From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Recorded a Video

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Qiu Yizhen and her two followers finally left Class 8.

After she left, the whole class was relieved.

When Qiu Yizhen was in the room, no one dared to breathe loudly for the fear of accidentally annoying her.

At this moment, Jian Yiling picked up a black cube-shaped object from her desk.

She removed a memory card from the object.

Then she inserted the memory card into her laptop.

Hu Jiaojiao’s eyes widened when she saw what Jian Yiling was doing.

Soon, the recording of Qiu Yizhen and her two followers appeared on Jian Yiling’s laptop screen.

“You… You recorded everything?” Hu Jiaojiao had an inconceivable expression on her face.

“The surveillance of the school isn’t effective.”

Jian Yiling knew that Qiu Yizhen was the daughter of the Chairman of the School. It was not hard to guess that the surveillance of the school posed no threat to her.

And thus, compared to the school surveillance, one that she recorded herself was much more reliable. In addition, the equipment that she had purchased could also record sound.

Whilst she was answering Hu Jiaojiao’s question, Jian Yiling’s fingers quickly tapped away on the keyboard. She modified a few sections of the video, pixelating the faces of individuals involved and removing certain phrases.

The key phrase that she got rid of was “Jian Yiling.” She didn’t want her name to appear in the video.

Hu Jiaojiao blinked her eyes in confusion. She knew that the surveillance of the school wasn’t reliable. However, Jian Yiling appeared as though she could read the future.

After editing the video, Jian Yiling uploaded the video. She paid a few internet celebrities to retweet her video.

By the afternoon, numerous internet celebrities had retweeted her video.

Before the end of school, the video had become a hot topic.

Because of the pixelation, no one knew who was the arrogant tyrant of the school. However, that didn’t prevent them from expressing their opinions.

[Isn’t this too arrogant? She thinks she can do anything just because she is the daughter of the Chairman!?]

[This is bullying! It is definitely bullying! Why is there no one taking care of this matter?]

[Come come, someone tell me what school this is. Which Chairman is ready to come out and have a good talk with us?]

[See how important it is to reincarnate in the right person’s stomach?]

It didn’t take long for the comments to reach the thousands. Furthermore, the number of comments continued to rise.

Because of the pixelation, people on the Internet couldn’t recognize the individual in the video.

However, the teachers and students from Shenghua High School could recognize who the individual was from a glance.

The silhouette was way too familiar.

Wasn’t this their school tyrant, Qiu Yizhen, and her two followers?

The matter quickly caught the attention of the school. Soon after, Qiu Yizhen’s father, Qiu Liyao, got contacted regarding this matter. He was put under pressure to do something by the other members of the school board.

If this matter became big, this would affect the reputation of the school and the interest of all the shareholders that were involved.

Qiu Liyao immediately called Qiu Yizhen to his office.

“What’s your problem? How do I have a daughter like you? You never learn from the good and only learn things from the bad! It doesn’t matter if you’re not studying well. However, why are you trying to be the tyrant of the school?! Are you trying to kill me now or something?”

Qiu Yizhen got scolded by her father as soon as she entered the office.

Qiu Yizhen hadn’t been on Weibo yet today. Thus, she didn’t know that the video of her troubling Jian Yiling had been uploaded.

Qiu Yizhen also became furious that she kept getting scolded. “Why are you so angry? Other than telling me off, do you know how to do anything else?!”

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