Flower Master in the City

Chapter 4. Human Toy

Chapter 4. Human Toy

No, don’t…” A pleading look appeared in Fierce Tiger’s eyes.

“If you say you don’t want it and I listen to you and stop wouldn’t I lose face?” Summer shook his head, “Let’s do it two more times and then say!”

Click, Kacha …

Connect, then break, then reconnect, then break again …

After a few consecutive times, the Fierce Tiger finally fell into a coma after letting out an earth-shattering scream.

Having all the fun Summer turn a blind eye to the surrounding silence, Ye Meng Ying and Su Beibei were both dumbstruck, this guy means is really enough to make them speechless, is the man a doll to him?

The four men that came along with Fierce Tiger also couldn’t speak, they only felt a chill rising from the bottom of their feet. It was a hot day, but their hearts were cold. In their eyes, their boss who was invincible was being played with like a toy. This is too ridiculous, right?

The four of them raised their iron rods and wanted to rush up several times, but in the end, they didn’t dare to.

“So soon fainted? I didn’t even play enough yet.” Summer was a little unsatisfied. He squatted down and used his hand to pat Fierce Tiger head twice. “Hey, wake up!”

Then a shocking thing happen, Fierce Tiger really woke up and when he saw Summer smiling face, his lips shiver, he wanted to say something, but no words came out.

Summer gave him a brilliant smile: “Tiger Brother, do you now know what is first come first serve?”

“Know, of course I know.” Fierce Tiger finally spoke with a trembling voice. His face was covered with beads of sweat and he appeared to be in extreme pain, “Bro, Big Brother, I was blind and didn’t recognize Mt. Tai. I, I dare not fight with you for a woman anymore.”

“Oh, you’re quite sensible now.” Summer nodded with satisfaction.

“Then, big brother, could …can you let me go now?” Fierce Tiger finally gathers some courage to ask.

“About this hehe ……” Summer giggled, then shook his head, “No!”

“Huh?” Fierce Tiger almost felt like crying. “Big brother, you, what exactly do you want?”

Summer stood up: “Daring to beat my wife idea such ​​people only have two endings.”

“Wha, what are the two endings?” Fierce Tiger voice trembled.

“The first is to become a dead man, and the second is to become a eunuch, which one do you want to choose?” Summer smiled.

Fierce Tiger face turn deadly pale: “Big brother, can … can we not choose either one?”

“Forget it, it’s better if you don’t choose because there’s no use in choosing.” Summer shook his head, “Third Master didn’t like me killing people, so I decided to leave you alive, you can become a eunuch instead.”

In the middle of the conversation, Summer has already brought his foot, to kick the crotch of Fierce Tiger.

“Do not …… ah ……” Fierce Tiger let out an earth-shattering scream before fainting once again.

Summer turned and looked at the four men.

“Big Brother, have mercy ah!” The four of them shivered and begged for mercy. At this moment, they no longer had any thoughts of fighting.

“Do not worry, I’m too lazy to beat you.” Summer gave a radiant smile, “You guys go and pry open the door for me first.”

“Yes, Big Brother!” As if they had been pardoned, the four of them quickly followed the instructions of Summer.

After opening the door, I found an additional car outside. The two kids from the garage were standing in front of Ye Meng Ying’s Audi. But they were not just dealing with the damage wheels but they were taking off the other wheels as well.

“What are they doing?” Summer asked unhappily.

“Big brother, Tiger brother commanded them before, to put your wheels down just in case.” Someone quickly answered and shouted, “Big Liu, Little Du, get the hell over here!”

“Brother Qiang, what’s the matter?” Big Liu and Little Du came to the front of the group and asked respectfully.

“Fast salute Big Brother!” Brother Qiang pointed towards Summer.

“This ……” Big Liu and Little Du didn’t react for a moment.

“Pop…pop ……” Qiang slapped Big Liu and Little Du per person in the face, “Hurry!”

“Yes, Brother Qiang!” The two of them wanted to cry, but no tears came out. Wasn’t this brat the person in the car just now? How did he suddenly become their big brother?

But they didn’t dare to ask anymore. They quickly bowed and greeted Summer: “Big Brother!”

“You didn’t patch the tire, right?” Summer asked.

“No, no.” The two of them looked at each other and spoke timidly.

“Whose car is this?” Summer looked at the extra car.

“Big brother, this is a Tiger brother car, Baldy called tiger brother over and said that Miss Ye is here, so we rushed over immediately.” Qiang promptly replied. He was now saying everything he knew out of fear that if he leaves anything out and Summer becomes unhappy, he would also become a eunuch.

“Oh, I think the wheel on this car is similar to ours, can you take it down and install it on our car?” Summer asked after some thought.

“Can, of course, we can, big brother we’ll quickly get the job done!” Qiang quickly nodded his head and then stared fiercely at Big Liu and Little Du. “Go!”

the two guys skills were pretty good at changing tires. In less than ten minutes, they had already finished.

“Big Brother, the car is ready. Do you have any other instructions?” Qiang asked cautiously.

“Take him to the car.” Summer pointed to Su Jun Feng not far away, this guy is still in a coma on the ground, while Su Beibei and Ye Meng Ying are squatting beside him.

“Third brother, third brother, Wake up!” Su Beibei had an anxious look on her face. “Cousin, is Third Brother going to be alright?”

“Rest assured, he will not die.” Summer lazily said. “Once we get to Jianghai, he should wake up.”

“How do you know?” Su Beibei said snappily.

“I am a God doctor!” Summer was not modest at all.

“Keep bragging ……” Su Beibei had wanted to say that Summer is just bragging, but halfway through she couldn’t help but stop. What happened just now made her realize that this guy might really have some ability.

“Babe, let’s take Jun Feng back to Jianghai City first then say!” Ye Meng Ying finally opened her mouth. She didn’t know why, but at this time, she subconsciously chose to believe Summer.

“Fine.” Su Beibei was a bit helpless. Actually, she didn’t have any other choice. There was no hospital nearby.

Qiang and the others brought Su Jun Feng to the back of the car. Su Beibei was there to take care of him, while Ye Meng Ying personally assumed the role of a driver. While sitting next to her is naturally Summer.

Qiang and the rest stood in a row by the roadside and bowed together, “Big Brother, Sister-in-law, please take care!”

Ye Meng Ying pretty face couldn’t help but turn slightly red. She stepped on the accelerator and the car quickly sped out.

Ye Meng Ying black Audi continued to drive along the 107-national highway. The four people in the car were still the same, but the atmosphere in the car had already become a little different. What happened just now had a huge impact on Ye Meng Ying and Su Beibei’s hearts. The impact, until now, Ye Meng Ying has not completely digested.

“Who the hell is he?” While driving, Ye Meng Ying observed Summer from the corner of her eyes. Such a big thing had just happened, but Summer seems as clear as day like nothing had happened.

“Summer, thank you for just now. If it wasn’t for you, I’m afraid …” Ye Meng Ying opened her mouth to say her thanks. She was indeed sincere. At this moment, she also began to feel glad that she had let Summer get on the car.

“Beautiful sister, there’s no need to thank me. You can just repay me with your body.” Summer giggled as he said.

“Ehh ……” Ye Meng Ying was left speechless. Just who is this guy? do you really need to be so direct?

“Hey, don’t be a toad that wants to eat swan meat!” Su Beibei shouted in dissatisfaction, “Cousin, no need to thank him. I was just about to look for him to settle an account!”

“Little sister, although I saved you as well even though you were just soy sauce so you also owe me a debt but don’t worry. I won’t ask for you to repay me with your body.” Summer said lazily.

“Do not call me little sister!” Su Beibei angrily shouted. “I want to ask you a question, obviously you can fight, so why didn’t you help my third brother in the beginning?”

“Why should I help him?” Summer had a puzzled look on his face when asked this. Such a stupid question should have an obvious. “It’s not like he’s a beautiful woman.”

“You!” Su Beibei was extremely angry. “Then why didn’t you help me when I was being bullied?”

“Didn’t I already say it a million times?” Summer looked a bit puzzled at Su Beibei, “I obviously already told you I don’t like little girls!”

“You, you’re a big pervert!” Su Beibei was flustered and a bit short of breath.

Summer shook his head: “No way, I’m not a big pervert, Fairy sister said I’m a little pervert.”

This time, Su Beibei was completely defeated. This was the first time she had met someone with such a thick skin.

“Summer, have you been to Jianghai before?” Ye Meng Ying suddenly curiously asked.

“Been there, I used to live in Jianghai before I was three years old.” Summer replied.

“So, your family lives in Jianghai as well?” Ye Meng Ying continues to ask.

“It may be so, but I can’t be too sure. After all, I can’t remember too much of what happened before I was three years old.” Summer scratched his head, with a little distressed look.

“Haven’t you been home since you were three?” Ye Meng Ying asked with a strange expression.

“From the age of three, I have been living in the mountains, I didn’t come out until today.” Summer nodded.

“Mountains?” Su Beibei couldn’t help but interject. “What mountain?”

“This is a secret, that cannot be said.” Summer said.

“Hmph, what secret, too afraid to expose yourself right? You say you’ve been living in the mountains, right? Then how can you know Qiao Xiao Qiao?” Su Beibei was a bit pleased with herself, she finally caught the handle of this guy.

“Strange, if I recall they say big chest has no brains, but your chest is obviously small, so how are you so stupid?” Summer turned to look at Su Beibei, with a puzzled look.

“You, you, you …… Rogue, what did you say!?” Su Beibei was so angry that she began to stutter.

“It’s true that I’ve been living on the mountain all this time, but why can’t my wife come to the mountains and find me?” Summer said disdainfully. “If you can’t even figure this out how can you not be stupid?!”

“Summer, do you know where Qiao Xiao Qiao lives?” Ye Meng Ying did not want to continue to see Summer and Su Beibei quarrel, so she quickly interjected.

“When my wife left last time, she told me to go to Jianghai University to find her.” Summer looked at Ye Meng Ying, “Beautiful sister, can you send me to the entrance of Jianghai University?”

“Fool, now the University ……” Su Beibei had wanted to say something.

“Alright, I’ll definitely send you to Jianghai University!” Ye Meng Ying looked at Su Beibei and interrupted her, not allowing her to continue.

“Thank you, beautiful sister.” Summer looked very happy.

“What are you so happy for!” Su Beibei muttered in her heart. Ever since she met this guy, she hadn’t had the slightest advantage over him. This made her rather unhappy. She kept thinking about how to get back at this guy.

Su Beibei’s brain kept turning, and suddenly she remembered that this guy was very poor, so poor that he couldn’t even pay for a taxi or a bus Suddenly, she had a brilliant idea.

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