From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Leave Shenghua High School As Soon As Possible

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The two followers continued to mock Jian Yiling.

The words that they said made the rest of the students in Class 8 feel quite uncomfortable.

Qiu Yizhen was quite an arrogant individual. She did everything she wanted just because her father was the Chairman of the school. One could say that she was the tyrant of the school. She even deleted the surveillance.

However, no one dared to say anything. The first reason for this was because they were all afraid of Qiu Yizhen.

The second reason being, although Qiu Yizhen wasn’t a good person, neither was Jian Yiling.

As they argued, they were akin to a dog fighting another dog. It would be best for the rest of them to just watch and not be stupid enough to interrupt and cause trouble for themselves.

As Qiu Yizhen saw that Jian Yiling remained silent, she was delighted and felt the thrill of insulting her.

Qiu Yizhen continued to ridicule Jian Yiling, “That’s right. Just to remind you, today’s recording is still available. You can go talk to the Head of Teaching and cry about how I ridiculed you! Of how I made fun of you standing less than 10 centimeters away! Ask him to check the surveillance for evidence! And of course, the premise of that is the surveillance in our school has sound available!”

Following her statement, Qiu Yizhen and her two followers began to laugh.

There was in fact no sound available for the surveillance. One would only be able to see Qiu Yizhen talk and laugh in front of Jian Yiling. However, Qiu Yizhen could explain that she was just here to have a friendly chat with Jian Yiling.

And thus, Qiu Yizhen could say whatever she wanted in front of Jian Yiling. As long as she didn’t resort to violence, Jian Yiling had no choice but to suffer in silence.

There was no expression of anxiousness on Jian Yiling’s face.

“You can’t do whatever you want just because your father is the Chairman of the school.” Jian Yiling said slowly.

She simply stated the fact that everyone knew.

“Why not? Are you jealous? Jealous that my father is the Chairman of the school? Even if you’re upset, you can’t do anything about it!” Qiu Yizhen mocked. Her eyes were full of sarcasm as she continued, “And I want to tell you that, not only can I delete the surveillance video, I can also get you kicked out of Shenghua High School!”

“That’s right!” One of Qiu Yizhen’s followers echoed. “Go look at yourself in the mirror, Jian Yiling. Figure out your own situation first. You’re just someone who is detested by everyone. Get lost and go home! There is no place in Shenghua High School for you! We don’t need someone who hurts her own brother.”

Qiu Yizhen didn’t want Jian Yiling to return to school.

As a fan of Jian Yunnao, she couldn’t do much for him. However, she could ensure that before Jian Yunnao returns to school, Jian Yiling would disappear.

Jian Yiling remained calm. Her expression and eyes appeared to be indifferent to what was happening in front of her.

Hu Jiaojiao who sat next to her felt uncomfortable listening to all this. She wondered how Jian Yiling was coping with all this.

Qiu Yizhen glanced at the time and realized that it was almost time for class. Thus, Qiu Yizhen gave Jian Yiling one last warning and said, “Get out of Shenghua High School! Otherwise, you won’t have a single peaceful day! I’m only giving you a warning at the moment. Once my patience runs out, then you will suffer!”

There was only so much that Qiu Yizhen could do to Jian Yiling at school. She could easily bully other students. However, Jian Yiling’s background made it difficult for her to bully.

If she did something at school and that alarmed the elders of the Jian family, then that was something that even Qiu Yizhen’s father couldn’t deal with.

If Jian Yiling continued to be an irksome presence, then Qiu Yizhen would do worse things to her. Even if she couldn’t do anything at school, she knew some people who did dirty work outside of school. Compared to Qiu Yizhen, they would easily mess up little girls like Jian Yiling!

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