Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 20: S-Class

Chapter 20: S-Class

20 S-Class

Alex got into the room. The room almost the same as the guest room he has in Rizertia's house. There's one bed, one sofa, and the necessity for studies like table and chair. The different was there is a bathroom in the room.

Alex remembered he didn't take a bath yesterday. So he decided to take a bath first.

After a while, there's someone opened the door. She scanned the whole room.

"Is this a single room? I thought in the academy will need to have a room for two"

She heard someone in the bathroom still showering.

"Hmm. So it's true, I'm not alone. Well, the bed was big enough for two, so we can sleep together in the bed. Fufu, well I will wait for her finish first" She then sat on the sofa, "Alex..."

Yes. She is Alicia. She recalling Alex distancing himself from her

"I need to know the reason why he distances himself" determination filled her eyes.

Not long after she heard, the sound in the bathroom gone. 'oh, she finished. Let's greet her'

She got in front of the bathroom. When the door opened.

"Hi, My name Alicia. Nice to meet you." She smiled.


When she heard this voice she froze.

"A..Alex" Her face was red.

"Princess, what are you doing in my room?"

"Your room? But this is my room"

"Your room? Really?" Alex surprised.

Suddenly their brain clicked with each other 'King and Grand duke!' 'Father and Uncle'

Alicia blushed.

"I will go back to the dean, to discuss this princess. I will go out."

When Alex wanted to go out, Alicia grabbed his hand.

"Alex.. why don't we shared this room? I don't mind. Please" She pleaded Alex.

"This..., Alright" looking at Alicia pleading gaze he decided to tell his teacher about this arrangement tomorrow

She smiled, after a while, she blushed.

' a man and woman in a room' her face was red like a tomato. Her imagination went wild

"Then Princess can take the bed. I will take the sofa"


"I will practice then" Alex then go to the sofa, sit in lotus pose.

"Alex..! why do you call me princess? Please call me Alicia like always"

Alex who just closed his eyes opened again.

"I just realized you are a princess. I will need to call you Princess. If not your reputation will be damaged"

"But I don't mind"

"But I mind, princess. It's for your own good. I'm sure people will mind it too. There's no way a commoner like me dare to call you by your name"


"If it's just that matter, I will practice now" Alex then Ignored his surroundings and focused to cultivate.

"Alex...Alex..." Alicia tried to call him but to no avail. She doesn't dare to move Alex.

After 4 hours of cultivation, he then opened his eyes. He realizes it's already time for his sleep. When he just about to stand up, he felt there's something on his lap. He looked down, he saw Alicia sleeping, using his lap as her pillow.

He shook his head and sighed. He carried Alicia in a princess carry, he put her in the bed and cover her with a quilt. After that, he got backed to the sofa and sleep.

In the morning, Alicia woke up. She saw Alex swinging his sword. She rubbed her eyes, checking if she was awake or not. Then she started to recall the matter last night. She tried to call him but to no avail, then she observed him from the side until unknowingly fall asleep in his lap. She blushed.

Noticing Alicia wake up, Alex stopped.

"Princess, did I wake you up?" Alex asked.

" you don't make a sound when swinging too, so I don't hear any sound." She still blushed.

"I see. I already bring you breakfast on the table over there." He pointed at the table. The only table was for study. Usually, this room was for one special student. So the furniture was for one person.

"Um... Thank you Alex" Alex just nodded.

She then went to the table, eating her breakfast.

"Alex do you have breakfast already?" She turned to Alex. Alex nodded. the reality Alex still doesn't have breakfast. When he asked for breakfast, they need to show their room key. But since this room was a one-person room. He was given for one person's breakfast. So he lied.

"That's good then" she smiled.

After finishing her breakfast, she changed to a uniform in the bathroom. The uniform was white-colored with a white jacket, and white miniskirt for women and white trousers pants.

"Alex, Let's go to the registration office"

"Registration office?" Alex confused

"You don't know?"

Alex shook his head "Teacher doesn't inform me"

"We need to go to the registration office first to see which class we are"

Alex nodded and followed Alicia, the one in charge of the registration office was a woman in her thirties.

"You..are from yesterday" the teacher in charge said.

"Greeting to you teacher." Alex said. The teacher in charge was the woman teacher Alex saw yesterday in front of the dormitory entrance.

"I see. If I'm not wrong your name was Alexander Sirius right?"

He nodded.

"Your class is on S-class. The room was the furthest room on the first floor in the main building. I have high expectation on you young man"

"S-class?" Alex confused

"You don't know?" She surprised. then she explained "for first grade in this school, we have 6 class, they are S, A, B, C, D, E-classes. The student was put on the ranking from E to S. Which means in the S class was the student that has the most potential. And do you hear about our dean got a successor this year, do you know who is he?"

Alex sweat dropped "I will try my best"

Satisfied with Alex's response she nodded. then she turned to Alicia

"You are?"

"My name is Alicia Van Rizertia"

"Rizertia.." She stood up "I'm sorry for my negligence Princess Alicia, your highness class was S-class too" Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

"Thank you"

"No no... it's my job"

"Then we will excuse ourselves"

"Yes, a good day for you your highness" when she saw Alicia and Alex left. She thought who is the man who stands beside the princess, sweatdropped. She shook his head

Alex and Alicia go to their classroom when they arrived. The classroom was half full with 10 people including them. That means this class will have 20 students.

When they arrived some people noticed Alicia. Many come to greet her.

Alex avoids this, he went to the table on the back next to the window. The table was big enough for multiple people. Alex sits on the side, he doesn't want to get unnecessary attention.

Suddenly there's someone sitting on his side, he turned his head, he saw a female, she has red hair hanging to her waist, a big-breasted, and slender body. You can call her a fiery seductress.

"You are the dean student aren't you?" She asked.

"You know me?"

"I saw you at the test yesterday." Alex then nodded.

"What your name?"

"Alexander Sirius"

"My name is Firia Merona, first daughter of Marquis Merona. Nice to meet you."

Alex nodded "Nice to meet you"

"Have you awaken your element?" Alex thought a while then he nodded.

"Really? What is your element?" she grabbed Alex hand

"Fire" still no change with Alex's expression. Even though she was so sexy, Alex just consider her as some female chatted with him, he doesn't care about her sexiness, he already hated about the relationship with women because his ex-girlfriend, only Alicia was a bit more special to him.

"Really? I have a fire element too. Let's train together since we have the same Element" Alex only nodded.

Alicia noticed that Alex sit on the back. She wanted to go to Alex and sit beside him when she saw someone already sit beside Alex, she wants to hurry to go to him. But she froze when she saw the woman chatting with Alex got closer and closer and now she holds his hands

'bi*ch' Alicia cursed. She immediately went to them

'cough cough'


"Ara..ara..Isn't this Princess Alicia, greeting to your highness princess."

"Yes, nice to meet you. If I'm not wrong you are Marquis Merona daughter, your name is Firia Merona"

"I'm honored for your highness princess remembered me."

"Yes, then can you move to the side. I want to sit here" she glare at Firia.

"But, I already have this sit for myself. Alexander do you mind I'm sitting beside you?"

Alex only shook his head. He really doesn't care whoever sits beside him. He only wanted to study. But it's different for Alicia. Seeing Alex have no problem with it, she thought Alex was already seduced by Firia.

'bit*h' she thought. Firia Merona was one of the top beauty in the capital. She was known as a seductress in the capital.

Alicia gritted her teeth, she sat next to Firia to make sure she doesn't seduce Alex.

Looking at the commotion because of Alicia and Firia fighting for Alex. Everybody started whispered, of course, the target was Alex. Alex can only sigh.

Not long after the teacher comes to the class. The class was about the general introduction to this world. Firia was bored and started to flirt with Alex, but Alicia always stopped her. After the class ended.

" don't mind calling you Alex right?" Firia asked. Alex just nodded.

"Let's go to the cafeteria together." Firia asked Alex. When Alex just about to nod, Alicia suddenly interrupted

"Alex will go together with me" Alicia said and Alex nodded.

Seeing Alex nod, Alicia smiled smugly to Firia. Firia gritted her teeth. Then Alex and Alicia go to the cafeteria, she saw Firia following them

"Why are you following us?" Alicia asked.

"I just want to go to cafeteria" Firia snorted. She keeps following them. In the cafeteria, three of them having lunch at the same table, the foods weren't that good. Firia keeps following them with so many excuses.

"Alex, I want to go to the bathroom a bit" Alicia said. Alex nodded

When Alicia go to the bathroom, she heard two boys talking about breakfast.

"The breakfast was too small, I can't eat to the full in the morning."

"Yes, I think so too. We can only get two breakfast since our room was for two people"

"Yeah, we need to show our key first before they gave us breakfast."

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