Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 14: King Visi

Chapter 14: King Visi

14 King Visi

"I want to try" Alex determined to try it in order to destroy this embarrassment

"Fine" she pouted. She thought 'I already explained to you how hard it is. Don't come back to me crying if you failed'

Alex started to focus once again. He started chanting in his mind while imagining the previous scene where magic formed with his new chant.

A bit of fire formed in front of him but soon dispersed.

"It's really hard and tiring" He sighed. But he determined to master these techniques.

'Monster' Alicia and Mia shocked again. In his first try, he almost succeeds.

Alex looking at the sisters, confused.

"Hello guys, why are you looking at me like that ?"

"You... do you know what are you doing?" Alicia got in front of him looking very angry

"I failed" He sigh

"You... Ah.... this guy. I want to punch him" Mia suddenly shout. Her pride as a genius just got crushed by him, and this is his first training with her. She thought 'I don't want to teach him anymore if not...sigh'. She knew her being a genius, but if she compared herself with him. She at best was mediocre.

"Alicia, you do the rest" after she said that, she pouted and go inside.


"What happened to her?" Alex confused with Mia reaction

"My sister was a renown genius in the kingdom. Now you crushed her pride" Alicia glanced angrily at Alex

"This... I will back to training"

Alex continued his training for one hour before grand duke summoned him.

Alex and Alicia walk side by side to the meeting room.

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"Come in" Grand duke said

After they got in, Alex realized, the grand duke wasn't alone. There's a middle-aged man with a similar face with the grand duke. While Alicia tackled the middle-aged guy,

"Uncle" Yes, the middle-aged man was the king. Alicia was very pampered with this uncle.

"Hoho, my dear Alicia. How are you?" The middle-aged man smiled.

"Hehe, I'm fine uncle,.... only a bit disheartened" Alicia a bit looking down.

"What? Who makes you disheartened? I will flatten him" The middle-aged man mad.

Alicia pointed her finger at Alex. After the king saw Alex, he glanced at the grand duke, who nodded.

"So, you are Alexander. Let me introduce myself I'm Carollus Zelle Van Acacia. The current king of Acacia Kingdom. Nice to meet you" The king introduced himself

'The king!' Alex froze. When he is about to kneel. The king held him

"You don't need to kneel. This is just a private meeting. Since you call Raymond with uncle. Then you must call me uncle too"

"This..." Alex glanced at Grand duke Raymond who nodded his head.


"Good good good" The king laughed.

While the king laughed happily. Alicia tell what just happened in the garden to Grand duke

"Father, do you know sister Mia who known as a genius, just got her pride crushed by him at the garden" Alicia whispered to Grand duke

"What happened?" Grand duke curious about what happened

"How do I say this... Alex can control mana flow in his body the first time he tried. Then he succeeds in his first spell also in his first tried. Then he chants with a new chant he created himself, not only the chant was shorter but also the power output was greater than fireball spell". Alicia explained

"This... are you lying to me ?" The grand duke shocked after hearing Alicia's story.

"Father, I'm not lying to you. Not even a bit. If you don't believe me, you can ask sister then. Though she will hate you if you asked her now." Alicia giggled.

"....." If what Alicia told was true then..... he glanced at Alex like he was a national treasure

He then got in front of Alex, grabbing his shoulder and scanning him up and down.

Even the king who laughed happily, puzzled with his action.

"Raymond, what are you doing" King asked

"I'm checking him brother." Raymond said

" ?" The king becomes more puzzled

"Yes.. whether this boy a monster in human clothing" Raymond continued.

"Monster? What are you saying, Raymond?"

"Don't you know brother. He can control mana flow in his body the first time he tried. Then he succeeds in his first spell also in his first tried. Then he chants with a new chant he created himself, not only the chant was shorter but also the power output was greater than fireball spell" Raymond repeated the story told by Alicia.

"This... You serious?" The king didn't believe what just he heard.

The grand duke only nodded.

"This..." The king shocked. And started doing what grand duke did just now. He grabbed Alex and scanning him up and down.

"....." Alex froze.

After scanning Alex, The king and grand duke suddenly make a conversation with only themselves in the corner

"Raymond... this Alex... His potential is limitless. I think he has more potential than our founder." The king said

"You mean... He might become a god? even our founder can't become a god. Don't you exaggerated a bit much brother?" Raymond said

"No.. I'm not exaggerating a bit. In truth, I think we still underestimated his potential" King confirmed what he said.

"If this was true then... our kingdom will have a god in a few decades. After the first ascended who ascend 5000 years ago, there's no one who has the potential to become a god anymore except our founder. But even he failed to become a god"

"Umu.. so what should we do now? First, we need to bind him to our kingdom"

"Yes... what should we do..." Grand duke recalled a bit "Brother, didn't Alicia said Alex make her disheartened"

"Ah... Nice one brother" And the two suddenly laughed. Alicia confused with his father and uncle, while Alex got a chill.

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