From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Ask the Teacher to Check

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The Head of Teaching was quite annoyed. Why would you bring this type of candy to school? She was intentionally trying to pick a quarrel or cause trouble! Jian Yiling was indeed a bad-hearted person!

After a long time, the Head of Teaching gritted his teeth and said, “Since this is all a misunderstanding, everyone should scatter. Where is the leader of the class? Hurry up and organize a morning reading!”

Other than scattering, there was nothing else that could be done.

Shenghua High School had no rules that didn’t allow students to bring candy to school.

The Head of Teaching was planning to leave. However, Jian Yiling still had something to say.

“Also, my book was thrown by someone to the back of the classroom.”

Jian Yiling’s voice was light and her speech was slow. It didn’t seem as though she was making a complaint but rather, just stating a fact.

Hearing what was said, the Head of Teaching glanced at the books that were scattered at the back of the classroom. He didn’t want to take care of this, however, he couldn’t ignore this matter.

Otherwise, he would appear to be irresponsible in front of the whole class.

If he wasn’t here today, he could choose to not come. However, now that it happened right in front of his eyes, he couldn’t turn around and pretend that nothing had happened.

After all, the behavior of throwing away the books of a classmate was indeed not good. This should not have occurred within a school that had strict rules and regulations such as Shenghua High.

Thus, the Head of Teaching could only ask routine questions to the entire class. “Who did this? If you are to take the initiative and admit it, you will suffer a lesser punishment. However, if you wait for me to find out, you will be punished severely.”

The whole class was silent. Everyone knew that Qiu Yizhen did it.

When Qiu Yizhen did it, almost the entirety of the class was there.

Qiu Yizhen stood behind the Head of Teaching and gave everyone in the class a threatening look.

If anyone dared to say that she did it, she would make their lives miserable!

Everyone in the class remained silent. Even the student who initially told Jian Yiling what had happened lowered her head in silence. She did not dare to offend Qiu Yizhen.

The Head of Teaching also didn’t want to go into the matter further. He half-heartedly attempted to wrap up the conversation by saying, “Since no one knows, then let this matter just be for now. If anyone remembers what had happened or discovers something, come to my office and tell me.”

And if it were to be followed through, there was nothing else that could be done.

Qiu Yizhen raised the corners of her lips and gave Jian Yiling a provocative look.

Jian Yiling continued to stay calm and said to the Head of Teaching, “The time of the incident was within seven days. The retention of surveillance cameras should be more than a month. You can watch the surveillance recording to find the culprit.”

Jian Yiling’s way of thinking was clear. She wasn’t in a rush nor did she appear resentful. Most importantly, she didn’t appear to want to back down from the matter.

When Qiu Yizhen heard what was said, she started getting nervous. If the Head of Teaching were to go watch the surveillance, she would definitely be exposed.

While she was anxious, she cursed at Jian Yiling in her mind. This vicious hussy is evil!

She knew to watch the surveillance and cause trouble!

Of course, the Head of Teaching knew of the method that Jian Yiling had just mentioned. He didn’t want to talk about it as he didn’t want to waste time and energy on such a trivial matter.

Not to mention that Jian Yiling was a bad student that wasn’t worthy of being a student at Shenghua High School.

He had originally wanted to forget about the matter. However, he didn’t expect Jian Yiling to think about things so clearly and ask him to check the surveillance.

In front of all her classmates, the Head of Teaching felt that Jian Yiling was attempting to make matters difficult for him.

And thus, the Head of Teaching said with a straight face, “Do I need you to tell me this? Of course, I know to check the surveillance. However, I wanted to give this student the opportunity to own up to their mistakes.”

Jian Yiling nodded and said, “That’s fine. If the student does not own up, please remember to check the surveillance.”

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