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Chapter 640 - Heartless!

Chapter 640: Heartless!

“What variety show?” Xia Ning asked in bewilderment.

Lu Chuan was going to answer when someone cried out. “It’s Music King Jin!”

Xia Ning heard it as well and she turned in the direction with everyone else. Jin Yan stood in the doorway wearing a white suit. She was confused. What was he doing here?

Lu Chuan answered that question a moment later.

“Jin Yan has a movie coming out and he has an event to attend here today too.”

Xia Ning nodded. She was aware that Jin Yan had a new movie at the beginning this year, but she didn’t know about his publicity schedule. She rarely asked about his job.

“Mr. Jin, are you here for ‘Shengshi Weiyang’?” Some newbie reporter asked Jin Yan.

Jin Yan looked around the room and paused briefly when he spotted Xia Ning. He gave her an almost indiscernible nod before looking away. He then smiled at the reporter. “I was attending an event around the corner and when I heard that Director Li was here, I thought I should come here and congratulate him myself.” He nodded at the reporter, then headed in the direction of Director Li.

“‘Agent X’, the movie Music King Jin acts the leading role in, is coming out during Chinese New Year. They’re holding a PR event here today as well, just upstairs,” said someone as Jin Yan walked away.

Jin Yan greeted Director Li before exchanging a few words with Zhao Chong. The two of them then left together.

The reporters watched them leave when someone asked in bewilderment. “Is Music King Jin a close friend of Mr. Zhao, the director of Apple TV?”

“You don’t know? Jin Yan was only able to become a ‘Music King’ at such a young age because of Mr. Zhao. Basically, Mr. Zhao was the talent scout who had discovered Jin Yan. Jin Yan entered a talent show held by Mango TV back then and Mr. Zhao was the one who found him promising. He gave Jin Yan the necessary resources, which enabled the guy to become what he is now.”

Xia Ning eavesdropped on the gossiping reporters. They were right. Zhao Chong had helped Jin Yan before he was somebody and had supported Jin Yan when he hit the lowest point of his life. She appreciated Zhao Chong’s help for Jin Yan and for that, the guy had earned her respect.

“Xia Ning, Director Li needs us now,” reminded Lu Chuan.

Xia Ning came out of her reverie, nodded at Lu Chuan, then went with him toward the stage, where Director Li was.

Xia Ning and Lu Chuan were the main crew members of “Shengshi Weiyang” to attend the event today. For some reason, Zheng Haodong wasn’t available. Some said that he had been banned from showing his face in public by some big boss, while others said that he had been arrested for drug abuse.

But Xia Ning knew better. Director Li never invited Zheng Haodong in the first place. As for exactly what was going on with that guy, nobody cared.

The main character of the series had been changed to Prince Qi played by Lu Chuan. Since the character had always been more likable than the emperor played by Zheng Haodong and Lu Chuan also had a better reputation than Zheng Haodong in real life, the fans didn’t make a fuss about it.

Director Li started the press conference by giving a little speech, which was mainly about asking for support for “Shengshi Weiyang” and the leading roles.

Xia Ning and Lu Chuan then chimed in, offering anecdotes during the shooting of the series, but obviously, those weren’t what the reporters were here for.

During the Q&A session, some reporters directed their questions at Xia Ning.

“Miss Xia, rumor has it that you’ve sued the Shen family and that you’re going to file a lawsuit against your own grandfather and uncle. Is that true?”

The smile on Xia Ning’s face didn’t waver when she turned her gaze on the reporter. She was going to answer when another female voice spoke first.

“Excuse me, what are you suggesting? Sister Xia Ning would never sue her grandfather and uncle for money. That would be heartless, wouldn’t it?”

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