From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Male Lead From The Original Novel Is Her Private Tutor

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Jian Yuncheng continued to talk to Jian Yiling. “Take a week of leave from school and reflect on what you did. Do you hear me?”

The way he dealt with things was more swift and decisive than their father.

Jian Yiling nodded and agreed firmly.

Resting at home for a few days was also good for her.

When this happened in the original novel, Jian Yuncheng had also treated Jian Yiling harshly.

However, it was not because Jian Yuncheng didn’t want to recognize this sister of his. But rather, it was because she was his younger sister, he had to be strict with her. He wished for his young sister to become a better person.

As Jian Yuncheng was the eldest, he rather treasured his younger sister.

And because he had high hopes, he appeared to be so strict.

However, Jian Yiling had failed to notice the intentions of her elder brother. Rather, due to Jian Yuncheng’s attitude, their relationship became tenser and tenser.

Neither of these two would directly reveal their true feelings. One is introverted whilst the other was rebellious.

Neither of them would admit defeat which led to misunderstandings and eventually, the dislike of one another.

And in the end, Jian Yuncheng lost his sister completely. He transferred the affection he had for his sister onto the mature, sensible and understanding female lead, Mo Shiyun. Later on, he was a great help to Mo Shiyun.

After reaching home, Jian Shuxing and Jian Yuncheng both had things to deal with so they both went to their respective rooms.

Jian Yiling didn’t immediately go back to her room. Rather, she went to her second brothers’ study room in an attempt to find a microscope.

Every child of the Jian family had their own study room. The second brother of the Jian family was currently studying biology overseas.

To facilitate his studies and research, the second brother of the Jian family had set up a small laboratory that included several microscopes.

Among them, there was one that was used for medicine. It was extremely valuable and ordinary people would definitely not have such equipment in the house.

Of course, there remained a gap between this microscope and the one which was used for surgery. However, for now, this was sufficient enough for Jian Yiling to practice with.

As it was very troublesome to carry the microscope, Jian Yiling simply decided to stay in her second brother’s laboratory to practice operation exercises.

Jian Yiling’s first experiment items were eggs that she took from the kitchen. She stitched together the membrane of the egg surface.

After damaging a few eggs, Jian Yiling went to the kitchen again and this time she took a pig’s foot to experiment with.

Other than staying in her second brother’s study room, Jian Yiling spent the remainder of her time surfing the internet. She typed furiously on her keyboard and appeared to be very busy.

Whilst Jian Yiling was concentrating and being busy, the Jian family welcomed a special person. Seventeen-year-old Qin Chuan.

He was the male lead for the original novel.

In the original novel, the male lead’s mother was the first love of the head of the richest and most powerful family of Beijing. It was after they broke up that the mother realized that she was pregnant.

Later, she gave birth to the male lead and raised him by herself. The life of the mother and son was quite difficult. However, the male lead worked very hard and relied on himself to achieve great heights.

At this time, Qin Chuan did not know that he was the illegitimate child of the aristocrats. He also did not know that he would become the leader of the aristocrats in the future.

The reason why he appeared at the Jian family right now was that he got a well-paid job from Jian Yuncheng. The pay for this job could help him solve the problem with his tuition fees.

The details of this job asked him to be Jian Yiling’s private tutor. While tutoring Jian Yiling’s studies, the most important thing was to teach Jian Yiling how to become a better person or to ‘turn over a new leaf’.

In the original novel, Qin Chuan became Jian Yiling’s private tutor.

With an outstanding appearance and a patient way of teaching, he became a beacon of light to Jian Yiling who felt as though she was distrusted by her family and betrayed by the rest of the world.

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