Fortunate Wife

Chapter 23

Chapter 23 – Buying clothes

At the front, a bouncing Li Xiaowu, who appeared utterly elated, was tugging Li Shu forward.

At the back, Li Man was feeling awkward and twisting her hand to remove it from Li Hua’s grip. She wasn’t a child and didn’t need someone to hold her hand. “Let go. I’ll walk by myself.”

She wanted to pull her hand out of his, but Li Hua tightened his grip as if he was afraid that she was going run away.

He had already released her once, and she had chosen to come back. In the future, he would never let her go. He turn his head and gently smiled at her as he consolingly said, “We’re almost there.”

Li Man secretly rolled her eyes. This damn child. He looked so thin, but his grip was quite strong.

When they arrived at the clothing store, the female proprietor warmly welcomed them and took out outfits in a variety of fashionable styles.

Li Shu seemed overwhelmed from looking at so much clothing. He thought all of the clothing looked very pretty. If his wife was the one wearing them, they would look even better. He guaranteed that no one in Shennugou would be able to compare with her.

But, Li Hua thought none of them looked good enough. These overly complicated and flashy styles didn’t suit her at all. In the end, he selected two pieces of clothing with unobtrusive designs.

Li Man thought his selections were pretty good and tried out the lilac outfit first.

But, after she had changed her clothes and walked outside to look at the mirror, she was shocked by what she saw.

The girl in the mirror hasn’t fully matured yet, but she was still quite beautiful. She had a round face, tender white skin, and a pair of large, limpid eyes that was staring at herself in amazement…

Wasn’t this how she had looked like when she was about fourteen to fifteen years old?

She forcefully pinched her face. There was a giddy, dizzy feeling as if she was dreaming.

Li Hua hurriedly came over and tugged on her hand away from her face. “What’s wrong? Do you not like it? Do you want to try another one?”

Li Shu walked over too and looked at Li Man from top to bottom. “Ah, I think it looks really good.”

The color of this clothing complemented his wife’s skin very nicely. Her skin looked as tender as freshly peeled hardboiled egg. She looked just like a celestial fairy.

“Third brother.” Li Hua gave him a warning look

Li Shu pouted. He unwilling turned his head away and didn’t continue to look, but in his heart, he thought that fourth brother was even more wicked than second brother. His fourth brother had already held her small hand, but he wouldn’t even let his own brother look at her. The disparity in how they were each treated was too big.

“Do you want to try this one?” Li Hua brought over a moon white outfit.

“No need.” Li Man suddenly didn’t want to try on anymore clothing. Her heart felt strange. This teenage girl actually looked the same as herself when she was younger, even the dimple near her mouth was the same.

Was this fate? Or, had she originally belonged to this world?

Seeing that her expression looked off, Li Hua didn’t pursue the matter. Instead, he ask the lady boss how much the clothing cost.

One outfit cost eighty copper coins. The other outfit cost a hundred and twenty copper coins. If they bought both outfits, it would be exactly two hundred coins.

“Two hundred copper coins?” Li Shu suddenly thought that the clothing didn’t look that good anymore.

Li Hua squeezed the bag of money. He also thought that this clothing was expensive.

The lady boss followed up by saying that the clothing was made with very good material was very good, the style of these two outfits were beautiful, and how lovely it looked when Li Man was wearing it.

However, in the end, Li Hua made a different decision. He selected two bolts of fabric with similar colors the outfits that he had chosen and asked for their price.

The lady boss straightforwardly told him that the price was the same for both bolts. One meter of the fabric was ten copper coins.

After the lady boss cut the amount of fabric that Li Hua wanted and cleaned away the scraps, she only charged them seventy copper coins.

Li Man didn’t understand the bargaining that had happened between them, but seeing that they were buying pieces of cloth instead of pre-made clothing, she was left feeling a bit stunned. “Is there a seamstress in the village?”

Understanding that she was feeling confused, Li Hua said, “”When we get back home, I’ll make the clothing for you.”

“Come on, let’s go buy steamed buns.” Li Shu trusted his fourth brother’s skills and wasn’t worried that he would ruin the fabric at all.

Li Shu pulled Li Xiaowu out of the store with him, so Li Man immediately followed after them. She was worried that Li Hua would hold her hand again.

Holding the fabric, Li Hua walked behind the group. Just as he was about to exit the store, he saw a bolt of light pink silk on a shelf from his peripheral vision. Looking at Li Man’s delicate and seductive figure again, his gaze gleamed.

A/N: Can you guess what old four wants the bolt of light pink silk for?

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