Flower Master in the City

Chapter 29. Spooned

Chapter 29. Spooned

Shortly after an Audi A6 exit Royal garden it stopped next to Sun Tianyu and Summer not long ago seen Tian Xiaoya of course Summer just to see her when she was naked and now well actually she dressed neatly looks are some sort of dignified taste.

“Brother-in-law in please.” Sun Tianyu suddenly seemed to get more into the role take the initiative for Summer to open the door until Summer to sit in after he helped him to shut the door and then himself in the car sat down next to Tian Xiaoya.

“Xiaoya go to university gardens.” Sun Tianyu told Road.

Tian Xiaoya nodded her head did not speak but immediately drove she was a little afraid to look back at Summer not just Summer scare her but she also knew that she was in the bed scene was seen by Summer. Clearly this made her very uncomfortable.

Fortunately Summer for her had little to no interest in this way the three men are also very tacit all remained silent after almost half an hour the car in universities gardens cell door stopped.

“Brother-in-law I will not go up you tell my sister I and Xiaoya good next time to see her.” Sun Tianyu for Summer said.

“Okay you go!” Summer waved his hand he would not want Sun Tianyu live here he will simply bother him with Sun Xinxin two of the world now Sun Tianyu to hurry to go with Tian Xiaoya fooling around he naturally wish for.

Looked at the two drove away Summer could not help muttering: “ Really have no taste!”

Turned and went into the cell quickly went upstairs and rang the doorbell.

“Summer you come back?” Sun Xinxin have been uneasy in the living room waiting for news and now see Summer come back safely and my heart lose.

But then she found Sun Tianyu is not could not help but be surprised: “ Little Yu ?”

“He’s fooling around with Tian Xiaoya.” Summer yawned “Xin sister I would like to go to bed if there’s any thing to say lets talk about it tomorrow.”

The early hooligans get the girl Summer has maintained early hours of good habits but today this habit was broken which makes Summer sleep in bed there is still some worry will this affect? He is looking for a wife later?

Living room Sun Xinxin called Sun Tianyu phone. After learning Sun Tianyu really and Tian Xiaoya together she was finally relieved.

“Summer you really bring me more and more surprises!” Sun Xinxin muttered looked at Summer’s bedroom found the door did not close then mysteriously went inside.

Summer lying in bed motionless breathing slowly apparently asleep Sun Xinxin standing at the edge of the bed looking at Summer goes not so handsome but somewhat handsome face could not help but fall into a little trance.

“Will you really be my Prince Charming?” Sun Xinxin heart sudden this idea at the edge of the bed and sat down could not help extend that crystal jade hand slowly covered Summer cheek.

Shocked Sun Xinxin only felt that her waist a tight hand hug her to the bed.

“Ah ……” Sun Xinxin gently call a slightly struggling a bit “Summer you are not asleep? Release me!”

But Summer did not respond. Sun Xinxin carefully looked and finally confirmed that Summer actually really asleep he just now is an unconscious action.

“Fortunately.” Sun Xinxin relieved gently try to remove Summer’s hand to get away from his embrace however after repeated efforts she finally gave up because she found that it simply impossible.

A Slight cool breath came from Summer body so that Sun Xinxin felt very comfortable. Now it is more than two in the morning and Sun Xinxin who has long wanted to sleep suddenly feels heavy eyelids and bursts of tiredness unconsciously. She actually slept in the arms of Summer.

Has never dream Summer this evening actually had a dream. In the dream he saw fairy sister come to his bed and then he reached out and took fairy sister into his arms and they slept for one night.

Sleep until eight o’clock Summer did not wake up.

“Hey what’s this? So soft…” Summer I feel the soft things in my hand subconsciously pinching

oh good elasticity he pinch it twice… “Ah… “A sigh of ecstasy sounded in my ear.”

The sound is familiar it seems to be the voice of Xin but how is Xin next to him?

“Summer you let go of me!” Shy whisper pass into the ear Summer finally wake up.

Sun Xinxin indeed next to him to be more exact is lying on his side in his arms while his hands hold Sun Xinxin two groups that rich tall chest he just tried elasticity and the flexibility now his pillar of the sky is touching Sun Xinxin’s groin.

This makes Summer a little Fatty ignorant he thought he was holding fairy sister sleep how he end up holding Xin sister to sleep?

At the moment Sun Xinxin was uncomfortable and her face was flushed until it was pink but she did not dare to move. Because she moved she would inevitably have more intimate contact with Summer down there. She could only lie down. Waiting for Summer to let her go.

“Sister Xin your heart is beating very fast!” Suddenly this sentence appeared Summer.

Sun Xinxin wants to turn her head to give a white eye Summer. His damn hands are holding her two masses of meat. They are still pinching from time to time and some hard things are not honest in her hips. In such situation her heartbeat can not beat faster?

“Summer it’s more than eight o’clock we get up to go to work.” Sun Xinxin bit helpless said.

“Ah it’s so late?” Summer surprise suddenly jumped up and fell to the ground.

The full heat of the clutches sudden departure Sun Xinxin suddenly thrust between actually a kind of feeling of emptiness but she soon secretly spat at herself: “Sun Xinxin ah Sun Xinxin you to color hungry only three days want to send yourself to people’s bed! People will also in three days take you to get rid of.”

“It’s awful the early-colored satyr gets the girl and now i’m a late-colored satyr how to get a girl where to find a wife?” Summer Suffering from the face talking to himself suddenly turned to see Sun Xinxin suddenly slap his head “No didn’t I find a wife? It seems that the master’s words may not be right I sleep late and now a wife automatically sent to bed.”

Hear Summer nonsense Sun Xinxin finally intolerable embarrassed a little panic ran out then locked himself into the bathroom.

Summer excitedly begin to calculate: “Going down the mountain for three days to find a wife there are 365 days a year if I continue at this rate I can find one hundred twenty-one wife. When I’m back to the mountains after a year there will be one hundred twenty-one wives to accompany Fairy sister!”

Xinxin Flower Shop.

“Fatty are you come again?” Seeing Wang Jie Fang Xiaoru said with no anger this guy is now treating Xinxin Flower Shop as his home and he comes here every day.

“Fang Xiaoru did my big brother went to send flowers?” Wang Jie did not see Summer he asked.

“What flowers he has not come yet!” Fang Xiaoru said snappily.

“Has not come yet?” Wang Jie a little surprised it was nine o’clock

“Not only did he not come, Xin sister did not come yet ether.” Fang Xiaoru a little angry “Xin sister previously always come early but since Summer this guy appear Xin sister becomes not normal!”

“Sister did not come?” Wang Jie suddenly his eyes shine “Is Big Brother so quickly get started?”

“What do you say?” Fang Xiaoru did not understand the meaning of Wang Jie.

“Hey Fang Xiaoru such a simple question you need me to explain?” Wang Jie look with thieves look appearance “You think ah brother did not come sister did not come brother and sister live together and together they late certainly do last night something tired to come……”

“Fatty you really dirty!” Did not wait for Wang Jie finished have understood his meaning Fang Xiaoru will fiercely glared at him.

“Fang Xiaoru your statement is not right ah how is it dirty? Every night billions of people worldwide are doing it!” Retorted Wang Jie seriously.

Fang Xiaoru white Wang Jie one: “In short the sister will not be so fast with Summer!”

“I do not think so, in my many years of experience sister really like big brother!” Wang Jie pretentiously said.

“Cut also many years of experience and not to talk about your two years love?” Fang Xiaoru look of contempt “You have even been beaten by your girlfriend. Where’s the experiences?”

“Hey Fang Xiaoru beatings do not fight face ah do not take to you speak!” Wang Jie anxious “do not believe we have to bet on how? I bet brother and sister last night went to bed!”

“A bet!” Fang Xiaoru shakes “Well I do not believe Xin sister is such a person!”

Just then Summer and Sun Xinxin hand in hand into the flower shop.


“Xin sister!”

Wang Jie and Fang Xiaoru simultaneously greet two.

“Xin sister how do you so late today?” Fang Xiaoru asked.

Sun Xinxin face slightly red try pretended nothing had happened: “Last night a little thing so sleep late.”

“Brother you look happy today did something good happen?” Wang Jie is not going to beat around the bush of course he is not without cause Summer now looks really very happy.

“Oh Xin sister has promised to be my wife.” Summer smiled and said.

Sun Xinxin suddenly big shame: “Summer when I agreed to be your wife?”

Summer look at Xin innocently: “Xin sister last night you yourself climbed into my bed doesn’t that mean you promise to be my wife?”

Sun Xinxin at the moment completely forgotten next to someone subconsciously retort: ​​”Obviously you hold me!”

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