Forced Marriage VIP Front-Seat: My Superstar Ex-wife is very Popular

Chapter 641 - Face Slapping

Chapter 641: Face Slapping

Turning against her family for money? Interesting choice of words. Xia Ning raised an eyebrow and glanced at the woman in white next to her.

The reporters were looking at the woman as well and many were bewildered. There was a moment of awkward silence.

“Isn’t that Fu Yao, the actress who tried to take Xia Ning’s role the other day? Why is she here today?” asked a reporter in a low voice.

“That’s right. I would have forgotten about her if she didn’t speak just then.”

“She’s just a nobody.”

Fu Yao heard every word. The satisfaction of mocking Xia Ning only lasted for a brief moment before she became even more disgruntled. Was she that unimportant?

Looking at the reporters, she sighed. “You people have to stop making a fuss about Sister Xia Ning and the Shen family. Sister Xia Ning has finally found her family and is enjoying the reunion, but you just kept on mentioning her falling out with her family over money. That’s just cold.”

The reporters looked from Fu Yao to Xia Ning and suddenly didn’t know how to proceed.

They would be alienating Xia Ning from her family if they asked, but if they didn’t, they would miss out on the big news.

What was wrong with this Fu Yao? It was none of her business! Everyone knew that she held grudges toward Xia Ning and she couldn’t have meant well for saying those things. What a scheming bitch.

“Is that how a lawsuit over inheritance is considered here? Betraying your family over money?” Xia Ning said to Lu Chuan all of a sudden.

Caught by surprise, Lu Chuan looked at Xia Ning and said in hesitation. “One would only appeal to court when the problem becomes irreconcilable.” He chose his words carefully.

The reporters held their breath and waited for Xia Ning’s reply.

Fu Yao beamed at Xia Ning. “Sister Xia Ning, have you been abroad for too long? That’s common knowledge.” She said sarcastically, implying that Xia Ning was playing dumb and that she was a heartless woman who put money over her family!

Xia Ning smiled at Fu Yao and shook her head. “Actually, I didn’t know that.” She then turned to the reporters. “I learned something today. The common practice abroad is that one would find a lawyer and leave the decision to the court. That’s considered the fairest way and no emotions will get hurt. It’s been forty years since my great-grandfather left us that inheritance and no further problem will be created when we appeal to the law. I thought it was the same way here. But it seemed that I haven’t lived here long enough. I still have a lot to learn.”

Fu Yao’s face darkened with those words. She glared at Xia Ning, wanting to tell the latter that she was making excuses and that she was a malicious woman.

However, the reporters accepted Xia Ning’s answer without further question. For one, they knew better than the general public that things weren’t always that clear cut in this country because of moral reasons. The foreign practice could be more rigorous and just because everything was played by the book.

For another, the Sheng family wouldn’t accept Xia Ning and her mother and Xia Ning would be a fool if she didn’t try to take back what she was owed. The reporters had only asked that question to create a buzz. Thanks to Miss Fu Yao here, they almost blew the interview.

Well, it was going to be tit for tat.

“Miss Fu, word on the street is that you tried to steal the leading role from Xia Ning, but didn’t succeed. The director has even kicked you out of the crew. Now that you’re here with Miss Xia Ning, do you have anything to say to her?”

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