Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 11: Element Awakening

Chapter 11: Element Awakening

11 Element Awakening

"I only know 9 rank and warrior and mage"

The grand duke only nodded "Then let me explain, a magic warrior was a combination of warrior and mage. I am a warrior who has wind affinity thus called wind magic warrior. Each person who can become a warrior and a mage will become a magic warrior. But there's an exception, in church, a warrior who has a light affinity called paladin and they usually become knights leader or commander in the Holy kingdom.

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"Each person has an element affinity from birth. But not everyone can awaken it. Even I only managed to awaken my element when I was 12 years old. If not maybe I'm already a rank 2 mage" explain Alicia.

"As what Alicia said, each person has an element affinity, but not everyone can become a magic knight even they can awaken their element. Even when they awaken their element, they need to keep manipulate their element while fighting as a warrior, so many keep fighting only as a warrior or a mage" Raymond said with a smug face while his eyes saying 'praise me'. Everyone knows he is only boasting.

Everyone giggled, even Alex stiff expression softened.

"Then how about Rank itself?" Alex asked

"You already know about 9 ranks right? But there's a special after you upgraded to rank 4 and rank 7. There will be a qualitative leap with your abilities. For example, if you reach rank 4, then you can start manipulating your element. Not like a magic thrower, you can move your magic manually. And for rank 7, your abilities to manipulate elements go further. You can manipulate the elements around you, that's why many rank 7 can fly." Raymond Explained

"Have you awakened your element?" He then asked Alex

"I don't know how to check it" Alex look down.

"Actually it's easy to check it, usually you can test in adventurer guild. They have mana crystal to check it. If the mana crystal shine, then you already awaken your element. If you don't then the crystal won't shine." He calmly explained to Alex

"I... will try to check in the adventurer guild soon"

"How about you check now? We have mana crystal in the house" Raymond suggested

"Is that okay?"

"It's fine, usually nobles family have one standby in their house"

"Me me, I want to see it too" Alicia hopes Alex has an ice affinity, the same as her. She can teach Alex about magic and Alex can't disobey her in that period she thought.

"Then we will excuse ourselves" The mother brought her daughters to leave the room. But,

"I will stay" the second daughter Mia said. She is curious about the man invited by her younger sister. Even though he is a year younger than her, he is currently stronger than her, even they are in the same rank, she feels she will lose if she fights Alex.

Everyone surprised, especially Raymond and Vera. This daughter of them never has any interest in men from small.

"Then.. you can watch it too" Still flustered about their daughter, Raymond said while Vera asked the stunned eldest daughter away from the room.

The four of them go to Raymond's study room.

In the study room, Raymond brought a pure round crystal to Alex.

"This is a mana crystal. Place your hand on the crystal" Raymond said

Alex wondering what is his element already awaken or not. Alicia hoping Alexander has the same element as her. While Mia only silent, gazing at Alex

Alex places his hand on the mana crystal. The mana crystal started dyed with red color.

"This is fire elem... Wait" before Raymond finish his speech the crystal glowing with bright red color

" Pure Fire Element..." Raymond Flustered with the color shown on the crystal. A normal element will have dyed the crystal with dull colors not glowing. Only a pure element will have a glowing color.

Looking at her father, Alicia puzzled. She thought 'it's only a fire element why you exaggerated so much'. She didn't hear her father said pure fire element because her mood already plummeted when she sees Alex's element wasn't the same with her.

Different from Alicia, Mia's eyes open wide and her jaw dropped. Pure element, even in their world history, there are only 2 people with pure elements. One already ascended and one become the founder of their kingdom, Acacia. And now the third appeared in front of her.

"I witness the birth of pure element." Still flustered with the result. He glanced at Alex

"It's lucky you tested it in this mansion, if you tested this in the adventurer guild, we don't know what kind big scenes appeared."

"Are there any problems with my element ?" He confused, why they get so flustered. He thought 'it's only a fire element'

"Problems? What do you mean by problems? your element is the purest form of the element, A Pure Fire Element, in the legend A pure element has another name, it's absolute! You have an absolute fire, do you know what it's mean absolute? Normal can't win against Absolute! So do you know what kind of big problem you caused?" Raymond hurriedly explained to Alex

"Ummm... I'm sorry" Alex looking down

"Hey Alex, how about my daughter? Aren't they pretty? Aren't you traveling so long with Alicia? How do you feel about her? Do you like her?" Raymond suddenly forgets about his policy about his daughter starting to become a matchmaker for his daughter.

"Umm... what do you mean? I and Alicia were just a travel companion." He is still ignorant. On earth, he never has a nice relationship. Even when he started to love Sandra, Sandra broke him. So unconsciously he viewed other women only as a friend and doesn't want to step any further as he was afraid they will break him again.

"Fa..ther... What are you talking about? I Don't love Alex. He is only my travel companion" blushed covered her face

"Yes..yes.." He casually answered Alicia with 'I understand' look. He also noticed what Alicia just said, she said 'doesn't love him' then she must have a certain degree of like.

"I will inform brother about this. Alex try don't show your fire in front of a fire mage. Even though, the other element won't show much difference in front of you Absolute fire. It's different if normal fire element in front of your fire, well whatever, try not to use your element in front of a fire." He continued

"Since Mia have a fire element, how about you train about the basic of fire element from her tomorrow" Raymond then glanced at Mia

Mia nodded her head repeatedly with a little blush on her face.

Looking at her sister and father. Alicia suddenly got an uneasy feeling at her heart.

"I'm going to rest" She then immediately leave the room. Raymond looking at his daughter's action, he smirked. Though the others didn't noticed his smirk.

"I will inform my brother now, Alex and Mia can rest. Mia since Alexander not familiar with the house, you guide him to his previous room"

Mia only nodded

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