From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Meeting The Male Lead From The Original Novel For The First Time

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At that time, although Qin Chuan did not have a prominent identity, he was still a special existence for Jian Yiling.

It was a pity that after he stopped being her private tutor, Jian Yiling had lost all contact with Qin Chuan.

However, Jian Yiling had never forgotten him.

When Jian Yiling saw Qin Chuan again, he was the same as how she remembered him. However, he had grown more mature and his identity had changed too. He turned from a penniless boy to a corporate big shot.

However, Jian Yiling didn’t care about those things. She only knew that she liked him and when she was abandoned by the rest of the world, he was the only one who stayed with her.

However, Qin Chuan had fallen in love with Mo Shiyun.

Compared to Jian Yiling who had been pampered and spoiled since a child, he got along better with Mo Shiyun who relied on her own efforts to achieve results. Both of them loved each other and became an ideal couple where the man was talented and the woman was beautiful.

And at that time, Jian Yiling had become completely paranoid. As she couldn’t give up Qin Chuan, she decided to destroy him.

She would destroy what she couldn’t get.

However, in the end, the only person she managed to ruin was herself.

Even if the Jian Yiling of right now knew that Qin Chuan was going to be the leader of the wealthiest individuals in Beijing, she had no interest in him.

Jian Yiling didn’t want to get involved with Qin Chuan. When she got told that Qin Chuan was in her brother’s study room, Jian Yiling hid in her room and didn’t go out.

However, Jian Yiling could avoid him for a day, but she couldn’t avoid him forever.

Soon, Jian Yuncheng came to Jian Yiling’s study to come find her. He wanted her to go to his study room to talk.

Jian Yiling followed him and listened to him about the matters of finding her a private tutor.

That was the first time that Qin Chuan met Jian Yiling.

She was a relatively petite girl who wore a white sweater and slim black pants.

With long hair, pale skin, and large eyes, she had the usual good looks of the Jian family.

This was also the first time that Jian Yiling had officially met Qin Chuan. As he was the male lead, his attractiveness did not have to be questioned.

He also had a contradictory temperament. Although he was a poor student who needed to work to earn enough tuition, he also exuded a noble feeling.

Jian Yiling knew that this contradictory temperament was due to his special background. Although he was currently poor, he would become someone that the Jian family would look up to in the future.

Jian Yuncheng introduced him to Jian Yiling, “This is Qin Chuan. He will be your private tutor from today onwards. During the week that you’re taking off from school, he’ll be responsible for your studies. After that, when you return to school, he’ll come over on the weekends and give you supplementary lessons. Qin Chuan graduated from the No.1 High School here in Hengyuan. And now, he’s attending Hengyuan’s best university. He has top marks for studies and great behavior at school. You need to learn well from him.”

In fact, Qin Chuan could attend the best universities in the country with his college entrance exam marks.

However, his mother was always sick and his family didn’t have the money.

In an attempt to save money and take care of his mother, Qin Chuan decided to stay in Hengyuan City.

“Got it,” Jian Yiling answered simply.

Jian Yiling’s attitude was rather rigid. For her, accepting a private tutor was her way of saying that she was willing to accept their good intentions.

However, her soft voice accompanied by her appearance stunned Qin Chuan. It made him think of her as obedient and understanding.

As Qin Chuan looked at her, he felt that Jian Yiling was quite different from what he had heard.

Since he was coming to become a private tutor for the Jian family, Qin Chuan had inquired about the family situation beforehand.

At the same time, he knew what had happened at Shenghua High School from the numerous posts on the online forum.

Everyone was saying that Jian Yiling has always been oppressive and overbearing. Apparently, she had pushed her brother Jian Yunnao down the stairs. Students in the school thus requested the school to expel Jian Yiling.

However, Qin Chuan knew of the influence the Jian family had in Hengyuan City. As long as the Jian family did not give up on Jian Yiling, the school would definitely not expel her.

Despite knowing that Jian Yiling was not easy to deal with, he still took the job from Jian Yuncheng. This was simply because of the price Jian Yuncheng had offered him and he desperately needed money.

As long as he could earn enough money for his living expenses and his mother’s medical expenses, it didn’t matter if the process was difficult. A troublesome and difficult student shouldn’t be what he should consider.

However, after seeing the girl in person, Qin Chuan was surprised to find out that the girl did not appear to be as arrogant and unreasonable as the rumors had told.

He couldn’t yet finalize whether it was because the rumors were wrong or the girl was just pretending to be obedient.

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