Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular

Chapter 639 - Variety Show

Chapter 639: Variety Show

Why does Xia Ning get all the attention while she, Fu Yao, had to sit on the bench? Fu Yao couldn’t understand why Xia Ning could get all the resources when she kept playing mere supporting roles.

“Not reconciled, are we?” said a woman’s voice all of a sudden.

Fu Yao smirked when she saw Lian Xin with a glass of wine in her hand. “Speak for yourself. You’ll never get anywhere in SE Entertainment when she’s around. That woman is your real enemy!”

“So what? It’s not like I’m the one selling myself cheap.” Lian Xin looked Fu Yao up and down with a contemptuous look on her face.

Fu Yao glared at Lian Xin, wanting to rip the latter’s tongue out.

Ever since Lu Qing was kicked out, Fu Yao had been intentionally kept idle by the company. She had no choice but to seek alternatives and became the kept woman of some rich businessman, who paid the fine for breach of contract for her. She was then able to leave SE Entertainment. However, that man’s business wasn’t doing well these days…

Fu Yao seemed to be reminded of something and her face turned even darker.

The reporters were all talking at once at the entrance, but Xia Ning didn’t answer any of the questions. She only walked past them and entered the hall.

Zheng Ziming stopped the reporters for her. “Let’s save the questions for the press conference later, shall we?”

Watching Xia Ning from behind, the reporters considered their options and agreed to the suggestion.

Things were different now and Xia Ning had risen significantly in her social status. They wanted to scoop up some news, but not at the price of offending her.

Spotting Director Li, who was talking with someone, Xia Ning headed in his direction. “Hi, Director Li.”

Director Li turned around and smiled at Xia Ning when he saw who it was. “Xia Ning, you’re here.”

The man that was talking to Director Li extended his hand with a smile. “Miss Xia, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Xia Ning realized who this stylish middle-aged man was and took his hand in hers. “Mr. Zhao, the pleasure is mine.”

“You know who I am?” Zhao Chong stared at Xia Ning in surprise, but he realized how silly that question was almost immediately. After all, he was a relatively famous figure in the circle and it was only natural that someone would recognize him. He was only amazed because Xia Ning always struck him as a supercilious person.

Xia Ning chuckled. “Apple TV is growing more popular every day and the viewing rates have rocketed. Mr. Zhao, that’s all thanks to you.”

“We’re nowhere close to Miss Xia here in terms of popularity,” said Zhao Chong with a smile.

Xia Ning shook her head. “I’m only a source of gossip. Mr. Zhao, you’re the real deal.”

Studying the woman, Zhao Chong fell silent. Was she flattering him because she had gotten wind of something? Did it mean that she wanted a piece of the pie as well?!

Director Li darted a look at Zhao Chong and smiled.

“Director Li, Mr. Zhao, if you would excuse me, please. I need to talk to my friend.” Xia Ning nodded at them, then walked toward Lu Chuan, who was gesturing at her, holding a glass.

Zhao Chong didn’t see that coming. He didn’t expect that she would leave so abruptly.

“Forget about it. Xia Ning isn’t your average ingratiating actress.” Director Li was very direct. “You can stop worrying about her trying to get something from you. I bet you that even if you invite her yourself, she will still turn you down without hesitation.”

Zhao Chong stared at Director Li in disbelief. How was that even possible? Every actress that had been on his show became a hit. Did Xia Ning have no ambition at all?!

Lu Chuan handed Xia Ning a drink, then darted a look in the direction of Director Li and Zhao Chong. “Don’t tell me you want to go on Mr. Zhao’s variety show.”

“What variety show?” Xia Ning asked in bewilderment.

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