Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 10: Rizertia Household

Chapter 10: Rizertia Household

10 Rizertia Household

The next morning they continued and arrived at noon. They immediately go to home, which is Rizertia Mansion. Alicia just ordered some maid to take care of Alex

"Alex, I'm going to meet my father now. You can rest first." Alicia said

"Alright" Following the maid, he arrived at the guest room. Though the room not as big as the room he had at Zircondina Castle, he just got a feeling of home a bit, looking at the room. He doesn't know if it because he missed his home, or because of Alicia. Well, that's for the later story.

"Maybe I'm a bit tired, even on earth, I never travel for that long" He sat for a while and check his status.

Name: Alexander Sirius (Peak Phase Body Tempering Stage)

Job: Adventurer

Rank: 2

Level: 271

STR: 342

AGI: 286

VIT: 321

DEX: 290

INT: 120

He looked at his Status.

"I should start cultivating qi after this." His status already reaching a rank 3 warrior.

'Knock knock'

"Who is it?"

"The Grand Duke invite you to dinner. So we came to prepare you." Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

He opened the door and followed the maid to the bath. After half a year without satisfying his urge to a bath. He enjoys the bath for an hour.

"Here is the grand duke previous clothes" The maids started to dress him

"Wait-wait what are you doing.." Flustered with the maids he said. Since he never had anyone serve him. Even on Earth, he did everything by himself since his parents ignored him and his sister bullied him.

"We are just dressing you" The maid dress him skillfully

Since he can't be rude to the person of the house. He accepted and sigh.

"Is it done ?" Looking at the maid slowly walk away, he asked

"Yes, please follow us. The grand duke and the rest already waiting at the dining room" Said the maid

"Yes please lead the way" he followed the maid to the dining room

In the dining room, there are one middle-aged man and four women. The middle-aged man looking like a carefree person and each woman was stunningly beautiful. He recognized one of them. Yes, she is Alicia. The oldest one was her mother, while the rest was her sister.

Looking at Alex's flustered expression. The grand duke offered him a seat next to Alicia.

"Please sit... Alexander. I can call you that right?"

"Yes...yes.." Alex stiffly go to his sit

Looking at Alex's stiff action, Alicia giggled, she thought 'serve him right'.

Alex looking at Alicia who still giggled and planning to get his revenge.

"Alexander, I thank you for helping my daughter in her travel." After Alex sat down, The grand duke starts talking.

"Yes...No problem, I just passing by at that time, Grand duke" He immediately responded

"Oh, I forget I still not introduce myself. I'm Raymond Van Rizertia, the current king brother, she is my wife Vera Kertia, and my daughters Lea and Mia. Since you are like Alicia calling Asmus with uncle. You can call me uncle too." Grand duke introduced his family to Alex

"isn't that inappropriate?"

"It's okay, though I'm a grand duke, I don't really like formalities too much. It's tiring." Raymond laughed

"Is that so..."

"I Already hear about your idea from Alicia's mouth about our agriculture. If I say it's a breathtaking idea. I will inform our agriculture minister about your idea. Is there any problem with that?"

"No, I'm fine with that"

The door opened and the maid serve the foods to them

"Since the food already served, let's eat first" Raymond said

When Alex eats the food he thought the food in this world was a bit not satisfactory. The first time he eats was from a food stall in the Zircodina capital after his banishment. He thought since it's from a food stall then it's normal. Even in a few cities, they passed along on the travel still not satisfactory. He thought since this is a grand duke house. The chef must be good. But he a little bit disappointed with the food. Well, his tongue already used to it.

After they eat, Raymond curious about the result of her daughter travel.

"Alicia, how is your travel? And how is the hero?" Asked him

"The travel was fun, I'm just surprised you send me a message to visit Zircodina kingdom while I'm at Kachang Town. And for the hero...., he lustful as I see it" she glanced at Alex. When she told about her meeting with the hero, Alex's mood plummeted, though he didn't show it in his face. His action was noted by Alicia. She knows there must be a connection between him and the hero.

Alex just silent and looking down, not noticing Alicia gaze at him.

"Hmm.., do you think he wanted you as his wife and we can make a connection with the hero?" Raymond asked again, forgetting Alex.

"I don't like him, I think he is arrogant because of his status as a hero, so I think he will bound to make a rash action. If I marry him, I will be doomed. I think" Alicia explained with a wry smile.

"Hmm.., It's alright if you don't want. Though many nobles families always treat their daughter as a tool for a political marriage, at least I'm not. I'm rather become a commoner with a happy life, than looking at my daughter's sadness in all her life" after he said that, he laughed.

Every people in the room surprised with Raymond's statement. Even Alex admired him a bit.

"Well let's end it with that. I'm noticed you are already a rank 3 warrior young man." He looked at Alex.

"" Alex surprised his current strength was seen.

"Haha...., even though I'm looking like this, I, myself was a rank 7 magic warrior" Looking Alex's expression, he laughed

"Magic warrior?"

"Oh, you don't know about magic warrior?" the grand duke surprised. Though many don't know his current rank, everyone knows about him as a magic warrior.

"I'm just a commoner from Zircodina kingdom, I don't know" shaking his head.

"Oh.. I see. Then what do you know about rank and its classification?"

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