Fortunate Wife

Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Deliberate

The next day, Li Man didn’t sleep in. Hearing sounds from the neighboring hut, she got out of bed too.

It was an early morning in April, and the air was slightly chilly. There was a faintly refreshing and sweet feeling.

Li Man went to the kitchen right after tidying up. She had been planning on making breakfast, but Li Yan had already cooked a pot of congee and was making millet pancakes in another pan.

Seeing her coming into the kitchen, he showed his usual, charming smile. “Awake? There’s hot water over here. You can use it to wash up. The food will be ready soon.”

After saying this, knowing that she probably didn’t understand him, he scooped out hot water into a container and handed it to her without waiting for her to respond. “Here, for you.”

Li Man hurriedly went to accept the bowl. “Thank you.”

“Keep it steady.” Li Yan chuckled.

Li Man didn’t know if he had done it deliberately or not, but his slightly cold fingers slid across the back of her hand when she took the container of water from him.

She felt a strange feeling bubbling up inside her. Li Man’s hand trembled, and she almost dropped the container.

Li Yan steadied the container with his hand and asked with a smile, “Is it too heavy?”

Li Man suspiciously looked at him. His appearance looked elegant, and his smile looked amiable and warm. There weren’t any signs of improperness…

Perhaps, he had just accidentally touched her hand.

“Thank you, I can hold it by myself.” Li Man felt slightly awkward and thought that she was just being oversensitive.

Holding the container, Li Man turned around with a blushing face and left the kitchen. She didn’t know that behind her, a crafty, “I got away with something” smile was gradually appearing on Li Yan’s face.

From the doorway of the other hut, Li Hua had seen everything. After waiting until Li Man had gone inside the western hut, he entered the kitchen. “Second brother, the food is burning.”

Li Yan didn’t stop smiling and only hurriedly took out some of the slightly burnt millet pancakes from the pan.

“Older brother made some extra millet pancakes today. Pack some of them with you. If you get hungry on the road, you’ll have something to snack on.”

“En.” Li Hua sat down. He glanced at Li Yan, then he seemingly absent-mindedly asked, “Second brother, I heard that you’re going to older sister Mudan’s house to work today?”

Li Yan’s brow slightly furrowed. Soon after, it relaxed as he smiled. “Yeah, and it’ll be a big job too.”

“Older sister Mudan is going to marry and move to a county town. Second brother…” Feeling slightly worried, Li Hua looked at his second brother with concern.

Li Yan put down the plate that he had been holding. With a slightly controlled expression, he seriously said, “Fourth brother, I know what you want to say. I’m fine. I don’t have the type of relationship with her that you guys think I do.”

Li Hua didn’t know if he should believe his second brother’s words. But, since he had said he was fine, then he wouldn’t ask him any more questions.

As Li Yan scooped up some water to wash his hands, he ordered his younger brother, “Is oldest brother and the rest of them ready? Go and tell them to come here to eat breakfast.”

Li Hua made a sound of assent. Right after leaving the kitchen, he saw Li Man coming out of her hut to pour out the water that she had used to wash her face. He said, “Time to eat.”

“En.” After a few days, Li Man could understand the meaning of these words.

At the other side of the yard, Li Mo and Li Shu were taking out all of the fish from the deep hole. Since they had been in water this entire time, the fish were still very lively and fresh even after a night had passed. This way, they would be able to sell these fish for a good price at the market.

Once they were finished with their work, they washed their hands and went to the kitchen to eat.

After they had finished eating breakfast, Li Shu carried the two buckets of fish onto the small cart. Li Hua was holding Li Xiaowu’s hand. Li Man hadn’t expected that she would be going with them, but when she found that she would be, her heart was filled with excitement.

Would the marketplace in ancient times be similar to the ones that she had seen on TV?

Li Man was in high spirits, and her steps felt light. They passed through the village’s entrance and got onto a road that led to the back mountain.

There were many people on this road. The other people were doing the same thing as them, pushing carts with fish to the market to sell them.

Suddenly, a melodious voice called out from behind them, “Older brother Hua…”

Li Man turned her head and saw that a pair of beautiful, young girls had already run over to Li Hua’s side.

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