From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Qiu Yizhen Causing Trouble Again

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Jian Yiling reached out and gently pushed Jian Yuncheng away.

The movement wasn’t large, but there was an obvious intention of resistance.

Jian Yuncheng frowned. However, he still had to put Jian Yiling down.

Once Jian Yiling’s feet touched the ground, she told Jian Yuncheng that she was going to sleep first.

She swiftly picked up the things on the table and put them all into her school bag. After she did so, she turned around and left the room.

Jian Yiling’s actions were akin to a small animal that was trying to hide from a hunter.

And Jian Yuncheng was that hunter that was attempting to hunt down the prey.

Jian Yuncheng couldn’t help but reflect on his actions. Was he too strict on her recently? She was only a fifteen-year-old girl…

After thinking about it for a while, he realized that he shouldn’t be having such thoughts.

Yiling had done the wrong thing. Even though he cared and treasured her, who was going to care about the future of Yunnao? His hands were now ruined.

Compared to what Yunnao had to go through, Jian Yiling’s suffering over the past two days meant nothing.

As Jian Yuncheng thought about Yunnao, his brows furrowed even more.

Even though Yunnao’s medical records had been sent, the other party still hadn’t been able to give them a good reply.

As he thought about this, he forgot about Jian Yiling’s matters. He turned around and went back into his room. He wanted to try and find his friends to see whether they could help him contact a specialist in this area.


The next morning, Jian Yuncheng sat next to Jian Yiling as he sent her to school. His face was cold as ever.

On the way to school, the two of them didn’t even say a word. Jian Yuncheng was concentrating on driving whereas Jian Yiling concentrated on her mobile phone.

Shortly after Jian Yiling arrived at the class, Qiu Yizhen came to find her again. As usual, two of her followers were close behind her.

Due to the predicament that Jian Yiling placed her in, Qiu Yizhen was in a desperate situation yesterday.

In the end, she used her father’s position and connections in the school to erase the surveillance.

This time, if she saw Jian Yiling again, Qiu Yizhen would be extremely pleased with herself.

“Jian Yiling, do you think that you’re very clever?! You even wanted to use the surveillance to get me into trouble! However, do you see me being punished? Do you think that you can affect me at all?” Qiu Yizhen said in a mocking tone.

“The school holds surveillance for three months. If the surveillance video were to go missing in seven days, there definitely is a problem.” Jian Yiling raised her head and gazed at Qiu Yizhen.

Her eyes were sharp and it was as though she could read people’s minds.

Furthermore, it was not only her eyes that made people apprehensive, her words too were astonishing.

Her tone was confident and her expression was calm. It was as though she had seen what happened right in front of her eyes.

And the truth wasn’t far from this. This made Qiu Yizhen quite flustered.

However, there was only a moment of panic. Qiu Yizhen quickly calmed down again.

“So what? What if there is a section of the surveillance that has gone missing? There are thousands of reasons which could explain why! Either way, you have no way to prove that your book was damaged by me!”

Qiu Yizhen spoke with a prideful tone and her attitude was arrogant.

The two followers behind her also began to laugh.

“Jian Yiling, if you want to mess with me, take a good look at yourself first! At Shenghua, no one messes with me!”

“Besides, Jian Yiling never knew about what she could do and what she couldn’t. Look at her right now! After we got to know that she pushed her brother off the stairs, she starts acting as though she is innocent! A pitiful look that tries and suggests that she would never hurt a soul! I’m disgusted just looking at you! And I don’t even know who you are acting for. As if anyone would believe your act!”

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