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Chapter 2: Zircodina Kingdom

Chapter 2: Zircodina Kingdom

2 Zircodina Kingdom

In Zircodina Kingdom Palace Hall, there's a magic circle in the middle of the hall with five people on it.

One of them said "Ugh....., what happened? where is this ?"

The King stood up and greet them "Welcome to the four heroes to my kingdom, Zircondina. Wait.... why there's five of you ?"

"What happened? Where is this? What are you going to do? what heroes ?" John said with a hoarse voice

"What.....What.....What..... Teleported? Summoned? Please send us back." Sandra said

"What do you mean four heroes ?" Maria said while trying hard to calm down.

"What are you going to make us do ?" Ayaka said fearfully.

Only Alex who doesn't have a sound.

"Let me repeat my greeting, welcome to the four.... five..... well..., welcome to the heroes to my kingdom, Zircodina. I am the current King, my name Faras de Andalla Zircodina. We summoned you because the demons want to destroy the world. Please help us to defeat the demons for the world peace" The king said while feeling very awkward.

"What the hell with this mainstream setting" Said four of them. While Alex still silence.

"Please King, can we go back to our former world ?" Sandra said

"I'm very sorry heroes, we can't send you back to your former world. Since the magic circle we posses is a one-way trip" Said The king with a guilty voice.

"Okay, if you can't send us back, so what should we do next?" suddenly Alex who silence until now, spoke with an uninterested tone.

"Oh... you are very calm.., okay please place your hand on the crystal ball in front of you to get your status card. But before that, let me give you some basic information about this world-first" Surprised with Alex's reaction, King said.

From the king's explanation. This world Agar world consisted of 3 fractions, they are human, demi-human, and demons. There are 3 kingdoms in human territory, they are Zircodina, Acacia, Holy kingdom. Zircodina was known as a military superpower because many great warriors hail from this kingdom.

Acacia Kingdom was the strongest of the three because of its famous academy, Acacia Royal Academy. Many great warriors and magicians hail from this academy including their royal family. While the holy kingdom famous with their church and religion.

Demi-human consists of many races, like elf, dwarf, druid, etc with the council as their leader. While the demon had a similar characteristic as demi-human under the banner of the demon king.

"Since it's like that, I will go first" John said excited face.

"Very well, please put your hand on the crystal" King said

With very excited face John places his hand on the crystal, !pop! A card appeared and the crystal projecting his status.

Name: John Penn

Job: Hero

Rank : 0

Level: 1

STR: 100

AGI: 100

VIT: 100

DEX: 100

INT: 100 Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

"he...he...roes..." Cheers erupted in the hall. " We have hero now"

"I am a hero? hmm, not bad" a smug smile appeared in John's face

"Thattt... Status...woooowww..." A few start notice his status.

"What with my status ?" John Startled with the comment, he asked nervously

"Ahem, Let me explain. A level 1 child usually has 10 status points each while an average level for an adult is 15-20 with 30 status each. So that's why we are very surprised when seeing your status, as expected hero.."King explain carefully

"Hehe, my John really good" Sandra excitedly said while hugging John

"Oh...., haha... it seems my status not bad right haha..., yeah your majesty what is this rank all about ?"

"Let me explain about status and level first. Each level usually gave you 5 status points. It's usually rising according to your job. Now for the rank, in this world, rank divided to 9 which is rank 1 to rank 9, rank can be upgraded every 100 levels. Each time you upgrade rank, each of your status will rise 30-50 points, that's why normally no lower rank can win against higher one excluding you hero, your status points are at normal rank 1 warrior" The king explained to John

"hehe... it seems my status was greater than my's me after all. If each 100 rank was 1 rank, then how if I reach level 1000? Will I become rank 10?" John Asked

"According to the legend, only one person has reached rank 10 and ascended. Currently, in this world, there's no rank 9. The last rank 9 appeared 400 years ago. He said when you reach rank 9. Each level will be much harder, it's not like you need to kill many. But it's like an invincible barrier preventing you from leveling up."

"Alright how about you guys?" John mood plummeted, he then asked the girls

"Me, me, me" Sandra said excitedly while placing her hand on the crystal

Name: Sandra Elexis

Job: Arch-Mage

Rank: 0

Level: 1

STR: 50

AGI: 50

VIT: 50

DEX: 75

INT: 100

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