Fortunate Wife

Chapter 5

Chapter 5

[Her courage seems to have grown a bit. She dares to look at me straight in the eyes?]

Li Yan raised his eyebrows, without a trace, he opened a big cabinet and pulled out a clean set of clothes from inside. At this time, Li Shu came in with a small bucket of hot water.

As soon as he entered the house, he put the bucket on the ground and looked straight at Li Man. “Here’s water for a bath.” If he let others know that he gave the wife a bath, his face would stay unmovable, but in his heart, he was very happy.

“You’re so energetic, take the tub from the East House too.” Li Yan glanced at his younger brother, clearly remembering the others.

Li Shu obediently ran out and brought in the large tub. When he put it down, he waved to Li Man. “Come here, take a bath.”

[Is he asking me to take a bath? Although I don’t understand him very well, I can tell as much from his actions, Li Man guessed. However, there are two grown men in the house. How can I wash?]

Seeing her not moving, with a stupid and overwhelmed look, Li Shu became impatient and rushed forward to bring Li Man. Li Yan pulled his arm away, twisted it and pushed him out the door.

“Second brother, what are you doing?” Li Shu was confused, why did he push him out?

“Let’s go.” Li Yan told his brother. The third brother was so reckless, he would definitely scare the little woman. Li Yan did not enter the house, but stood at the door. Pointing at the bath, hot water, and clothes on the big cabinet, he gently said, “Take your time to wash, change clothes, and eat.”

When he finished speaking, he helped Li Man close the room’s door.

Next to him, Li Shu watched the gentleness and thoughtfulness his second brother showed to the little woman. He felt very wronged. He also helped by bringing the water and tub. How come he cannot do it?

When the woman could no longer see them, Li Yan’s smile was not so warm. He stared at the younger brother and warned, “If you dare to scare the woman away, don’t think about getting a wife again.”

Li Man could still hear the two people at the door, but they would not come in again. Li Man was only a bit dismayed. The clothes on her body were dirty and broken. Some delicious food and a good wash was welcomed.

Soon, the two brothers at her door heard the sound of splashing from inside the house. The two breathed in till suffocation, as a hot mist seemed to spread from the room.

“Third brother, go chop up some firewood, I want to cook.” Li Yan quickly suppressed his emotions and told his brother, but did not expect Li Shu to shake his head covering his nose.

“What’s wrong?” Li Yan asked. He saw that his younger brother was bleeding from his nose, his fingers wet with blood. He couldn’t help but laugh. “The fire is still big, go wash it off with cold water.”

Li Shu ran to the water pot and poured water on his face.

Li Mo picked up a load of water and came back. He was pouring it all into the water pot. When he saw the younger brother pouring cold water on his face, he was taken aback. “Are you mad?”

“He’s thinking about the wife.” Li Yan came in and couldn’t help but make fun of the third’s situation. The third brother is eighteen this year. He’s at that age, it’s no wonder that a woman taking a bath in the house would make him react that way.

Li Mo’s face changed, he worriedly looked across the wall. Li Yan stated, “She’s bathing.”

Bathing? A very ordinary word, but at the moment it made Li Mo’s cold face burn.

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