From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Why is a Wolf Attending Class?

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Jian Yiling appeared to not be in a hurry at all. Her demeanor was calm and her eyes were clear. In fact, her words were spoken warmly.

Instead, it was the Head of Teaching and Qiu Yizhen who were furious and couldn’t even show it.

“Okay, everyone. It’s not early anymore. The morning is the golden time of the day. You must seize this opportunity and study well. Don’t waste such a good time to study! You guys must understand that your most important task is to study and should not be thinking of doing anything else!”

The Head of Teaching instructed everyone in the class and urged the class leader to lead the class for the readings. After doing so, he left in a hurry. He didn’t want to look at Jian Yiling any longer. Doing so just made him angry.

Qiu Yizhen had a ball of fire in her heart. She felt as though she was being played by Jian Yiling the entire morning. She was so angry and didn’t know where to go to vent it.

And the key thing was the Head of Teaching had promised Jian Yiling that he would check the surveillance! She had think go back and figure out how to conceal this matter!

Before Qiu Yizhen left, she glared at Jian Yiling. That look seemed to be saying, “You wait!”

The student that shared the desk with Jian Yiling glanced at her from time to time. She seemed to be observing the difference between Jian Yiling right now and the one from seven days ago.

The girl who Jian Yiling shared the desk with was called Hu Jiaojiao. Her appearance was delicate and beautiful and she was quite timid.

She didn’t have a bad relationship with Jian Yiling before this had all happened.

Although the Jian Yiling from before had a bad temper, she wasn’t someone who was unable to distinguish right from wrong. If Hu Jiaojiao didn’t wrong her, she would not take the initiative and bully her.

Hu Jiaojiao hesitated for a while before taking the initiative to ask Jian Yiling. “Jian Yiling, I’ll help you pick up the books at the back of the classroom. They’ll be needed in class later on.”

Hu Jiaojiao felt a bit apologetic. This was because when the incident had happened, she had done nothing to stop it from happening.

“There’s no need.” Jian Yiling held the ‘scalpel’ candy in her mouth. She loved to eat sweets. Since she had started eating the candy, she didn’t feel like stopping. It was bad to waste food anyways.

“You don’t want me to go pick up the books?”

“It’s not important,” Jian Yiling replied. She didn’t really care that her books were scattered around the back of the classroom.

Those books had no use for her. And even if someone were to pick those books up, it should be the person who had thrown them there in the first place.

Hu Jiaojiao realized that Jian Yiling didn’t appear to care about those books and thus didn’t mention the matter again.

Because according to her previous understanding of Jian Yiling, if she said that she didn’t want it, she really didn’t want it.

To be honest, Hu Jiaojiao didn’t feel like Jian Yiling was difficult to get along with. Jian Yiling would never hide what she wanted and there was no need to work hard and speculate what was on her mind.

Her words were a bit too straightforward and she didn’t like to beat around the bush when talking. She never praised or flattered anyone and often caused other people to be embarrassed.

The formal school bell rang and the first class was English. Jian Yiling brought out an English textbook from her schoolbag and stood it in front of her.

Following which, she took out two more notebooks and opened one in front of her hand.

After opening another book, Jian Yiling took out a pen and started writing something on it.

Hu Jiaojiao didn’t want to pry on what Jian Yiling was writing. Thus, she only roughly saw the content that Jian Yiling was writing. It appeared to be some chemistry formulas and a bunch of formulas for organic matter.

When the English teacher came over, Jian Yiling covered the first notebook.

That notebook was the one that Qin Chuan had tutored her with. She turned to the section which had English notes. There were various summarized paragraphs of tips and tricks for grammar.

As the teacher saw that it was a study notebook, she didn’t say anything.

For her, it was the first time that she saw Jian Yiling taking notes so seriously.

She didn’t know whether Jian Yiling had changed for the better after the incident or not.

Either way, hopefully, it was not a brief period of enthusiasm.

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