From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Why is a Wolf Trying to Pretend to Be a Bunny?


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For Jian Yiling, it was easier to be in class than to face Qin Chuan for one on one classes.

She had a lot more time to do her own things.

As the teachers did not have high expectations of her, they would not stare at her all the time. It was much easier hiding from them than hiding from Qin Chuan.

For the entire day, Jian Yiling did not leave her seat. In the break time, she appeared to be busy as well.

Everyone in the class looked at her from time to time with strange eyes. However, no one dared to do anything and cause conflict.

At this time, there was another popular post that rose on the school forum.

Title: [Jian Yiling returns to campus. Discuss how strong is her crew/ family support ]

The original poster had mentioned that Jian Yiling returned to school today. They had also attached a photo of Jian Yiling that was taken secretly from at a certain angle.

In the photo, Jian Yiling’s outfit seemed to look extremely simple. She wore a white shirt with black pants with no extra decorative patterns.

Her hair was tied back into a ponytail and looked neat and tidy.

[How disgusting. Look at her dressing up like that and pretending to play innocent!]

[That’s right! She’s has a wolf’s heart, yet she pretends to be a bunny! [Vomit Emoji]]

[I don’t know what the school is thinking. How can they let a student with violent tendencies to return to school!? Are they not afraid that she will do something malicious again? [Angry Emoji]]

[I’m nervous. The next time I see her I will take a detour. Especially if I see her on the stairs, I need to be careful. I’m the only child of my parents. They’re still waiting for me to provide for them when they’re old! [Pitiful Emoji]]

[As I said, the school did not consider or see our opinion at all. If they did, why would they allow Jian Yiling to return?]

[Don’t even think about that! Jian Yiling’s background is strong.]

[The person above me is correct. However, this has nothing to do with Jian Yiling’s background being strong or not. You have to blame their family for being bias. Feels bad for Jian Yunnao. To be harmed by his sister and for his parents to still protect their daughter. If the victim doesn’t say anything, there is nothing that the school can do. Furthermore, there is nothing the police can do either.]

[[Love heart][Love heart] Don’t cry Jian Yunnao. We will always support you! We are your eternal backing!]

Although registering for the campus forum requires student details, when making posts and commenting, it was possible to hide your name and use a nickname. Thus, when you commented, you didn’t know who was who and didn’t need to worry about exposing who you are.

As Hu Jiaojiao looked at the popularity of the post continuing to rise alongside more and more comments being added to the thread, she began to worry.

Thus, she carefully poked Jian Yiling in the elbow and pushed her mobile phone next to Jian Yiling to let her see the content within.

Hu Jiaojiao said cautiously, “If you didn’t do it, you should go online and explain this to them.”

Jian Yiling lowered her head and looked at Hu Jiaojiao’s mobile phone screen. The opinions on the forum were quite strange. Topics and discussion could even range to discussing what people wore on a day to day basis.

Jian Yiling noticed that the person who posted the new thread was the same person who had accused that she was the person who had caused Jian Yunnao to become injured.

This caught Jian Yiling’s attention.

Originally, the school only knew that Jian Yunnao had gotten injured. No one had linked the incident to Jian Yiling.

If it weren’t for this individual who sprung this story into life, everyone would not have associated Jian Yunnao falling down the stairs with Jian Yiling.

Hu Jiaojiao glanced at Jian Yiling’s expression and saw that although she appeared to be serious, she didn’t look angry.

Thus, she whispered to Jian Yiling in an attempt to persuade her, ” Why don’t you try and explain to them? If you don’t say anything, they will think that you are quiet because you’re guilty.”

“Thank you,” Jian Yiling said to Hu Jiaojiao. “However, there is no need for an explanation,” Jian Yiling continued as she rejected Hu Jiaojiao’s suggestion.

She didn’t think that debating them would result in anything.

Once Hu Jiaojiao saw that Jian Yiling didn’t want to explain her actions, she turned around to go back to doing her own things.

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