Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 22: Duel

Chapter 22: Duel

22 Duel

When they arrived at the class. They saw Firia already arrived, and she sits in the center of yesterday's table. Looking at this, Alicia grabbed Alex.

"Alex, let's go to look for another table"

"But, it's impolite to the others"

"that's right, It's impolite to the others, Princess Alicia" Firia joined.

"You..." Alicia angered.

"Good morning Alex, do you have a nice sleep yesterday?" Firia ignored Alicia, she turned to Alex.

Alex nodded.

"Then do you dreaming about me?" Firia tried to flirt with Alex. Looking at this Alicia gritted her teeth.

Not only Alicia but also Joshua was gritted her teeth. He approached them and sent an angry glare to Alex "Don't you dare to run away". Then he left.

"What with him" Alicia angry.

Alex only shook his head and go to his seat. Looking at Alex situated beside Firia, she snorted.

The morning classes were over,

"Alex let's go to cafeteria" Firia grabbed Alex's hand.

Alicia immediately chopped her hand. Of course, Firia dodged, she immediately released Alex's hand.

"Alex let's go to the cafeteria" Alicia said.

Alex sigh, and go to the cafeteria with them, they eat together again.

"Alex, are you okay with the fight later?" Firia asked. Alex nodded.

"You sure? I got information, Joshua was level 2 earth mage" Firia worried. Alex nodded once again

"Hmph, level 2 mage, compared to my Alex. He just trash" Alicia snorted.

"Who is your Alex" Firia snapped.

"My Alex is My Alex. So you better not get close with my Alex"

"You..." Firia glared at Alicia.

Alex only shook his head and sigh. He stood up and left.

"Alex wait" they snapped. Alex ignored them and keep walking away.

The afternoon class was an hour lecture. After the lecture ended, Joshua stood up and turned his head to Alex "Don't you run away" He shouted and left.

Alicia and Firia glaring at him.

"Alex, It's fine if you ignored him" Firia still worriedly advice Alex.

"Thank you" He thanked sincerely Firia who worried about him. Then he left for the arena.


On the arena, Joshua already waiting for him, Joshua wear his mage robe and held his staff. He stood there proudly.

This duel was known by many. So the arena was almost full.

Suddenly, there's someone flying to the arena, when he landed everyone noticed, the one who comes was the academy's dean, Alex's Teacher.

"Well well, isn't this Dean Marco." The one who talked was an old man in his eighties. He is one of the elders in the academy, he was the headteacher for the first grade. When he noticed Joshua's talents, he immediately approached Joshua to make him his student.

"I never thought he got a duel on his second day in the academy" Alex's teacher's name is Marco Glither. Many people call him 'dean' only a handful teacher who dared to call his name. One of them was Joshua's teacher. He was peak rank 7 earth mage, just one step away from rank 8.

"You can make your student surrender first, least he embarrassed himself in the arena."

The dean sigh "You are the one who needed to advise your student. Least his pride crushed, Taiga"

Taiga Erudita was the name of Joshua's teacher. He snorted. "You might not know my student was only 17 years old and he already achieved rank 2 a month before the test"

"17 years old rank 2 earth mage" the dean nodded "Good"

"Of course, he is my student after all. You need to make sure your student not embarrassed himself in the arena" He said smugly. If he knows Alex was already mid-rank 3, he will go insane.

"I believe in my student. You want to bet?" The dean asked.

"Haha... I'm sure my student will win. What do you want to bet"

"One magic weapon"

Taiga shocked with the bet "you sure? Haha, since you want to give me magic weapon then I accept"

"Hey, what is your bet"

"Why do I need to bet. I already know my student will win"

"Bet!" The dean glared at him.

"Fine fine, I will place two spiritual liquid. It's equal to your magic weapon"

"Sure" The dean smirked.

Not long after, Alex shows up in the arena.

"Heh.. you not escaped. I thought you already run away" Joshua taunted Alex.

Alex just ignored him and looked at the referee. "Please start"

"You..." He angry at Alex. 'how dare you ignored me'

After looking at the two contestants then the referee announced "The duel finished if one of the side surrender. No killing allowed." "The duel start"

Alex readied his sword, while Joshua held his staff up and chant. The distance between him and Alex was about 100 meters.

"The earth below, hear my command. Got up and strike of my enemy. EARTH SPIKE" immediately, many earth spikes shot up to Alex.

Looking at many spikes coming to him, Alex dodged them easily. Joshua surprised, he immediately chants another magic.

"The earth below, hear my command. Awaken and fight your enemy. EARTH GOLEM". Two human-like golems got up from the arena and charged to Alex. The spectator was shocked

"What... He can call two golems already."

"He must be a rank 2 earth mage."

"17 years old rank 2 mage. he is a genius"

Hearing the comments, Joshua grinned.

Alex looked at the two golems. He realized their battle efficiency wasn't that great. So he dodged them easily. Looking Alex still dodging his golems, he gritted his teeth.

"The earth below, hear my command. Awaken and eat your enemy. EARTH SNAKE" Another two snake-like golems got up from the arena and charged to Alex. The spectators bewildered.

"What.. two golems weren't his limit. He can summon two more golems"

"A rank 2 earth mage, summoning 4 golems"

"A genius who appeared once in a hundred year appeared"

"He might be a rival of the hero from Zircodina Kingdom or the priestess of Holy Kingdom"

"Congratulation Teacher Taiga, your student is a genius"

Many other teachers started to congratulate Taiga. Taiga looked at the dean smugly. The dean only snorted. If he knew Alex's talents, his intestines will be detached.

After Joshua summoning two snakes, Alex started two parried the golems attack.

"Haha.. how is that? I'm a genius, you are only lucky enough to be picked up by our dean"

"What is he saying?" Alicia was angry, this was the reason all along?

Firia snorted. "Annoying Complex"

The dean can't stand anymore as he watched many disregards his student. he stood up and shout

"Alex, don't play anymore, finished him. I still need to make 'that'".

Alex recognized the sound. It was from his teacher, he then looked at his teacher and nodded.

"Since the teacher already commanded me, then it's time." Alex who dodging silently, spoked. Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

Alex then got above one of the human-like golems, he jumped to Joshua's direction. Leaving the golem he steps shattered.

Alex's speed was fast, he almost arrived in front of Joshua with a single jump.

"What" Joshua shocked.

"Earth from below, hear my command. Rise and....." before Joshua finished his chant, Alex's sword already in his neck.

The crowd was immediately silent. Alex looked at the referee. Noticing Alex's gaze he immediately announced "Alexander win"

The crowd shocked. The almighty Joshua was lost in an instant.

"Haha... I will take these spiritual liquids" The dean laughed happily.

Alex got back and want to left.

"No no no, there's must be something wrong. He cheated, I won't believe this. Earth from below, hear my command. Awaken and bite your Enemy. EARTH WOLF" four wolves immediately appeared at the arena and charged at Alex.

Alex shook his head and sighed. Then he raises his left hand, 'Oxygen burn yourself, appeared at my front become my arrow' then he imagined, a ball of flame appeared in his hand.

A ball of flame appeared on his left hand. And Alex right hand pinched the ball and stretched it to the back like using a bow. Then he releases his hand.

The ball immediately flew off, in the air the ball split into four, charging at the four wolves and destroyed them. The ball pierced the wolves and touched the arena's wall and exploded.

Joshua was pushed to the floor because of the shock wave from the explosion. Joshua's teacher Taiga enraged.

"Impudent" Taiga charged at Alex. Alex becomes solemn. A shield of flame made to protect Alex.

"Taiga, you old bastard. What do you think you are doing to my student" The dean got in front of Alex, enraged.

"He Injured my student. So ruthless to his friend, I'm teaching him now!"

"Injure your student? why can't I see it? Your student only got pushed off by the shock wave, he not even injured. And your student broke the rule. He already lost but still attack my student"

"My student still young. He still rash, but he is a genius that appeared once in a hundred years. Anybody can be hurt but not my student"

"You old bastard" The power of rank 8 pinnacles erupted. Everybody scared off including Taiga.

"This... there must be a misunderstanding" Taiga scared. He only a rank 7 pinnacle while the dean a rank 8 pinnacle. What a thick skin, just before he was mad and now a misunderstanding.

"What misunderstanding. Your student broke the rule, after the duel was over he still attacked my student"

"There's must be a misunderstanding. My student was still young and rash. But he still a rank 2 earth mage with only 17 years old and can control four golems, the same number as rank 3 earth mage"

"So what. Your student was only trash compared to my student"


" 'you' what! Your student born with a silver spoon on him, he still only become rank 2 earth mage. my student too still only 17 years old, he already reached mid-rank 3. But he only depends on 'HIMSELF', if you still insisted your student was a genius. But to me, your student was 'TRASH'"

"You..." Taiga speechless with the revelation.

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