Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 1: Betrayal

Chapter 1: Betrayal

1 Betrayal

Free Cloud High school

Alexander Sirius carefully took out a golden necklace from his pocket. He held it in his hands while grinning.

"Happy Birthday, Sandra. Here is my present for you" Alex happily said

In front of him, was a girl with a ponytail. Her face is slightly beautiful with a graceful body. Looking at her is a sole motivation for Alex, but his happy face suddenly froze after what he heard next.

"I'm not going to accept this shitty necklace, I'm breaking up with you" Sandra said

Alexander Sirius is a 16 years old boy with poor motivation toward his life. In his house, his parents only sent a cold glare every time he met them, while his younger sister beating him up. His younger sister is a beautiful girl with so many talents. She always gets number one position in the school. That's one of the reasons why his parents hate him. The big brother is so useless and his sister is having too many talents.

In school, he has poor performances, resulting in him at the bottom, he got bullied with his classmates too. So he always went to school with eyes looking like dried fish. Sandra was the only one who treated him indifferently, after 2 years he finally confessed to her and she accepted. That was the happiest day for him, that's why after he heard what she said, he felt the world seems broken because he never expected to be met by this kind of response.

"Why?" Alex asked with no energy in his eyes.

"Because you are poor with no potential!" Sandra said. She held up her new necklace and said mockingly, "This is Diamond necklace. I could buy many of this. And I can easily get this and many more goodies as much as I'd Like because my new boyfriend will pay for it! Is that reason good enough ?"

True, because of Alex's poor performance, his parents never give him allowances, to buy golden necklaces he got many part-time jobs.

"I never would have taken you for this kind of girl, I thought you are different" Alex said tiredly.

"Don't be silly! This is the reality of life, blame yourself. Your sister and your parents were good but you! You are lucky enough not to be disowned! I will never have a happy life as your wife."

"You...." Biting his lips, His tears almost out.

Suddenly, a BMW stop next to them. The car door opened, and a guy pulled her into the car and grabbed her thigh.

"John Penn!"

He never expected Sandra's new boyfriend to be John. He was Alex's middle school classmate. Even He was rich, he never treated Alex differently in middle school. In Alex second year, John transfer to Alex's school, Alex was happy since he saw his former classmate. But that happiness stop, because what he gets only a cold gaze from John.

John said mockingly, "You are just a poor loser, but I never thought your girlfriend is this good. It's a waste to become your girlfriend so I pick her up since you are not qualified to even fight me"

He thought a bit. 'yes, I'm just a loser what can I hope from this society'.

"I see, you never see me as your friend. It was foolish thinking for me" Alex said to John.

"Sandra, Thank you for the hope you give me when you become my girlfriend" Alex said to Sandra.

With a little determination in his eyes, he said "If there's a chance, I will surely have my revenge".

"Friend? stop bullshiting. You are just an easy guy to manipulate, I get close to you, so you can become my goofer in middle school" John Said.

"Haha Girlfriend, who? me? stop your wishful thinking. I just use you to be my wallet for a while. Because you are never to be equal to me." She said hatefully.

"You...."Biting his lip, he is running away from them.

'Why? Why? Why?' He though it while running until he found a park. He used to play in this park when he is younger. He sat under a tree and saying repeatedly "Why? Why? Why?" until he collapsed.


He awake and with a coarse sound, he said "I...., collapsed? wait it's already 8.50, I need to go to school". It's true that Alex was a poor loser, but he still has a good quality in him. That was his discipline. Even with his poor performances, he never skipped school or part-time jobs.

In Free Cloud High school, in the second-year corridor, you can see four peoples chatting merrily.

"What? Do you become John's girlfriend? I'm Jealous", Ayaka Saya, she is a transfer student from Japan and one of John's admirers.

"Really? What about Alex ?". Maria Fergina is Sandra's childhood friend. When she knows Sandra becomes Alex's girlfriend. She worried so much, she repeatedly advised her to rethink her decision.

"Please, don't say any more about him. You also advise me to get away from him, and now here I am." Sandra said.

"But, still....., never mind. If that's your choice I will just support you" Maria Said.

"Yes, I am blessed to have beautiful Sandra to be my girlfriend" John Said. Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

Suddenly someone running to them, when they saw who it is, they shocked.

"Alex!" four of them said at the same time.

"You guys..." said Alex hatefully.

"Hehe Alex, I thought you are running away and never come here anymore," John said.

"Yeah, yesterday really embarrassing for you Alex" Looking down on him, Sandra said.

"Hey, you two...." Maria trying to stop them. At first, she looked down on Alex because of his poor performance in school, but with his diligence to her childhood friend with his part-time jobs just to buy presents for her, she started to see Alex in a different light.

"You two, I will surely have my ....", before Alex completed his sentences. There's a magic circle suddenly appeared on the floor.

After that day, five of them never saw again on earth.

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