Flower Master in the City

Chapter 8. I don't have a high demand for food

Chapter 8. I don't have a high demand for food

“Qiao Xiao Qiao really is my wife.” Summer couldn’t resist defending.

“Come on Summer, if she truly was your wife, then why would you come here to find her.” Fang Xiaoru smiled gently. “A week ago, Jianghai University closed for the holiday, Qiao Xiao Qiao also left school early, if she really is your wife how can she not tell you this?”

“Are you serious?” Summer’s expression changed slightly. “Xiao Qiao is no longer at school?”

“Of course, it’s true if you don’t believe me just go and ask anyone. Qiao Xiao Qiao is the most popular person at Jianghai University, there’s nobody who doesn’t know her situation.” Although Fang Xiaoru is just casually saying this, it’s not like she really believes Summer has a relationship with Qiao Xiao Qiao, although she has a good impression of Summer, but the fact remains that this guy was so poor to the point that he couldn’t even afford a meal, while Qiao Xiao Qiao although still a student, is already sitting on billions of assets, They’re simply worlds apart, How can the two of them ever have a relationship?

“Shit! If she’s not at school, then where do I go to find her?” Summer whispered to himself. “She didn’t tell me where she lives!”

“Forget about it. In this world, there are many people who are secretly in love with Qiao Xiao Qiao.  Jianghai University alone has roughly around 10,000 of them. Being secretly in love is nothing, but just don’t get too deep.” Fang Xiaoru put on a pair of big sisters look as she tries to comfort Summer.

“Why does no one ever believe me when I tell them the truth?” Summer scratch his head in distress.

When Sun Xinxin saw Summer like this. She felt a bit of sympathy for him, so she suggested. “Summer, why don’t you just give her a call?”

“Yes, why didn’t I think of this!” Summer eyes lit up as he spoke, but he quickly remembered he didn’t have Qiao Xiao Qiao’s number. Simply because the mountains don’t have phone service, So Qiao Xiao Qiao never thought of him contacting her via phone.

“Xin sister, do you know Xiao Qiao’s number?” Summer had no other way but to ask.

Sun Xinxin couldn’t help but sigh silently, at this moment, she also fully believes that Summer has no relationship with Qiao Xiao Qiao, otherwise, how could he not even have her number.

“Summer, only a few people know Qiao Xiao Qiao’s number, I and Xin sister naturally do not know.” Fang Xiaoru replied.

“Seriously…!” Summer heart was filled with disappointment, before coming to Jianghai City he was full of longing and joy thinking that he could finally meet up with Qiao Xiao Qiao and experience the city life. She had told him many times about the outside world and how it’s even more exciting than up the mountain. She even promises that once he comes down, she would take him to do a lot of interesting things that are even more fun than the mountains. She also described the outside world to him making him yearn for it.

In the past three years, he often wanted to go down the mountain, but his three masters repeatedly obstructed him. Out of anger, he did something that the three masters couldn’t bear and then they finally reluctantly agreed to let him down. But since coming, his experience of the outside world was different from what he had imagined it would be like. Nobody believes what he says, it’s difficult to earn money, and most importantly, he didn’t even see the tail of Qiao Xiao Qiao.

“Summer, don’t be unhappy. In fact, in a month Jianghai University will start the new semester, by that time, Qiao Xiao Qiao will be back.” Sun Xinxin couldn’t help but comfort Summer, although she felt that Summer is just experiencing unrequited love. But she still wants to give him a little hope.

“Is that true?” Summer spirit rose as he heard this. He looks at Sun Xinxin and asked. “You mean Xiao Qiao will come back here?”

“Of course, it’s true, before Qiao Xiao Qiao graduate. Once school starts again in September, she will be back.” Sun Xinxin looks strangely at Summer. How can he not even know such a simple thing?

“Great!” His mood immediately improved. He hasn’t seen Qiao Xiao Qiao for three years, So waiting for another month won’t be such a big deal.

However, Fang Xiaoru was secretly thinking to herself. This guy still hasn’t given up!

Since Qiao Xiao Qiao is not here at the moment, Summer naturally gave up the idea of looking for her. Sun Xinxin close the flower shop early claiming it’s to have a small welcome party for Summer.

The three people came to a place called a student’s cheap restaurant.

It was clear that this restaurant was mainly aimed at students, it’s also located in Jianghai University campus. Since it was still early, along with Jianghai University being on holiday and only a few students choosing to stay at the school. This resulted in the restaurant being quite deserted. Other than Summer table, there was only one other couple. Speaking of which this couple was quite unique, on such a hot day, they actually choose to eat hot pot.

“It’s so hot!” Fang Xiaoru begin to complain. Although there was an air-conditioned here, but in this kind of weather, it didn’t seem very useful and even though it’s approaching five o’clock, the temperature didn’t seem to wish to drop. It’s still hot as hell!

“What would the three of you like to eat?” The waiter walked over listlessly. There were no customers, and since the weather was hot, the waiter was naturally not too energetic either.

“First three cups of iced cola.” Sun Xinxin said as she took up the menu.

The cola was quickly served, and Fang Xiaoru drank half of it in one gulp.

“Summer, what would you like to eat?” Sun Xinxin asked.

“Whatever is fine. Grill Bear Paw, Snake or turtle soup and the like are all fine.” Summer casually said.

“Pfft ……” Fang Xiaoru spat out all the cola in her mouth, but fortunately, no one was sitting across from her.

Sun Xinxin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Can this even be said as fine with anything?

“I’m sorry, we don’t have any of these things that you want.” The waiter snappily replied to Summer.

“Such simple things you don’t even serve.” Summer was a little dissatisfied.

The waiter rolled his eyes as he thought. Did this broke guy come here to pretend to be an upstart? If you really wanted to eat bear’s paw or whatever then you could have just gone to a five-star restaurant.

However, the customer is God, so although the waiter secretly curses Summer in his heart, but he would never say it out loud.

“Um, Summer, if you don’t know what to eat, then I’ll order a few for you!” Sun Xinxin began to report the name of a few dishes. “Pork with shredded green pepper, braised eggplant, Kung Pao Chicken… Okay, just these and please hurry.”

“Sure, please wait a moment.” The waiter quickly left.

“Summer, here are just some ordinary dishes, I ordered a few for dinner. but since you have an empty stomach, you shouldn’t have any objection against it right?” Sun Xinxin asked softly.

“Sister Xin, you call the shots, I don’t have high requirements for food.” Summer looked indifferent as he replies.

Upon hearing these words, Fang Xiaoru rolled her eyes. As if he wasn’t the one that just asks for bear’s paw and snake soup, but now he claims to not have a high requirement for food? If that’s the case then wouldn’t that mean his high demand is when he asks to eat  the moon and the stars!

Sun Xinxin was also a bit helpless, Summer looks very normal, but why the way he talks and acts always makes people feel he’s abnormal?

Since there were very few customers, the dishes were served very quickly. Since he hasn’t eaten all day Summer natural made every effort to fight with all his might against the dishes. This guy gulped down all his food like a hungry wolf, not eating with even a bit of grace. When the waiter brought up additional dishes, he couldn’t help but secretly despised him. What is this guy? A hungry ghost reincarnated!? But yet he also wanted 5-star delicacies!

Fang Xiaoru was left in a daze. Wow, this guy can really eat! She and Sun Xinxin have a small appetite along with the hot weather. they didn’t have the mood to eat. In the end, all the dishes were eaten by Summer alone! he not only ate a large pot of rice he even finishes seven or eight dishes filled with soup, ribs and much more alone not leaving anything behind.

“Phew, I’m finally full!” Summer contentedly touched his belly, “I rarely ate these dishes before, but I didn’t expect the taste to not be so bad!”

“How many days have you not eaten?” Fang Xiaoru couldn’t help but ask.

“Just one day” Summer giggled as he said. “Actually, I can go without eating for seven days, but I can also eat seven days’ worth of food in one go, Today can be considered a small meal.”

“Where did this freak come from!” Fang Xiaoru thought to herself, without eating for seven days but also eat seven days’ worth of meal in one go?

Sun Xinxin felt a wave of sympathy for some as she thought he’s used to be hungry often.

“Summer, from now on, don’t overeat. It’s not good for your body.” Sun Xinxin’s voice unconsciously becomes gentler. “From today onwards, you will live with me. I usually cook for myself, so you can just eat with me.”

“Sister Xin, I’ll be living with you?” Summer was suddenly a little excited.

“Yes, I rented a two-bedroom house, I used to live with another girl but she quit her job. So, there is an empty room.” Sun Xinxin nodded, “How about this. Let’s go check out the house first. From the looks of it, you didn’t bring any daily necessities so we’ll see what you need and then go to the supermarket to buy it.”

“Alright, thank you, Sister Xin.” Indeed, Summer hasn’t brought anything with him, not even a change of clothes, it’s not like he didn’t want to take anything, but his three masters refuses to let him take anything other than the coin they give him, only then did they let him go down the mountain.

Sun Xinxin shouted to the waiter, after settling the bill, she took Summer to her residence. As for Fang Xiaoru, she went back to her dorm, they usually have a curfew, while the Flower Shop business is now very average, so Sun Xinxin simply decided to not continue to open up shop today.

Sun Xinxin lives in a community cell called Xueyuan Mingyuan. It is about fifteen minutes away from Jianghai University. It’s a small old-fashioned community with only two large condos facing each other. There are more than one hundred families living in it. it’s quite tall and there’s no elevator. Sun Xinxin rented the house on the sixth floor because the floor is quite high, making it relatively cheaper with two rooms and one hall for only one thousand a month, in this location, the rent is quite cheap.

“Miss Sun, you’re off early today? “As soon as he entered the residential complex, the security guard at the entrance greeted Sun Xinxin. Sun Xinxin had already lived in this residential complex for more than a year along with her beautiful looks naturally, the security will remember her and try to get familiar with her.

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