Flower Master in the City

Chapter 5. In fact, I actually have money.

Chapter 5. In fact, I actually have money.

“So, when you see Qiao Xiao Qiao, what kind of gift are you planning to give her?” Su Beibei asked.

“Gift? I am the best gift!” Summer thought for a sec then replied.

“Do you not know anything about a girl’s mind?” Su Beibei wanted to strangle this guy. “You haven’t seen Qiao Xiao Qiao for a long time, right? Even if you’re not planning on giving her a sports car or a diamond ring, you should at least give her a bouquet, right?”

“That’s true, she seems to like flowers a lot.” Summer said to herself, “That year, I gave her a Millennium Snow Lotus, she was very happy!”

Millennium Snow Lotus?

Su Beibei waved her fists, she could barely hold herself back from wanting to pounce on him and beat him up. Can this son of a bitch not live without bragging for just a moment?

“Forget about the Millennium snow lotus. As long as you send her ninety-nine roses, I’m sure she will be happy.” Su Beibei gritted her teeth as she spoke.

“Roses? Where do I go to pick them?” Summer was a little troubled, he doesn’t know anywhere to go and pick roses.

“You idiot, you’re not going to go pick it, you are going to the flower shop to buy it!” Su Beibei couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Oh, I can buy it, it seems simple.” Summer breathed a sigh of relief.

“Hmph, do you have money?” Su Beibei said snappily, “Right now, Common roses cost ten yuan and ninety-nine roses cost nine hundred and ninety yuan. If you can’t even pay for a taxi, how can you afford to buy a bouquet of roses?”

“Actually, I have money.” Summer, looked at Su Beibei seriously. “According to Second Master, I have a lot of money.”

“Hmph, how much money do you have?” Su Beibei does not believe this guy has a lot of money.

“Second master said, the money I have now is more than tens of thousands of times what he brought with him when he left home!” Summer replied.

“Hey, be direct. How much money do you have on you?” Su Beibei was already impatient.

Summer thought for a moment, then he took a coin out of his trouser pocket.

“This is all the money you have? Su Beibei was shocked.

“Yes.” Summer nodded.

“Is this what you meant by tens of thousands of times more than your master?” Su Beibei really wanted to strangle Summer, but unfortunately, she knew that she couldn’t beat him.

“Summer, when your Second master goes out how much money does he bring?” Ye Meng Ying couldn’t help but ask.

“Second master started from scratch. He always goes out with nothing.” Summer answer left the two beauties speechless.

“Anyway, in short, you only have one yuan on you right now and can’t even afford to buy a single rose. If you want to buy flowers for Qiao Xiao Qiao, you have to find a way to make money, right?” Su Beibei asked weakly.

“Yes, that’s right.” Summer thought about it and nodded.

“I see that you are quite good at fighting. How about you become my bodyguard? I’ll give you ten thousand yuan a month. ” Su Beibei finally got to the main point, this guy is so short of money, so he would definitely agree to such a good treatment. Then when he became her bodyguard, it shouldn’t be hard for her to find a way to get revenge.

“I won’t work as a bodyguard.” Summer flatly refused.

“Why?” Su Beibei was stunned for a moment, “Hey, you are not thinking the pay is too little? This can be negotiable.”

“It has nothing to do with money.” Summer shook his head, “My second master hates bodyguards, so I wouldn’t work as a bodyguard.”

“Why does he hate bodyguards?” Su Beibei was very depressed.

“Because he’s a killer.” Summer casually explains.

“What?” Su Beibei scream out in surprise, a killer? This guy is actually a killer’s disciple? That, then wouldn’t that mean that he’s also a killer?

“Hey, you, you will not be a killer too, right?” Su Beibei, pointing to Summer, her little face was a bit pale, she suddenly remembered the scene of Summer torturing Fierce Tiger.

“Well, temporary not.” Summer said after a moment’s thought.

“What do you mean temporarily isn’t it?” Su Beibei couldn’t help but ask.

“Because I haven’t killed anyone yet!” Summer said it like it was only natural, then he actually attempts to comfort Su Beibei after seeing her so nervous. “Don’t worry, even if I become a killer, I wouldn’t kill you.”

“Wh- Why not?” Su Beibei could not help but curiously ask though she has a gut feeling she will regret doing so.

“Second master said that I can’t accept a task that’s worth less than 10 million, you’re definitely not worth ten million, so I definitely won’t kill you.” With this answer Summer, let Su Beibei depressed again.

“I finally know why you are so fond of boasting, It’s because you’re just like your master!” Su Beibei angrily spat.

“There’s no helping it, my second master despises such a small amount of money. Back then, he only used a day’s worth of time to earn ten million yuan.” Summer giggled as he said.

“Keep boasting, brag yourself to death!” Su Beibei gritted her teeth as she spoke.

“As for My first master, he is even more powerful. He only used an hour to earn 100 million. but this time It’s Hong Kong dollars.” Summer really continues to brag.

“Summer, what does your first master do?” Ye Meng Ying didn’t talk all the time, but when she does, she always asks the key questions.

“First master, is a doctor.” Summer immediately answers.

“You also have a third master, right? Is he also very powerful?” Ye Meng Ying asked again.

“My Third master said, that the money earned by my first and second masters is illegally obtained, so he directly confiscated it.” Summer blinked towards Ye Meng Ying, “beautiful sister if you want to know more things about me just become my wife as my wife all secrets will be revealed.”

Ye Meng Ying’s face turned red. She knew that her intention had been seen through by the summer, so she stopped asking and focused on driving.

Su Beibei finally decided not to blabber nonsense with Summer because she felt that this guy had been bragging from the beginning to the end. Not once had he spoken a few truthful words. Talking to him was too tiring, so she decided to save some energy.

The following journey went smoothly. After two hours, the car finally entered the city district of Jianghai City. Finally, it stopped in front of Jianghai University.

“This is Jianghai University.” Ye Meng Ying said to Summer.

“Thank you, beautiful sister.” Summer look excited as he quickly opens the door to go out.

“Wait!” Ye Meng Ying handed a business card to Summer. “There’s my phone number on it. If you need anything, just call me.”

“Oh, okay.” Summer took it then got out of the car and walked towards Jianghai University entrance.

“Cousin, why didn’t you tell him that the university is already on holiday leave?” In the car, Su Beibei finally had the chance to ask the question that’s been bothering her. “Qiao Xiao Qiao is now not even at school, how could he possibly find her?”

“I don’t want him to find Qiao Xiao Qiao so fast.” Ye Meng Ying lightly said.

“Huh?” Su Beibei was caught off guard by this answer. “Why? Ah! Cousin, don’t tell me you really want to pay him back with your body?”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Ye Meng Ying rolled her eyes at Su Beibei, her pretty face was slightly red, Beibei, don’t you think that summer is very mysterious?”

“I don’t think so. This guy only strong points are his ability to fight and brag outside these two there’s nothing special.” Su Beibei said disapprovingly.

“Beibei, have you ever thought of the possibility that everything he said was true?” Ye Meng Ying slowly asked.

“That’s impossible, right?” Su Beibei was stunned, if those things were all true, then this guy would truly be out of this world.

“If all of this is true, I do not wish for him to find Qiao Xiao Qiao so fast.” Ye Meng Ying faint smile, “He doesn’t have any money on him right now and he is not related to anyone in Jianghai City. If he can’t find Qiao Xiao Qiao, then he will certainly call me.”

“But wouldn’t he just call Qiao Xiao Qiao?” Su Beibei was still a little confused.

“Perhaps he’s unable to contact Qiao Xiao Qiao’s otherwise, he would have known that Qiao Xiao Qiao is currently not at Jianghai University.” Ye Mengying thought for a while and said.

“Cousin, what if he calls you? Do you want to help him find Qiao Xiao Qiao?” Su Beibei asked.

“Of course, I will.” Ye Meng Ying nodded and said, “Although we have a bad relationship and Qiao Xiao Qiao, but that doesn’t matter, Summer saved me today, I Ye Meng Ying am not a person who doesn’t know how to repay a debt of gratitude.”

Shaking her head, Ye Meng Ying continued: “Beibei, let’s not continue to discuss this, we have to hurry to the hospital.”

After saying that, Ye Meng Ying stepped on the accelerator and the car sped towards the hospital.

Compared to many universities which were located in a relatively remote location, Jianghai University was located in the center of Jianghai City. Although the weather was still very hot, the streets were still packed with traffic, and the reason for this was that there were too many people living in Jianghai City. Just within the city itself, there were already more than 10 million permanent residents.

Jianghai University is known as one of the top hundred universities in the country. In the national rankings of universities, Jianghai University has always been ranked among the top five, and amongst the dozens of universities in Jianghai City, Jianghai University is the number one.

“This entrance is really shabby.” Standing at the entrance of Jianghai University, Summer sighed with emotion. This famous university, on the other hand, had a very ordinary entrance, and can even be described as unremarkable. If one didn’t pay careful attention, it was difficult to find the four big words of Jianghai University that had become somewhat bleak over the years.

Summer, walked into Jianghai University and looked around. He wanted to find someone to inquire about Qiao Xiao Qiao whereabouts, but just as he was looking around, he just so happens to find a Flower Shop.

“Xinxin Flower Shop?” As Summer read the text, his eyes lit up, he couldn’t help but think of what Su Beibei said earlier. Should he send Qiao Xiao Qiao flowers?

Three years ago, when he and Qiao Xiao Qiao parted, he had originally promised to go down the mountain within one year, but he was only able to come down now, which means he has violated his original promise.

“I’d better go and buy her some flowers so she won’t be angry.” Summer quickly came to a decision.

For most men, buying a bouquet of flowers was easy, but for Summer who currently only has a single coin under his name, buying a bouquet of flowers required earning money first.

“Hey sister, you have irregular menstruation……” Summer stopped a twenty-year-old girl.

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