Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 23: Spiritual Liquid

Chapter 23: Spiritual Liquid

23 Spiritual Liquid


"A 17 years old rank 3?"

"and he can also use chantless fire magic"

"and without the support of noble resources"

"Ge..genius!" all the people in the arena shocked

Alex walked to the dean and whispered,

"Teacher, why are you babbling about my power? Aren't we supposed to keep it secret?"

"Ah...I got carried away. sorry sorry. Well, I still keep your pure fire element and space element" The dean ashamed. Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.


"I will explain to the king about this" he then left.

'But, I don't want to get unnecessary attention' he wants to say that aloud to his teacher. But he already left.

Alex shook his head, sigh, and left the arena. There are two people waiting for him.

"Alex, are you okay?" Firia worriedly asked Alex.

"Of course he is okay, he is my Alex after all" She proudly puffed her chest.

"Who is your Alex" Firia snorted. She then turned to Alex "But, your battle just now was amazing."

"Thank you"

The two chatterings away while leaving the arena. Alicia and Firia go back to dormitory, Alex go to his teacher

"Hoho, just your second day in the academy. You already got into a fight." The dean teased Alex

"I'm sorry, teacher" Alex sincerely apologize

"Well, It's alright in the end. But if you get into a fight, make sure you tell me first"

"Yes, Thank you for teacher's concern" Alex was moved.

The dean secretly thought'so I can prepare a betting beforehand'. if Alex knew what his teacher thinks, he might spurt blood and charge at his teacher.

The dean then gives him 2 bottles. Inside the bottle was a blue-colored liquid. Alex confused what is this liquid.

Looking at Alex confusion, the dean explained,

"This is spiritual liquid, it's good for your magic, it can improve the amount of your mana. If you consume to of them, you might have a rank 4 mana while you only a rank 3"

" too valuable teacher. Why don't you just used it, teacher."

"It's a bet from Joshua's Teacher Taiga. Even I used it, it won't have any major effect on me. It's more beneficial for you to use this liquid"

"Thank you, teacher" Alex's heart got warmth.

"You just have a fight, so today just go back and rest."

"Yes teacher, I will excuse myself" Alex then left the room.


[Yes Host]

'Can I use this liquid?"


[Spiritual Liquid Polluted

A liquid from mixed monster blood and herbs

Use: Increase mana supply (low), have a side effect]

'Polluted ?'

[This Liquid Come From Monster Blood, Monster Blood Carried Polluted Energy, Like When Host Leveling Up, So System Doesn't Recommend Host To Use It]

'Should I give this to Alicia? But it's polluted and has a side effect'

[Host can purify the liquid with your flame because Host flame was a pure element. The purification will erase the remaining polluted energy from monster blood and erasing the side effect]

'If I can purify the polluted energy, then why I can't used it?"

[The energy Host absorb was heaven and earth energy. While the energy from monster blood was worldly energy]

'ain't them the same?'

[Heaven and earth energy mean the energy wasn't from this word but from the universe. This world absorbed the energy from the universe and infused with the world's law, that is worldly energy while heaven and earth energy was the purest form of energy]

'Then I will try to purify them and give them to Alicia'

Alex got back to his room. Alicia was on the sofa reading book, like yesterday.

"Alex, you got back" She smiled. Alex nodded.

"You will practice again?" She asked, a bit sad.

Thinking for a while, Alex shook his head. Alicia's eyes brightened.

"Then what will you do?"

"I will go to the town, I need supply to make breakfast too."

"...." Alicia was a bit awkward since that request was from her. She still worried "You can go out? I thought the first year don't have the privilege to go out"

"I got teacher's token. If I show it to the guards, then I can go out."

"Can I follow you?", Alex thought for a bit, he shook his head. Alicia was sad.

"I am only going to shopping for a while, does Princess need me to buy something"

Alicia's eyes brightened, she thinks for a while and shakes her head.

"We also don't have kitchenware"

Alex noticed about this too, he nodded "I will buy them too"

"But where are you going to cook it?" Alicia scanned the room there's no space for cooking.

"I will only buy the kitchenware, I can use my flame to cook it so I won't need much space. I can also train my flame control while I'm at it"

Alicia's eyes widened "That works too."

"Then I'm going now"

"Yes, please be careful"

Alex nodded and left. He bought kitchenware and necessary items. He also went to a medical shop to buy herbs for Alchemy.

When he got back, it's almost midnight. He saw Alicia fall asleep on the sofa. He shook his head

"why is she like to fall asleep on the sofa so much?" then he carried Alicia to bed.

He soon sleeps too.

In the morning, he awoke. He went to the cafeteria and brought breakfast for Alicia. Then he cooked for himself.

"what should I make"

"It's only for breakfast I will go with egg"

"Why is this egg having such a nice smell?" Alicia smelled the scent, she wakes up.

"Alex..?" she rubbed her eyes

"Princess, your breakfast is on the table"

"I will wait for you" noticing the scent was from Alex cooking she approached Alex.

"What did you make?"

"I make an omelette" he finished his cooking "I finished princess, let's eat"

On the table, she looked at the omelet that Alex made. She noticed the aroma and drooled.

Noticing her gaze on his omelet, he then gave it to Alicia.

"Ah... no no, I don't want it" she wiped her drool on her face.

"If princess wants it, please eat it. I will just take this breakfast from cafeteria" Alex smiled

"Then..." Alicia slowly scoops the omelet. When the omelette brought inside her mouth. Her eyes widened "Del...icious"

Without caring about the manner, she continuously eats the omelet. When Alex only eats a few bites, he noticed Alicia has already finished.

After a while, she noticed Alex's gaze.

"Ah..ah... Alex, It was good" She embarrassedly put down the spoon.

Alex smiled, "Glad you like it".

"I never saw you cook, with this food you can even become a royal chef"

Hearing her, Alex was a bit sad. He recalled, in the previous world he only cook for himself. Even his foods were good, but he never tasted anything. Even his foods too hot, he never feels the warmth. He just too lonely.

"Ah.. if you don't like to cook, then don't mind what I say"

He shakes his head "Since Princess like it, I will cook for you every day"

Alicia's eyes brightened, she grabbed Alex's hand "Really?" with a star on her eyes.

But soon, she embarrassed. "Ah..." awkwardly release her hand.

Alex nodded with a smile. For him who lonely, cooking and eating like this was a blessing for him. Even with Firia bothering him on every single occasion, he felt the warmth on his heart. Already over ten years, he felt this kind of warmth. For these past ten years on Earth, every people he encountered see him with prejudiced. Though he won't show it in his face.

"I will cook the meals"

"For breakfast?" With a star on her eyes. Alex nodded.

"For lunch?" Alex nodded again.

"For dinner?" Alex thought a while.

"I will try"

Hearing Alex's response she is a bit sad, then she thought she was greedy.

"It's fine, whenever you want to cook. I don't want to take your time"

Alex just smiled. "Let's get going. Even I want to cook, there are no ingredients left. So maybe tomorrow" he decided to buy many ingredients tonight.

"Umm" She smiled.

When Alex and Alicia arrived at the classroom. Many students glared angrily to Alex. Since Alex was an unknown commoner, he defeats the number one genius of nobles in this class by a large margin. Means many people will look down on nobles. So they hated Alex.

Though a few don't really care about that. Especially Firia. Noticing Alex arrived she immediately went to Alex.

"You are very good Alex. You even can use chantless magic. You promise me to train together right? When are you going to fulfill your promise?"

"You promise her?" Alicia was jealous. Alex awkwardly nodded.

"Next week?" He then asked Firia.

"Alright" She smiled.

Alicia pouted. Classroom started

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