Fortunate Wife

Chapter 214

Chapter 214: Liven Things Up (2)

"Big Brother." Li Yan shook his head and lightly laughed seeing Li Mo's calm face was in a daze, "We all know that Big Brother loves that girl. However, Big Brother already ate and received all of her, so you should have a pity on me, Third and Fourth ah."

Li Yan said it like Li Mo wanted to have all the food to himself, "Man Er's body is still wounded."

Li Yan was plucking out the pheasant's feather, threw it away, and then he smiled and said, "Those wounds are too light to be mentioned. That day, Second Shun's wife fell ill until she became like that, didn't his dad still did what he wanted to do?"

"Second, you dare?" After Li Mo heard him saying that kind of thing, his face suddenly fell.

Li Yan busily waved his hands, "Of course we brothers won't do that kind of thing that's worse than dog or pig." [T/N: lower than low]

Li Mo's complexion gradually eased up, but he still said firmly, "Man Er's body is still not good, everyone is not allowed to try anything on her."

"I understand." Li Yan said as he pressed down the water basin. "I just spoke thoughtlessly, but that girl can't tell good from bad ah, she doesn't know that meeting us is like falling into a fortune nest. If it's other' family, she would have to do everything inside and outside the house, living a life just to serve men. Where can you find a woman that can pull a long face when the men want her?"

Li Mo felt a bit unease after hearing it, "Second, how can you speak like this? If she doesn't want it, then you can't just force her, alright?"

"Who force her?" Li Yan gloomily snorted, "I'm like a prisoner with Big Brother here. That dead girl, when she sees me, she treats me like her personal enemy, how can I have a go with her? I'm already living like a monk, I also don't know when I offend her ah."

It was not at all easy to have that tiny bit of progress, but it was destroyed by that bastard Third Brother just like that. This time is still alright, but next time, that girl would guard against him even more.

Li Mo looked at him speaking pitifully, he can't help but wanted to laugh, "Second, all of those ladies out there usually like you, how can you feel so disheartened today?"

"Big Brother, can you please not make fun of me?" Li Yan raised his brows to him and snorted, "Really, if that dead girl acts like this every time, I might not be able to bear it anymore."

"Second." Li Mo's face sunk.

Li Yan said, "Big Brother, don't worry, I won't hurt her, it's just…"

He thought about changing his tactic to a comparatively milder way so Big Brother can accept it, "It would be better if we brothers could round the room with her earlier, then she would be our person thoroughly, at least, we wouldn't be worried if there's any unforeseen event."

Li Mo looked at him deeply but didn't say anything.

Li Yan smiled slightly, it looks like Big Brother's heart still feels anxious ah.

At noon, Li Yan stewed a big wok of chicken soup until the meat completely broken to bits, he chose the upper leg meat and threw the greasy oil on top of the soup, giving it a light taste and preparing to give that big bowl to Li Man.

But when he arrived outside her room, he instead told Little Five to knock on the door.

Little Five didn't understand but he still did as what his Second Brother said. After knocking on the door several times, he said, "Sister, Second Brother stewed a pheasant soup and want to give a bowl to you."

Li Man thought that Little Five was the one who was bringing the soup so she said, "The door isn't fastened, you can come inside."

"Oh." Little Five hummed in response.

However, the one who came in was Li Yan.

Li Man paused and felt a bit surprised, "It's you? Where's Little Five?"

"I told him to go and eat." Li Yan put down the bowl at the bed's side.

Li Man turned her face away, she didn't want to look at him nor did she want to speak to him.

After Li Yan put the bowl on the windowsill, he sat down at the corner of the bed, "Are you still angry about that matter at noon?"

Li Man's face felt like it was boiling hot, how can anyone not get angry and want to run away if they met that kind of thing ah?

"That, are you angry with me or angry with Third Brother?" Li Yan asked, his gaze was rippling with hope.

Li Man's face was just like a boiled shrimp, she bit her lips and kept on being silent.

"Oh, I know ah." Li Yan suddenly laughed lightly, "It's of course Third Brother's crude way that made you angry, that's right, that bloke just doesn't know how to be tactful. When we were that happy that time, he actually came in and disturbed…"

"Who's happy?" He said it like they were having an illicit relationship, Li Man immediately denied it.

"Oh, you weren't happy?" Li Yan looked straight to her eyes and said seriously, "It seems that I still have to try hard, next time I assure you, I'd make wife feel comfortable and happy."

"You!" Li Man hurriedly explained, "I didn't mean it that way!"

"Then, what do you mean? How about I tell Third Brother to come and apologize to you?" Li Yan said as he got up and wanted to search for the person to come.

"It's not–" If this time he find Li Shu and ask him to apologize to her, where could she put her face ah? Li Man busily got up and pulled Li Yan, "There's no need to find him."

"Why?" Li Yan was unconvinced as he looked at her, afterwards, he consoled her, "Don't worry, there's me here, that bloke wouldn't dare to do anything. Furthermore, Big Brother is still at home ah, if that bloke ever dare to sound a peep, just let Big Brother beat him into shape."

"It's not like that." Li Man shook off his hand, thinking that she's unable to explain clearly with him, so she just sat down and didn't say anything anymore.

Li Yan saw her angry look and laughed 'hehe'. He sat down close to her, his big palm rubbed the hair on her head gently, smiling, "Fool, I know what you mean, that matter made you ashamed and now you don't dare to see anyone, right?"

Li Man's heart trembled, so he understands? But since he understands, why is he still doesn't know how to be tactful?

Looking at her eyelids trembled a little, he thought that her heart was moved, so he continued and said, "However, you can't just not see people all your life ah."

Li Man whispered under her breath, she also didn't want to not see people all her life ah, it's just, that matter happened just now, they should give her some time to adjust.

"Furthermore, you're our wife, and us your men, what a man and a wife do inside the room is perfectly justified, every household do it, what are you afraid of?"

But there's no such thing as two brother doing it together ah, Li Man refuted in her heart.

As if he guessed what she thought, Li Yan immediately said, "If you don't like us brothers doing it together, then we will do it one by one later. I guarantee that next time we're together, I won't let Third come and cause trouble."

Agh, how can he say it like that? As expected, she can't put her expectation on this evildoer.

"Li Yan, I'm already alright, you should go and eat." Li Man wanted to put off her conversation with him, but she couldn't think any other way than this, she only wanted to rush him out.

"Not angry anymore?" Li Yan cocked his head as he got closer to her.

Can't he see if I'm angry or not? Li Man shook her head, "You stewed this soup? It's really fragrant."

"En, quick and try it." LI Yan said as he handed over the bowl from the windowsill to her hand, "Be careful, it's hot."

Li Man smiled at him, "Thanks, you go and eat too."

"Alright." It was really rare that this girl could speak sweetly like this to him, Li Yan endured his wish to get intimate with her as he wore a smile like an amiable person and went out the door.

Li Man drooped her head as she picked the meat inside the bowl using her chopsticks, the meat was all from the upper leg part, the skin was all picked up, maybe he saw when she spitted out chicken skin, and because she's afraid of oily food, he especially prepared this soup so it won't be greasy.

She can't help but stared in a daze towards this bowl of appetizing chicken soup.

She recalled when she was in a difficult situation in Goddess' Ravine Village, how Li Mo rescued her from the rope and how Li Yan and Li Shu beat up the man who wanted to rape her.

At dusk, Li Mo carried her home, Li Shu prepared hot water for her to wash up, Li Yan gave her clothes, and still showed consideration by giving her a room, she felt at ease after seeing their genial smiling faces.

Those men that always leaned on her door timidly to curry favour and peeped, the neat youth that helped her sew her quilt.


Perhaps, everything was actually perfect, it was just her that worried too much.


Is Li Man finally accepting the truth???? Will Li Man finally accept those brothers???? (๏д๏)

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