Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 19: Dean

Chapter 19: Dean

19 Dean


The sound coming from an old man who flying toward them.

", Dean what occasion you have here?" the old man stood up

"You are the head examiner this time?" the dean gave a cold gaze to him.

"Yes..yes" the old man stuttered. The dean snorted then he turned to Alex

"Are you the one mentioned by the king? Alexander Sirius?"

Alex nodded. The others were shocked. 'was the dean know this young man?' they thought

Confirming It's was Alexander, then he looked at the letter on Alex's hand

"Is that the king's recommendation letter?" He asked

Alex nodded again. All people excluding Alicia were shocked hearing Alex response. The letter Alex has wasn't a normal nobles recommendation letter but 'The King' recommendation letter. What makes the king give his recommendation letter to him, many people thought of this at the moment.

"Can I see it?"

Alex nodded and gave the letter to the king. The dean opened his letter carefully like opening a treasure. Looking at the content he was shocked.

"Ah... ah... King, you want me to get a heart attack." He then looked at Alex "You... know the king mentioned about you. He said you will give me a big surprise with the letter you hold, aih..."

The dean took a while to calm down, then he asked Alex.

"Do you want to be my student?" The dean asked.

"I am not welcomed to be a student in the academy" Alex shook his head.

"What... Who? Who said that?! I will butcher him" The dean roared. Alex pointed at the Old man and Rio.

"You.... you are not qualified to be the head of the examiner this year. You are already too old and still a rank 6, you can retire now" the dean immediately dismissed the old man with just one finger from Alex. 'what is the content of the letter?' 'is he an illegitimate son of the king?'

", dean I already contributed so much for the academy"

"Then choose, whether you sacrificed yourself or he can leave the academy. Even you sacrificed yourself he won't be this academy student this year" The dean pointed at Rio

Of course, he chose to sacrifice Rio. He himself was the elder from earl house too. So he wasn't afraid of Rio.

"You..." Rio shouted

The dean ignored them and he turned to Alex, the dean asked Alex once more,

"Do you want to be my student?"

After thinking for a while Alex shake his head

"It's enough for me to be a student in the academy"

All the people including Alicia shocked by Alex's response. The dean was a rank 8 fire mage and doesn't have any student. Many people want to be the dean student, it's mean to become a successor of rank 8 fire mage. But Alex rejected him.

When the dean read Alex's letter. The content was Alex's talents. He was shocked by Alex's talents. So he desperately asked Alex to be his successor.

"You.. sure? How about you think again. Look at me, I still don't have any successor. how to make you be my student?" the dean still shocked with Alex, never he thought Alex will reject him.

When Alex was just about to shake his head. Alicia whispered something to his ear

"Alex... are you stupid? The dean was one of the 10 rank 8 of the kingdom. A rank 8 fire mage. He can teach you better about fire elements, spells, and others. It's much much better than my elder sister. Hurry accepted to be his student!"

Alex looked at Alicia for a while, he nodded. Then he turned to the dean and bowed to him

"Please take care of me, teacher"

Looking at Alex agreed to be his student, the dean was in cloud nine. A rank 3 warrior who has pure fire element, if Alex's talent was noticed by the other kingdom, then there will be a war to have Alex.

"Sure sure sure. Let's go, my student, we will immediately finish your arrangement. Let's go inside" He give a thumb up to Alicia.

Hearing the dean invitation, Alex looked at Alicia. He wanted to ask the dean to bring her too but Alicia just nodded.

"Go in first, I will meet you later" she smiled.

Alex nodded, the dean and Alex fled to the inside.

In the dean office,

Alex and Dean sited on the sofa,

"Haiz... the king really give me a big present this time. You know when the king mentioned you. He just said you will give me a big surprise. When you give me his letter, I almost got a heart attack you know. You want to know the content?"

Alex nodded.

"The content was about your talent. Haiz, a 17 years old, rank 3 warrior, pure fire element. If these words heard by another kingdom. We will have a war to have you. So make sure you don't tell others about your talents"

The dean concealed a latter part of the letter. The latter part was for him to have the same room with Alicia. It's mentioned about his engagement with Alicia too. He shocked about Alex's talents so he wanted to pay back his student. He must be shocked if he gets the same room with Alicia.

"I will remember teacher words" with a solemn expression

"Good good good" Satisfied with Alex response

The dean then explained the rule and environment in the academy. There's three grade student in the academy, for the freshman to advance to the second grade, they will need to pass a certain requirement. If they not passed after a year then they need to leave from the academy. The same with the advancement to third grade.

That's why the second-grade student only had 200 students while the third grade has 30 students. It's mean whoever graduate from this academy whether they are commoner or nobles will have a boundless prospect. Because they are the elite of the elite.

Noticing it's already evening, he stop explaining.

"It's already this late, here is your key. The dormitory was behind this building. The room number is already shown in your key." He gave Alex a golden key, with number 401 on it.

"Then, I will excuse myself teacher" Alex left.

Alex went to the dormitory. Alex saw a lady in her mid-thirties wearing teacher uniforms at the entrance of the dormitory. So Alex decided to greet her.

"Greeting teacher"

"You are a new student?"

"Yes. I just got here"

She nodded. "Since you are a new student then you must stay in this dormitory. What is your name? I will check any room remaining"

"My name is Alexander Sirius. Actually, I already have the room key" He shown the key that dean gives him.

"Let me see" She take the key and saw number 401 on it, she nodded "Your room number is 401. It's the furthest room on the fourth floor."

"Thank you teacher" Alex then left.

"Hmm. 401. I think that room already occupied with a lady just now. Whatever" Seeing Alex already left, she doesn't care anymore.

Alex didn't know when he got accepted as a successor of the dean, it's become big news for the kingdom immediately.


In Pondria House,

There are two middle-aged men chatting, they are the grand duke and marquis Pondria.

"I heard my son was hit by your guest, grand duke Raymond. May I ask what this means?" Marquis Pondria said with a menacing tone.

"but I heard another story about that" Grand duke said in a carefree manner.

"Oh.. please tell me"

"Your son wanted to cripple my guest in front of my daughter. And another story was about your son, flaunt his title as nobility and humiliate commoners"

"Why I never heard of that. You must be joking with me grand duke Raymond" Marquis Pondria surprised.

"Haha.. how about you asked your son"

"Butler Ji, call Nito here" He ordered his butler. After a while, Nito Pondria got in the room

"What happened yesterday?" Marquis looked at his son.

"Father you must get me justice. He hit our guards, and he even slapped my face" Nito pleaded.

"Oh. That's what happened Grand duke, I demand your explanation grand duke!. If anyone can hit my son's face, won't my Pondria don't have any face anymore" Marquis turned to Grand duke.

"Then, why was your son hit?" grand duke still continue his carefree manner.

"He... he was rude to me. He ignored me when I talked to him" Nito said.

"That was the reason grand duke Raymond. Are you satisfied? Now I need an explanation"

"Then, let me tell you the story I heard. My daughter accompanying my guest to the restaurant. But my guest was told to scram in front of my daughter. Not only he was told to scram but also need to break his arm. Because of that he just ignored him. Then your son ordered his guard to crippled him. My guest only fights back, is there any wrong about it?"

"But, my son still got hit." The marquis keep pressing this matter.

"You..." The duke's face starts to become solemn. But suddenly

'knock knock'

"Come in" Marquis said.

His butler then comes inside the room.

"Master, we got news. The dean of Royal Academy got a successor" butler inform him.

"What? The dean got a successor? Who is it? Male or female? Is he single?" This news was shocking the marquis to that extent. While grand duke only sipped his tea, but if they focus on him, you can see there is a slight smile on his face.

"His name is Alexander Sirius."

"So his name was Alexander. Aren't my daughter in the Academy? Make her try to get closer with him"

"Yes, the young miss was second grade in the academy" then the marquis turned to the grand duke "I'm sorry grand duke for the interruption. Now we should go back to the matter beforehand"

After hearing Alex's name and what his father makes his sister to do, Nito got insane, he hated Alex so much

"It's him, father. He was the one who hit me"

"What? It's him." He turned to the grand duke, trying to confirm his guest

"Oh. My guest's name was Alexander Sirius."

"You bastard!" The marquis slapped his son immediately, Nito blown away by the slap. He then turned to grand duke and said with a solemn face "Locked him in his room, I will deal with him later" Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

"I will give you an explanation of this matter."

"Haha. Then I remembered I have something to do, Marquis. I will excuse myself" after achieving his objective the grand duke wants to immediately leave. "Oh. I recalled my guest almost got assassinated yesterday night. I'm still investigating it though. Haha I will excuse myself"

Hearing the last words of the grand duke, marquis's face darkened.

"Butler Ji, send the guest out"

Though Grand duke wants an explanation from the marquis. He doesn't want the relationship to become 'you die or I perished". So he still gives the marquis way out.


In Maroria's house.

"Father, you must get me justice" Rio pleaded.

"What happened?"

"Your son was humiliated in front of crowds by some commoner. I was banned for this year enrollment while the commoner succeed"

"what? Some commoner dares to do that to my son. I will get you justice. I know the dean, I sometimes chatted with him. I will make him expel that commoner. And make you got into the academy. My son was a genius I'm sure he will choose my son than that commoner. Son, you are tired, why don't you rest first." The Earl said.

If the earl knows the student he wants to expelled was the dean successor. Let you imagine yourself.


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