Flower Master in the City

Chapter 30. Beat him

Chapter 30. Beat him

“No, I was already sleeping when no one and then when I woke up I see you in my bed?” Summer is still very innocent look “Xin sister you do not worry I’ll be responsible.”

“Who wants you to be responsible…” Sun Xinxin stamped her foot just finished these words but I finally thought about there are people next to.

Wang Jie is looking at Summer with envious eyes.

And Fang Xiaoru is staring her face looked incredible at Sun Xinxin: “Xin sister you you you really go to bed with Summer?”

“No no nothing happened!” Sun Xinxin to explain a little lack of confidence though last night she did not really lose your virginity but to say that nothing happened but it is too far-fetched anyway she was lying in Summer arms sleep a few hours some not supposed to touch the place he was also touched.

See Sun Xinxin answer with such a guilty look Fang Xiaoru very depressed she now has found Sun Xinxin has been eaten by Summer.

“Xin sister ah Xin sister you really let me down and I thought it will at least be a week before you lose your virginity how just three days?” Fang Xiaoru a bitter look “Now booing almost harm me lost a bet with this dead Fatty! “

“Fang Xiaoru how You lose!” Wang Jie a triumphant look.

“Lose to lose and what about it?” Fang Xiaoru curled his lip “Anyway I did not bet!”

Wang Jie stay thought really just not enough time to finalize the bet Summer and Sun Xinxin appeared that is to say although he won the bet he still won nothing.

“Count your luck!” Wang Jie somewhat dissatisfied looked at Fang Xiaoru.

“Hey Fatty you are so idle you and your brother send flowers!” Fang Xiaoru wanted to dismissed Wang Jie.

“There are flowers to send?” Summer curiously ask.

“Of course there is? You work three days sent once flower!” Fang Xiaoru dissatisfy look at Summer “You do not think to catch the boss can be the boss right? You still send flowers to go!”

“Xiao Ru you say bullshit again and I’ll really fire you!” Sun Xinxin stare at Fang Xiaoru fiercely then quickly get back on topic “this morning someone order flowers it?”

“Xin sister this morning just to open the door big business came.” Fang Xiaoru still somewhat dissatisfied “Wanted to wait for you to come to surprise you who knows you and Summer actually gave us a big surprise!”

“What is the big business?” Sun Xinxin smart not mention her thing with Summer because she knew it simply can not tell so she stick to business.

“There is a person in one breath booked 7,000 flowers!” When it comes to this matter Fang Xiaoru becomes very excited “he order fifteen kind of Lily sell a Bunch should be twenty-five each batch!”

Fang Xiaoru opened the bag took out stack of bills and handed to Sun Xinxin: “Xin sister this is the man to give me the money seven thousand seven hundred and sixty!”

Took the money Sun Xinxin little stunned to be honest although Flower Shop business Is quite good but this is a small flower shop the a daily income of tens of thousand is not without but usually during Valentine’s Day and Christmas of day several times and now so ordinary day actually receive such big business of seven thousand it can be said that this is Xinxin Flower Shop biggest business ever.

The cost of flowers is not high if not the loss which more than 7000 flowers the cost of less than two thousand if able to get such a big deal every day Sun Xinxin in the city to buy a car dream is not far away.

“What people so generous?” Wang Jie little curious ask.

“A handsome man, especially handsome!” Fang Xiaoru a little guilty of animal in nature “But he did not say his name just leave a phone number he said do not want Liu doctors know flowers send identity Liu doctors is the flower to send object.”

“Liu doctor?” Sun Xinxin little surprised “Xiao Ru the order is attached to that well-known Liu Yun Man Doctor?”

“Yeah her!” Fang Xiaoru a little jealous “That Liu doctors I really envy ah medicine high also beautiful and rich there are so handsome guy chase ……”

“Well do not envy these flowers should not be all at once sent in the past right?” Sun Xinxin interrupted Fang Xiaoru words.

“Of course not a bunch every day has been set to send tell Valentines day well I think that guy will definitely take the flowers personally to send Dr. Liu then propose thinking about that scene romantic scene…… “Fang Xiaoru seems to have been what stimulated more serious symptoms.

“Ah another handsome guy!” Fang Xiaoru shining eyes looking outside “My Mercedes guy!”

Summer who looked in the past not far indeed parked a Mercedes. A man from the Mercedes-Benz drilled as to say that the person is handsome Summer is a bit disagree. He’s not as handsome as me!

The so-called Mercedes guy looks tall more than 180 centimeters he looked up at the Flower Shop’s name and then came in.

“I’m looking for Summer.” Mercedes guy sweep the four inside the shop then final lock on to Summer, though he has not seen Summer before but he at least knew Summer was not Fatty.

“I know you?” Summer a bit puzzled who this guy is?

“You’re Summer?” Mercedes handsome eyes look at him with a bit contempt.

“Nonsense!” Summer is unhappy in addition to him and who deserves so pull the wind name?

Summer rolled his eyes and ask: “Who are you?”

“My name is Joe Dong Yun.” Mercedes -Benz handsome guy snorted took a check from out his pocket and handed it to Summer. “This is one million take it and leave Jianghai City!”

one million?

In addition to Summer the other three face a little excited called Joe Dong Yun  guy shot really generous one million in one shot!

“Are you sick!” Summer stare at Joe Dong Yun “Why should I leave?”

Joe Dong Yun eyes shot cold light: “Summer everyone should understand the times I’ll give you a million has been considered worthy of you. If you have to let our hands to catch you go you won’t have a good end!”

“You’re really sick should I give you cure?” Summer a little puzzled “But do not say I did not warn you one million is not enough for medical treatment you still go back and earn more money then come back to me!”

“So you feel this is too little money!” Joe Dong Yun sneer “Well you offer a price How much does it cost to let you disappear from Missy side?”

“What? You son of a bitch was originally to fight this idea!” Summer finally come to understand suddenly angry “I am with Joe little is none of your business!”

“Summer I represent Joe family I come to you to warn you as well. Want to marry into Joe that is your wishful thinking!” Joe Dong Yun sneered still want to continue to say something but found a fist straight to block his words.

“Uh ……” Joe Dong Yun couldn’t avoid it. He was hit in the face with a fist and his mouth was bloody.

Summer is very angry this guy actually let him to leave Qiao Xiao Qiao this does not mean that he wants to robbed his wife from him? Anyone that dares to try grabs his wife naturally can’t have a good end so a punch is naturally only the start.

Lifting a foot to the middle Joe Dong Yun lower abdomen Joe Dong Yun scream again the whole person flew out of the flower shop fell heavily on the ground.

Summer sideways  appeared at Joe Dong Yun side but also kick Joe Dong Yun up.

“Summer do not fight you might kill him!” Sun Xinxin chased out quickly urged.

“Well count your luck quickly go away do not blame me did not warn you!” Summer finally stopped action.

Joe Dong Yun climb up wiped his bloody mouth some grim look at Summer: “Well well Summer you even dare to fight me give me wait!”

Joe Dong Yun into the Mercedes but at the moment he is thinking of many ways to get back for today’s beating.

“Hey! You forgot your one million!” Summer picked up the check from off the ground. Then flex it out of his hand the check suddenly went straight and flew to the car like an arrow.

“Bang ……” Smashed into the car window the glass suddenly shattered.

Wang Jie and others looked stunned Joe Dong Yun also face change just now he also felt Summer just will fight but it’s to the level of a small bully but see him use a check to smashed a car glass a little ability to fight can never do this.

At this moment Joe Dong Yun has some regret If the situation has been clarified before hand he would have not come here alone but now regret is not important what’s best is to quickly leave.

(T.L Notes: Even if he had bring people the results would of just been worst)

Joe Dong Yun started the car and quickly reversed out of Jianghai university there is a sort of lost dog life escape feeling.

“Unfortunately my Mercedes-Benz handsome guy now the Mercedes-Benz broke the handsome guy’s face also smash I say Summer hitting people no need to fight face how can you play a handsome guy’s face?” Fang Xiaoru was a little dissatisfied.

“Brother I now finally know how money can killed people you can really use the money to stoned people!” Wang Jie at the moment looking at Summer’s eyes already has a sort of frenzy! A piece of paper can be used to smashed glass What if it hit on the man head absolutely also can killed people this is simply extremely expert novel that pick leaves to kill!

Summer but ignored the two of them just took out his four generation Apple phone to call the Qiao Xiao Qiao’s.

“My husband I sleep in is there anything?” Phone came a soft voice.

“Wife just a man named Joe Dong Yun give me a million check let me to disappear from you.” Summer is a bit unhappy.

“Oh!” Qiao Xiao Qiao paused then spit out some words casually that if Joe Dong Yun was still here will surely want to cough up blood “beat him!”

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