Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 25: Battling Joshua Again

Chapter 25: Battling Joshua Again

25 Battling Joshua Again

Not long after Alicia left, Firia comeback.

"Alex, how is my performance?"


"ehehe.. so when we are training together? You promised me"

"after classes for one hour." Alex replied.

"Just one hour?" she pouted.

"I need to go to see my teacher"

"Fine!" She can't keep her nagging when Alex mentioned the dean.

The referee announced again "Alicia Vs Sigma". Alicia was called without her honorific make Alex surprised.

"He didn't call Alicia Princess?" Alex asked Firia.

"The academy was a special place, the dean made policies to treat nobles and commoner with equal. Even the king approved it. So even the crown prince comes, he will still be called by his name"

Alex nodded.

Sigma was 17 years old rank 1 pinnacle earth mage while Alicia was 16 years old rank 1 ice mage. Alicia was disadvantaged.

"Princess" He bows to Alicia politely.

"Please have a nice match" She smiled.

"Match Start"

"Earth below, hear my command. Got up and strike my enemy. EARTH SPIKE"

"Ice, hear my command. Freeze the water and shield me. ICE SHIELD"

The earth spike charged at Alicia, while Alicia made her ice shield. The earth spike almost pierced Alicia's shield, many holes formed because of spikes and the shield destroyed.

"Ice, hear my command. Freeze the water and strike my enemy. ICE SPEAR"

"Earth below, hear my command. Got up and shield me. EARTH WALL"

Now Alicia turns to Attack him. But the ice spear was immediately broken.

"Princess, please surrender. Although Ice is a rare element, it can't win earth element in toughness" pleased with his power, he arrogantly said.

Alicia was infuriated.

"Water in the air decreased your temperature and freeze my enemies."

As she chants, the air around her starting colder. Noticing this, the referee immediately went to Sigma and escape outside the arena.

After she finished her chant, she freezes half of the arena. That means she froze everything in a 10-meter radius, including Sigma's earth wall. If the referee didn't save him, he will be frozen too.

Looking at Alicia's magic, everyone draws a cold breath. But a few teachers and students realized, they never heard about this chant. If not because of her insufficient magic, this will have the power of an intermediate magic spell.

The one who realized can't help but utter,

"What is this magic?"

"I never heard this magic"

"This magic, is it an intermediate magic spell?"

Hearing many comments, everybody shuddered.

'16 years old, rare element ice mage, using her own new chant and her chant have the power of intermediate magic spell?'

"Genius" Everybody started to cheer.

"Alicia wins" The referee announced after calming a bit.

Alicia still panted in the arena, hearing the cheer she looked up and grinning.

'beautiful' many thought of this when they see her. The smile Alicia gave just now, was like a snow lotus, pure and untouched. Make everybody want to protect her and her smile.

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When Alicia come back, she jumped happily to Alex

"How is it Alex?" she is grinning

"mmm, good" Alex nod.

"Alicia, what is that magic just now?" After a week, even both of them fighting each other for Alex. Their relationship still grow. They called each other names directly.

"Alex teach me" She smiling happily with a peace hand sign.

"What? Alex?" Firia glanced at Alex, she surprised.

"Alex teach me the meaning behind the chant and he teaches me about Ice concept"

"Meaning behind the chant? Ice concept?" Firia was curious.

"The current chant we know have a meaning you know and Ice concept means like how the ice formed, that is temperature. Combining the two of them, formed the magic I used just now"

"What?" Firia was surprised by the statement. "Since Alex was the one who teaches you, that means Alex has too?

"Of course, Alex makes a new chant just after he learned magic from me and my sister" she forgets to keep this secret since she still on cloud nine.

"...." Firia speechless. She looked at Alex like a wolf want to prey a big fat sheep

"Alex.. you promised to practice together right? You promised to teach me right?" with a seducing tone, Firia clings to Alex. Alex felt two heavenly mountain in his hand. As expected of a fiery goddess, he thought.

When Alicia saw this, she immediately realizes she has done something wrong. She regretted saying it immediately.

"What are you doing! Don't you dare to seduce him!" Alicia angered.

"He.. but Alex already promised to teach me, I need to pay him"

"What, you want to pay him with your body? No way, if you want to pay him, you can pay him with money. Now go away" Alicia tried to separate them.

"But, I don't have money now. The first-grade student can't go out unless there is a special event from the academy, so I can't get my money, that means I only have my body." She keeps clinging to Alex.

"You can pay him later, so now go away" Alicia infuriated at her, 'he is my fiance. You dare to seduce my future husband in front of me! Bit*h' of course she can't say that aloud.

Fortunately, they sat at a bit farther with the crowd, so their attention still on the arena.

Alex sigh, "Princess, Miss Firia. now is my turn. So please excuse me" Alex escaped.

Both of them snorted "Hmph"

Alex's opponent is Mira, a quiet girl in the class. When she saw Alex was her opponent she surrenders.

The battle was continued, on the semifinal. Firia Vs Alicia while Alex Vs Joshua.

Alicia wins from Firia, Alicia grinning happily since she beat her. While Firia angrily left. "You can win only because of Alex. Hmph"

Before Alicia can get her praise, or before Firia can get her consolation from Alex. Alex already silently go to the arena.

Now, Alex Vs Joshua. The rematch from a week ago. Everyone excited about this battle.

"Hmph, you can win just because I underestimated you. But you are still trash", Alex still maintain his silence

"Match Start"

"Earth below, hear my command. Awaken and strike my enemy. EARTH GOLEM" four golems charged at Alex. Alex still dodging easily the golems easily

"Earth, obey my command. Earth becomes a bolt, one bolt becomes another, got up and pierce my enemies. EARTH BOLT" more than a hundred bolt surround Alex and charging at him.

Everyone surprised. Just then is Alicia, and now Joshua used an intermediate magic spell.


Alex surrounded by earth bolts and was still pinned by the golems. He searched his surroundings searching for a way out. Just about the bolts reach him, he jumped out to the air. The golems were destroyed by the bolts.

Alex still in the air, Joshua chant his spell once again.

"Earth, obey my command. Earth becomes a bolt, one bolt becomes another, got up and pierce my enemies. EARTH BOLT. DIE!"

Now, Alex doesn't have a way out. The dean angered.


"Wait, Dean Marco. This is the battle of the student. We old man just need to sit here and watching them" He coldly glares at dean

"Taiga. What did you teach to your student, did you teach him to kill his classmate!" the dean roared at him.

"The sword and magic don't have eyes. Wound and injury was normal when battling each other"

But when everyone thought Alex was finished. Alex raised his hands. He compressed the air with his mana and burn a bit. He throws one to the ground to make the explosion. The explosion blows away the bolts. Alex didn't forget to throw another one to Joshua's direction.

When Joshua saw the explosion ball coming toward him, he wanted to escape. The ball exploded not far from him the referee tried to save Joshua, he makes a shield with his magic.

The shock wave blew Joshua away from the arena. Even the referee's hand was scorched a bit.

"Impudent" Taiga was angry.

"Wait, Teacher Taiga. This is the battle of the student. We old man just need to sit here and watching them" The dean stopped Taiga.

"Marco. What did you teach your student, did you teach him to kill his classmate!"

"The sword and magic don't have eyes. Wound and injury was normal when battling each other"

Taiga was angry. This is just what he said to the dean. And now it comes back to him.

"You ruthlessly hurt your classmate, do you want to kill him?! You are disqualified" the referee said. Of course, the referee already bought off by Taiga, so he supports Joshua.

"..." Alex only looking at him coldly. He knows this referee must targeting him

Alex sigh, "Everybody can say what happened, they can decide themselves. I don't have any interest in this competition anyway" then he left.

He never wanted to be number 1 anyway, the reason he keeps winning just because his teacher told him so, he never likes much attention so he rejected his teacher. But the dean keeps nagging him to win, so he sighed and said he will do his best to him.

But since the referee disqualified him. Then he has an excuse for his teacher now. So he happily leaves the arena.

While Alex happily leaving the arena, Alicia and Firia were infuriated. They cursed the referee for being unfair. The dean was busy keeping Taiga in check, so he didn't hear the referee disqualified Alex. If he knows he will skin this referee alive.

When Alex came back, Alicia and Firia complained.

"Why are you just accept what that person said?"

"Yeah, why are you disqualified. Joshua wanted to kill you, but the referee didn't even help you. But when Joshua injured a bit, he disqualified you."

"Since when you two don't oppose each other?" Alex surprised, usually these two girls always opposing each other.

"We..." Alicia and Firia looking at each other.

"Don't change the topic. We are talking about you now!" Alicia was angry.

"Yeah, we are talking about you now!" Firia follow the suit.

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