From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Returning to the Old Jian Residence (1)

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At night, after Jian Shuxing returned from the company, he took Jian Yiling to the old Jian Residence.

Jian Yiling’s grandparents had heard about what had happened in the past two days, so they wanted Jian Shuxing to bring Jian Yiling over.

Jian Yunnao’s situation was quite serious as it affected his future. Jian Shuxing didn’t want to hide it from his parents.

The grandparents of the Jian family lived alone in the old Jian Residence. Their children had all become independent.

However, when anything happened, everyone would still go back to the old Jian Residence.

Whenever it was Chinese New Year or other festivities, they would all go to accompany their grandparents.

It took half an hour’s drive to get to the old Jian Residence.

When they arrived at the door, the black iron gates opened automatically and the car drove into the courtyard.

The old Jian Residence has a typical medieval-styled European building.

In the old Jian Residence, the grandparents had been waiting for a long time already.

Although Grandpa Jian had retired, he remained imposing.

Whilst he had white hair and a thin body, his bones were still sturdy. However, when he was young, he had not taken care of himself well, so when the weather was bad, his bones would hurt again.

Grandma Jian also had white hair, but she remained dignified and had a sense of nobility around her.

As soon as Jian Shuzhen entered the door holding Jian Yiling’s hands, Grandma Jian came over and pulled Jian Yiling to her side.

“My precious child, were you scared?” Grandma Jian asked as she leaned over and comforted Jian Yiling.

“Mum, this time it was Yiling who did something wrong,” Jiang Shuxing said whilst frowning. When his mother acted that way, it made it seem like Yiling was the one who was wronged.

Grandma Jian did not care at all, “Stop your nonsense. How much strength would Yiling have? To be able to push someone off the stairs? And besides, Yunnao is her brother, how could Yiling intentionally push him off? He fell off by himself accidentally when they were arguing. And he has to say that Yiling pushed him on purpose. Is this how you act like a father? Yiling isn’t a bad child!”

Unlike her parents, Grandma Jian firmly believed in Jian Yiling.

Grandma Jian had given birth to three sons herself. She didn’t have a daughter and she had always wanted one.

She didn’t have any hope of having another child herself, so she could only count on her sons.

However, who would have thought that her three sons have birth to eight grandsons! Not one of them being a girl.

Grandma Jian was rather confused at that.

Finally, after the birth of Jian Yiling, there was a baby girl in the family. Grandma Jian had been incredibly delighted.

Naturally, she cared for her granddaughter more than the other grandchildren.

She frequently called Jian Yiling to come over to educate her herself.

Grandma Jian had so many grandchildren. However, the one who stayed with her the longest was Jian Yiling. Before Jian Yiling turned five, Grandma Jian brought her up half the time.

This was the child that she had brought up. She knew in her heart what Yiling would and would not do.

Grandma Jian felt that although the child was a bit arrogant and didn’t have a great temper, she was not bad at heart. And it was due to this, that she would definitely not push her brother off the stairs!

As for the temper, what was wrong with that? She was the only daughter of the Jian family.

Jian Shuxing sighed, “Mother, you can not indulge and spoil Yiling like this. Yiling did something wrong. Wen Nuan and I are trying our best to teach her. When you do this, you put all our efforts into waste.”

Grandma Jian refused to listen, “And? What’s the matter? Are you saying that I don’t teach well? Did I not bring up the three of you? And now that I’m old, do you think that I can’t teach children?”

“Mother, that’s not what I meant…” Jian Shuxing said as he tried to explain. How did he become the unfilial son all of a sudden when he was trying to explain?

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