you doing? Why not hands?” Zhao Zheng, but already there roared.

“Hey, Zhao Zheng, you are drunk, advanced to rest for a while!” Black three bitter face, this kid is not a mess, he does not want to be beaten again

“SMACK!” Zhao Zheng hand dumped black three a slap, “I let you hands, you fucking deaf?  Do you not want to mix?”

Black suddenly ignorant, then was furious,I rely on, this little bastard actually hit him?

“Third Brother, engage him?” And black behind a man whispered, with poor look at Zhao Zheng, just waiting for three black order in his hand pipe will not hesitate to fall on Zhao Zheng body.

On the surface, this Spirit Song dynasty belongs to Zhao Zheng’s Father and the black three gang, but seem to please look for Zhao Zheng Dad, so Zhao Zheng are welcome to use them, but also because of this they are taken for granted by Zhao Zheng, in fact he did not know the real boss of Spirit song dynasty is there gang boss Ding leopard and Zhao Zheng’s Father  is only to a Ding leopard lackey and now, Zhao Zheng actually hands hitting three black, these people naturally can not see past.

“Forget it, bear it first!” And black looked at Summer, decided not to stir up trouble, for the time being. For him, the most important thing is to send the god of calamity Summer first. He doesn’t want to let this Summer be unhappy. The karaoke room smashed by that time, I’m afraid it can not tell leopard brother confessed.

”Big Brother, if you have something, I will let the brothers send you back first?” black look respectful at Summer, he wanted to come, to bid farewell to Summer and then slowly with Zhao Zheng this kid account afterwards.

“No, we go back on our own.” See three black to myself so polite, Summer is not going to find him trouble, with Wang Jie greeted, they turned to leave.

Unfortunately, tonight was destined for some people spanking, just listen to the back Zhao Zheng roar: “where do you think your going!”

don’t know if Zhao Zheng is drinking too much or some evil spirit have it out for him this guy literally see Summer is not pleasing to the eye, he shouted over this soon after he grabbed a steel pipe from the other person and rushed toward Summer.

(T.L Note: Loll why rush at Summer he never even said anything to him)

“Boom!” Pipe had been at close contact to head.

Just listening to a scream, Zhao Zheng fell down, his head is a steel pipe hit, the black three hands,  black three originally wanted to wait for Summer to go then deal with Zhao Zheng, but with this action he finally could not bear give Zhao Zheng a hit in the head.

“Dragged him inside!” Three black waved, the two men will immediately Zhao Zheng dragged into a karaoke inside.

“Big brother, it’s okay, you go slowly!” And black is a flattering look smile watching Summer.

The two cheongsam women who have been standing at the door have not figured out what happened. Didn’t the third brother come out to fight for the little boss? How come in the end, the third brother actually stunned the small boss?

“Big brother, your really beyond powerful no hands but can still abuse!” Wang Jie is more worship Summer, reportedly beat can be divided into the realm of the lowest state is hands-on, and then a little higher realm is the mouth and not hands and the highest level that does not require moving hands or  mouth, but people automatically hands, this situation is truly the highest realm.

Summer pursed his lips, in fact, he prefers to do it himself, that way he can have fun.

“My husband, answer the phone …… My husband, answer the phone……” The ringing of the mobile phone suddenly rang, and after a while Summer, I realized that my mobile phone was ringing.

I took out the apple from my pocket and looked at the display and found that it was Sun Xinxin’s call.

“Summer, the flower delivered?” The phone was connected, Sun Xinxin asked.

“Just sent.” Summer answered truthfully.

”Oh, that’s good, you haven’t eaten dinner yet, come back soon, I will wait for you.” Sun Xinxin hung up and said.

Summer did not eat dinner, but he had originally intended to go to Qiao Xiao Qiao however, Sun Xinxin so prepare, he felt should go to Sun Xinxin, he did not want to disappointed  beautiful women.

Half an hour later, looking at the dim alley in front of Summer, he was very depressed. He actually lost his way.

After leaving Spirit Song Dynasty, he took the bus back to Sun Xinxin , Wang Jie had wanted to follow him to eat rice, but he was driven away. Xin sister cook for him, how can her food let him rub?

after getting rid of Wang Jie Summer accidentally sit on the bus, and then get off to go back, but a little disoriented, and then find someone to ask for directions, as a result that guy does not know how to refer to the road, put him come to this even the lights are not alley came.

Alley deserted, looking for someone to ask for directions does not work, no way, Summer had to continue to move forward, intend later out of the alley, some guy ask for directions.

A shadow suddenly from the front blow-out, blocking Summer path, a dagger in the dark shining the cold glow, but colder there was a deep voice: “Robbery, wallet and cell phone are out!”


Summer would like to find a mirror to look upon himself, did he looked like a good to be bullied? Or how to send a flower before someone wanted to hit him, now he lost, and someone wants to rob him?

“Come on, what you fucking dawdle for?” The man put his dagger forward, “believe it or not I poke you!”

“Do not believe.” Summer a bit uncomfortable, what stuff Well, actually threatened him.

The robbers surprised a moment, he really did not think the front of this thin does not pull a few guys dare say such a thing.

”I see you have a death wish well let me for fill you?” The robbers then heard grinning, “That’s my uncle give you to put some blood!”

Robbers forward a stride, holding a dagger rushed over.

“Stop!” A loud call came from behind Summer. In this deserted and dark alley, such a shouting was unusually loud.

Accompanied by the sound a girl rushed to the side of Summer, then a flying foot, is kicking in the hands of the robbers.

The robbers screamed, and the dagger slammed into the ground, and the girl was a spin kick. The robbers slammed the chest in the middle of the robbery. The robbers stepped back a few steps and then sat down on the ground.

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