From Sidekick to Bigshot

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Returning to the Old Jian Residence (2)

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“Anyhow, Yiling didn’t do anything wrong! I believe her! Also, fire the servant in your house. Since Yiling doesn’t like her, why are you keeping her? You spend money for a servant to take care of her master, not to make the master upset!” Grandma Jian turned her head away. She spoke in a way where she was not going to change her mind at all.

Jian Yiling looked at the two people arguing in front of her. She stretched out her hand and pulled at Grandma Jian’s sleeve.

Grandma Jian lowered her head to look at her.

“Don’t argue, I am in the wrong.”

Jian Yiling was indeed partly wrong. She shouldn’t have argued with her brother because he made friends with someone of the opposite gender.

On this issue, the original Jian Yiling was indeed guilty of being narrow-minded and petty.

As for whether or not she pushed him, Jian Yiling didn’t want to make a meaningless argument.

Insisting that she didn’t do it in front of her grandparents, yet not being able to produce any evidence would only disappoint her parents and brothers even more. There would not be any positive effects.

“Yiling, you… ” Grandma Jian said in surprise.

Hearing Jian Yiling sincerely say these words made Jian Shuxing’s heart feel touched.

He could see that this time, she knew where she went wrong.

At that moment, Grandpa Jian who had remained silent ever since Jian Yiling entered the room spoke, “Yiling, come here.”

Grandpa Jian waved at Jian Yiling.

After hesitating for a moment, Jian Yiling approached him carefully.

Grandpa Jian sat on the sofa and stretched out his hand to pat Jian Yiling’s head. “I had originally wanted you to come over to ask how your father dealt with the situation. Given that you admitted your mistake by yourself, this makes grandpa very pleased.”

Similar to Grandma Jian, Grandpa Jian had also pampered his only granddaughter a bit more. If there was anything his granddaughter wanted, nothing was stopping him from giving it to her.

However, Grandpa Jian was the head of the Jian family. And this time, the person who got severely affected was a child from the Jian family. It was necessary to sort out what was right and wrong.

Grandpa Jian’s face finally calmed down and he said to his darling granddaughter, “I’ll think of what happened to your brother as an event of the past. After all, investigating it further will not change the fact that your brother’s hand is injured. However, there should be punishment. Everything that needs to be done afterward has to be done! Also, do not repeat this incidence. Do you understand?”

Jian Yiling nodded.

Grandpa Jian continued, “It doesn’t matter if you’re ruthless to outsiders as a child of the Jian family. But you absolutely must not hurt anyone in the family. Considering that you are young and that this is the first offense, we won’t go on further about this matter.”

Jian Yiling nodded again.

Jian Yiling didn’t doubt at all that Grandpa Jian would punish her.

In the original novel, it was Grandpa Jian that ordered Jian Yiling to be kicked out of the Jian family.

However, Grandma Jian couldn’t stand looking at this anymore. She stepped forward and pulled Jian Yiling away from Grandpa Jian.

“You old man! Why are you so fierce to her? Are you trying to scare her!”

Although Grandma Jian said that, she was still afraid of what Grandpa Jian could do.

Or else, she wouldn’t have waited until Grandpa Jian had finished talking to come in and resolve the dispute.

Grandma Jian and Grandpa Jian have supported and loved each other for a long time. They knew a lot about each other and their temperaments.

For small things, she could do what she wanted and he would listen to her.

However, on serious matters, whatever Grandpa Jian said would be stuck to.

If she wasn’t tactful, they wouldn’t have remained together for this long.

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