Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 13: Training

Chapter 13: Training

13 Training

After his meeting with the grand duke. He followed Mia to the back garden. Alicia following him too.

At the garden, Mia started to explain about fire magic. But her explanation...

"If you want to use fire magic, you just need to chant the spell, and done" Mia explained

"Eh..." Alex speechless with Mia's explanation.

"I know, this will become like this. Sister was always like this when teaching someone. I will teach Alex the basic first, sister" Alicia who follow them along started speaking and then she glanced at Alex

"Let me explain how to manipulate the mana inside your body first. Try feeling the mana in your body, they are like a warm gas flowing inside your body. Try to move them to your right hand first" She explained

Following her words, Alex started feeling a warm gas flowing in his body. He started moving them his right hand like water flowing at the river.

Alicia shocked seeing Alex's success at his first try.

"Th...en... Try to move them again to your left hand, right foot, then left foot, and your heart. After that tried to disperse them to all your body." She immediately calms down and explained again.

Alex followed her words. After he distributed his mana to all his body, he feels refreshed

Alicia scared, she used 3 days to make her mana flow like Alex. Even her sister Mia used an entire day. But Alex did it in his first try.

"Is this the pure element in the legend?" She muttered slowly.

"Now, if you want to use magic. When saying fire magic spell, try to channel your mana into your chant." After looking at Alex's focused face, she didn't want to disturb him. So she continued her explanation.

"Now, sister. Please tell him about fire magic spell" Alicia glanced at Mia

"Alright then, Please follow what I say. The fire in my body, hear my command. Manifest your self as a ball to burn my enemy" after Mia finished her chant. A fireball appeared in front of them.

"....." Alex still silent, he just opened his eyes and looked at them

"Why aren't you saying anything?" Alicia confused Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

"Isn't it embarrassing, saying that aloud ?" Alex said with a wry smile.

"Why are you thinking about embarrassing? It's a pride of a mage if you success chanting your spell. Now hurry up and chant" Alicia angrily reprimand Alex, while Mia nod repeatedly.

" the fire in my body, hear my command. Manifest your self as a ball to burn my enemy" He chanted embarrassedly. But nothing happened.

"Hmm... Nothing happened. It's fine, it's normal to fail at the first time" Alicia said. She relieved Alex can fail too.

"I forgot to imbued my mana in my chant. Because it's embarrassing" Alex looking down with a tinge red in his face.

"....." Alicia and Mia reprimand Alex again, about the pride of a mage.

After full thirty minutes, Alex surrendered

"It's fine right as long as I success..." Alex started focused his attention on his mana. He chanted again,

"The fire in my body, hear my command. Manifest yourself as a ball to burn my enemy"

This time a fireball appeared in front of them. Looking at his success, Alicia and Mia smiled.

"How is it? How do you feel now?" Alicia asked with a smug smile

"It's really embarrassing," He said. Well, of course, another thirty minutes course about mage's pride from Alicia and Mia.

After Alicia and Mia exhausted for talking too long, he asked.

"Is there any special meaning about the chant we use?"

"Of course there are. The chant we used now was formed by experiment after experiment. The chant used in the past wasn't like this. And their output wasn't bigger than right now" Alicia said

"Hmm...." Alex pondered, 'Can science combined with chant?'. Let's try it.

"What are you thinking Alex?" Alicia looking at his confused face. Ignoring Alicia, Alex started chanting again

"Take in Oxygen and burn" A big fire appeared in front of him. Alex thought 'it's a success' while the other two shocked, their jaw almost dropped to the ground.

They looked at Alex as looking at Monster.

" was that? What... chant is that?" They shake Alex up and down.

"" He tried to calm down the two sisters. The two sisters still shaking him a few more minutes before calming down

"Then.... what with that chant Alex..?" even Mia who doesn't talk too much, asking him. To suddenly saying a new chant, well don't know how big the reaction if this accident was known.

"It's science" Alex said

"Science ?" Alicia and Mia confused

"Well, If I'm going to explain science, it will be too long. And even I don't know much about it. So let's focus on the fire just now. Do you know how fire formed? You take in the oxygen and combust it" Alex explained

"Oxygen?" The sisters don't know about these new terms.

"Well, how do I put it... Anyway, there's a substance you can't see in the air called oxygen." Alex also puzzled how to explain oxygen to them. He thought this world science, was too way behind.

"Then how do you know about this knowledge?" Alicia asked.

"This....." Alex only looks down.

"You are related with hero summoning right?" Alicia continued. While Alex only looking down with a bitter face.

Looking at Alex's bitter face, she sighed.

"It's fine if you don't want to say it, I will wait until you want to tell your story. But promise to tell me in the future ok?" She touched his face and said with a smile.

"Umm...ok" touched with her action Alex then said "I was summoned with the hero. But I'm just a person got dragged to this world, that's all I can say now. Sorry"

Hearing Alex's story a bit, it's mean Alex trust her a bit. Alicia grinning happily. While Mia feels forgotten by them.

"Actually you can use magic without chanting" Since she is happy, Alicia inform him

"Really?" Alex asked

"You can chant in your mind, and imagined forming your magic at the same time. Actually, my sister can do it too" Alicia said and pointing at Mia

"Only the basic spells" Mia nodded

"Just that?" Alex asked again. He never thought it was that simple to hide away his embarrassment.

"It's hard you know. Since you need dual tasking, a normal mage can not do it, even they managed to do it, it's taking a toll to your mind" Alicia explained more

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