Flower Master in the City

Chapter 7. Found a Job

Chapter 7. Found a Job

“I’m fine.” Sun Xinxin finally came back to reality, she shook her head to clear her mind of all those weird thoughts, and walked toward Summer.

“Thank you, Summer student.” As she spoke her beautiful eyes begin to stare deeply at Summer as if she wanted to see through this seemingly ordinary young man.

“Beautiful sister, I am not a student here.” Summer was also looking at Sun Xinxin. Now that the weather was very hot everyone was wearing fewer clothes, Sun Xinxin was no exception. Large patches of snow-white skin were exposed, giving him a feast for the eyes.

Sun Xinxin felt a little uncomfortable under Summer burning gaze, but she was surprised to find that she who always hated being stared at by a man like this. Actually, she didn’t dislike Summer gazing at her. She didn’t understand why, perhaps it’s because Summer had just helped her when she needed it most placing him in her heart, or maybe it was because she found that although Summer was looking at her, his eyes didn’t hold any obscene taste and were very pure.

“Summer, do you mind coming into my shop and sitting down?” Sun Xinxin hesitated for a moment before taking the initiative to send out an invitation.

“Alright!” Summer naturally agreed without hesitation.

Walking into the flower shop, he felt like he was walking into a sea of flowers. All kinds of beautiful flowers made him feel dizzy.

“Here drink some water.” Sun Xinxin poured a cup of water and handed it to Summer.

When Summer took up the cup, his stomach immediately begins to growl in protest once more.

“You haven’t had lunch yet?” Sun Xinxin couldn’t help but ask. It was almost four o’clock, and in another two hours, it would be dinner time.

Summer nodded helplessly “I haven’t earned enough money for a meal yet!”

“You ran out of money?” Sun Xinxin couldn’t help but look strangely at Summer, although she didn’t think that Summer was rich, but she didn’t even think he couldn’t even afford a meal.

“Beauty sister, can you tell me of a way to earn money quickly?” Summer had already begun to realize that there was something wrong with his previous method of earning money. However, since young, no one had taught him how to earn money, and He doesn’t know how to go about it.

“This…What can you do?” Sun Xinxin asked.

“It seems like I can do anything!” Summer Said after a quick thought he could kill, he can cure, he can even ……

“Which university did you graduate from?” Fang Xiaoru, who hadn’t spoken a single word since the beginning, couldn’t help but ask.

“I’ve never been to school.” Summer truthfully answers.

“Can you operate a computer?”

“What’s a computer? Is it a new word for the human brain?”

“Can you speak English?”

“Master told me that it is enough to have a translator. There is no need to learn English.”

“Can you drive?”

“I can ride in a car.”


After a few questions and answers, Fang Xiaoru finally broke down. This guy basically can’t do anything, but he still dared to boast shamelessly that he can do anything?

“Summer, in this case, it’ll be very difficult for you to earn money. It won’t be easy for you to find a job. “Sun Xinxin also had a headache. Her words are considered quite optimistic, in this modern society, for someone like Summer the only line of work for him would be hard labor in addition to this there is no other way out, but just looking at his physique, even if he’s willing to do hard labor, I’m afraid not many places will be willing to receive him.

“So, it’s like that!” Summer was left disappointed. Could it be that he had no other choice than to eat soft food?

“Sister Xin, in fact, we have a job for him here.” Fang Xiaoru whispered.

“Yes, Xiaoru, thanks for reminding me!” Sun Xinxin suddenly thought about it, yes, she does have a job suitable for Summer.

Jianghai University has nearly 100,000 students. There is also a hospital next to the university, which is the first hospital affiliated with Jianghai University. The consumer group can be described as quite large. Previously, Xinxin Flower Shop had two other employees, a man, and a woman one to watch the store and one to deliver flowers but due to Zhang Dazhu causing trouble in the recent months. These two employees choose to resign out of fear of getting into trouble. Now the flower shop only has Sun Xinxin and Fang Xiaoru. Sun Xinxin often goes out to buy flowers, and Fang Xiaoru is left to keep watch of the store, the key is there missing a person who specializes in delivering the flowers.

To send flowers basically anyone can do this job. And in Sun Xinxin’s view, for Summer who lacks education, this is undoubtedly the most suitable job for him. At least compared with hard work, it is much easier to just send flowers.

“Summer, what do you think?” Sun Xinxin asked after explaining the job in detail to Summer. “Although I can’t give you a very high salary, for the time being, but I can give you a thousand yuan a month, I can also provide you with food and shelter. If you are in urgent need of money right now, I can give you a month’s salary in advance.”

One thousand yuan a month?

Summer scratched his head, if it was two hours ago, he definitely wouldn’t have agreed. But now, he had already discovered that earning money was far from as simple as what he had imagined. And the most important thing was that he was in urgent need of money. Of course, there is also something that attracts him the most. That was Sun Xinxin such great beauty.

“Okay!”  After some consideration Summer eventually agreed.

“Summer, do you really agree?” Sun Xinxin was clearly very happy.  “Great, In the future, I won’t need to work as hard!”

“More importantly Sister Xin, with Summer here, you no longer need to be afraid of Zhang Dazhu.” Fang Xiaoru said softly.

“Ah, yes, Summer you haven’t eaten yet.” Sun Xinxin suddenly remembered. “Xiaoru, let’s go to the restaurant together, and take Summer!”

“Alright!” Fang Xiaoru was naturally in favor of this.

“Beautiful sister, can you give me some money first?” Although he was hungry. but Summer still didn’t forget his original goal. Now what he most wanted to do was not eat, but to find Qiao Xiao Qiao.

Sun Xinxin was stunned, but she immediately took out a thousand yuan and handed it to Summer, as she said before, she would give him a month’s salary in advance.

“Beautiful sister, I want to buy a bouquet of roses.” After Summer, receive the money, he immediately handed it back to Sun Xinxin.

“Huh?” Sun Xinxin was left dumbfounding, this poor guy has no money to eat, yet he bought flowers the moment he got the money?

“Is he going to send me flowers?” Sun Xinxin suddenly felt her heart pounding rapidly, and Fang Xiaoru also looked at Summer with a strange expression. She also felt that this guy seemed to want to pursue Sun Xinxin.

“Beautiful sister, is this not enough money?” Seeing Sun Xinxin lack of response, Summer couldn’t help but ask, as he didn’t know how much a bouquet of flowers would cost.

“Ah, it’s not that!” Sun Xinxin quickly came back to her senses. “Summer, don’t call me beautiful sister, Just like Xiaoru, just call me, sister Xin.”

“Okay, Sister Xin.” Summer complies.

“Summer, how many roses do you want in the bouquet?” Sun Xinxin asked. “”Also, do you want to use a red rose or a blue rose?”

“Sister Xin, I don’t understand these things, you figure it out.” Summer really didn’t understand that.

“Then, are you giving it to your girlfriend or…” When Sun Xinxin asked this question, she felt a little nervous.

“It’s for my wife.” Summer quickly replies.

He already has a wife? Sun Xinxin suddenly felt a wave of disappointment in her heart. However, she still had some doubts. He clearly didn’t even look to be twenty years old, how could he already has a wife?

Fang Xiaoru was more direct as she asks: “How old are you? Do you really have a wife?”

“I’m nineteen.” Summer was a little proud, “I got a wife when I was three!”

“A wife at the age of three?” Sun Xinxin was surprised for a moment before she giggled, “Summer, who are you lying to?”

Summer didn’t try to defend himself, he was just thinking to himself, his fairy sister really promised to be his wife when he was three years old.

“Summer, you’re just nineteen years old, how could you have a wife?” Fang Xiaoru also didn’t believe him. “At most they will be your girlfriend, right?”

“Not a girlfriend, but my wife.” Summer very seriously corrected “We have already had a wedding and get married.”

“Weddings ceremony?” Fang Xiaoru couldn’t help but giggle. “Summer, you’re really interesting. These days, who’s interested in getting married to someone? You are only nineteen years old, and not yet at the age of marriage! “

“Xiao Ru, in fact, it may not be so. In many places, as long as both parents agree and have a banquet, even if the marriage is not official, and there’s no marriage certificate but it’s impossible to go back on your words.” Sun Xinxin face darkened as she spoke in a low voice.

“Ah, sorry, sister Xin, I forgot about your situation.” Fang Xiaoru suddenly reacted, because she knew that Sun Xinxin and Zhang Dazhu were like this. Back then, the Zhang family gave a gift to Sun Xinxin’s family, and the two families even held a banquet. Although Sun Xinxin had escaped from the village that day and never registered the marriage with Zhang Dazhu, but in the eyes of the villagers, Sun Xinxin is already Zhang Dazhu’s wife, and because of this, every time Zhang Dazhu came here to cause trouble, the police couldn’t do anything about it because, in the eyes of the police, this could only be considered as a family matter. as long as Zhang Dazhu is not too much, the best they can do is try and mediate.

Summer does not know these things, but he very much agreed with Sun Xinxin argument so he nodded: “That’s right! Xiao Qiao is my wife three years ago, we drink together to become a formal couple.”

“Xiao Qiao?” Fang Xiaoru was somewhat surprised, “Your wife calls Qiao Xiao Qiao?”

“That’s right, her name is Qiao Xiao Qiao.” Summer nodded, “I want to give this flower to her.”

In an instant, the flower shop became abnormally quiet. Sun Xinxin and Fang Xiaoru looked at Summer with an unusually weird look.

“Puchi!” A moment later, Sun Xinxin giggled out loud. “Summer, you’re really funny!”

“I say Summer, looking at your serious look, I was almost cheated by you, Seriously, if Qiao Xiao Qiao’s your wife, then my husband is Bill Gates.” Fang Xiaoru also giggled.

“Who the hell is Bill Gates?” Summer couldn’t help but ask.

“Bill Gates is the richest man in the world!” Fang Xiaoru continued to giggle. “Even in my dreams, I wish I was his wife!”

Summer was a bit depressed. He at least understood that they didn’t believe that Qiao Xiao Qiao is his wife, just like Su Beibei who he encountered earlier.

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