Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 26: Purifying Spiritual Liquid

Chapter 26: Purifying Spiritual Liquid

26 Purifying Spiritual Liquid

Alex sigh, he explained why he agreed. He never wanted to participate in the ranking, but since his teacher compelled him to win, he reluctantly accepts.

"...." They was speechless, every student wanted to become a winner, not only they get the academic point to exchange warrior skill or magic skill. And also glory.

But Alex answer only, "Glory? Why I need it if I become famous it will become troublesome for me. And for skill... Can't I just get it from teacher?"

When thinking about Alex's answer. True Alex can get his skill from the dean. As for glory, Firia doesn't get why Alex said it will become trouble for him since she pursued Alex if Alex becomes famous it can be a legal reason for her to pursue Alex if her family question her. Though Alicia knew, especially she knew about Alex's relationship with hero and friends from Zircodina kingdom.

Alex harbored a hatred to them, and the same with the opposite party. If Alex becomes too famous, Zircodina kingdom will hear about him too. If the news reaches the hero's ears, he might be pushed Alex to the corner with his prestige in Zircodina kingdom. Though the dean and royal family may shelter him, what if the opposite party use assassin again, like the other night. Thinking about this makes Alicia shuddered.

"Yeah, why we need glory. Your safety is my happiness" Alicia said

"Princess, aren't you going to compete for the final?"

"Ah.. is it my time already?" Alicia realized she is one of the finalists.


"Then I will go first" but when she was about to leave.

"Princess" Alex shouted.

Hearing Alex calling her she turn back

"Please be careful, even if you lose it's alright"

Alicia was angry when she about scolded Alex, she heard Alex continue

"Your safety is my happiness"

She was immediately full of joy "Yes" she went to the arena smiling happily. Firia on the side was jealous.

But Alex relieved when the referee announce Joshua can't participate because of his injury. So Alicia becomes the number of S-class.

"Tomorrow will be the last day. For tomorrow number one to number ten from each class can challenge each other."

Alicia went back to Alex and Firia. After chatting a bit, Alicia and Firia went back while Alex go to his teacher

"I just look at the participant's name for tomorrow. I want to ask you, why are your names not on the list?" The dean mad.

"Does teacher not see what happened in the arena?" Alex confused since the dean didn't do anything when he was disqualified, he thought he agreed.

"I occupied to keep Taiga in-check"

Alex told him what happened in the arena.

"What. He dared to disqualify you?. I will go to him now" The dean was angry.

"Teacher, today training?"

"You go back now, just practice your mana control"

Just before Alex went back to his room. He suddenly recalls "I still have the spiritual liquid, since I have improved my control. I think this is the best time to give the liquids to her.

"System, how can I remove the impurities from this liquid?"

[Host just need to burn the liquid directly at low temperatures to make sure the liquid doesn't evaporate for a period of time. Your flame will burn the impurities bit by bit.]

"I see"

Alex then tried to purify the first liquid. After half an hour of burning the liquid, he succeeds.

"System is this the pure liquid?"

[Yes Host]

"Can you scan them?"


[Spiritual Liquid

A Liquid From A Mixed Monster Blood And Herbs

Use: Increase Mana Supply (High)]

"Oh.. it's really not polluted any more." He noticed something different "System, wasn't the use last time was Increase mana supply (low)? Why now it become (High)?"

[Just like pills, impurities not only make a side effect, it can make the main effect lower]

"Oh, I understand"

He then purifies the other one. He then confused.

"Should I give all of them to Princess, or I give Princess and Miss Firia each?"

After thinking a bit he decided "I will just give all of them to Princess, me and miss Firia only know for one week, she may thought I have an ulterior motive. Since Princess also get the championship, I should congratulate her"

He went back to the room. Alicia surprised when she saw Alex came back early.

"Did something happened? Is it because the tournament" Alicia worried.

Alex nod, he started told her what happened with his teacher.

Alicia laughed, "That bastard must regretted his choice"

"Princess, your word" Alex reprimand her

"Umm, sorry" She looked down. The atmosphere becomes awkward.

"Princess, since you become the champion from S-class. I want to give you a present"

"Present? The best present for me now is for you call me Alicia again like in the past" Alicia teased. She was frustrated, Alex never called her with her name again after the incident at the restaurant.

"Ugh..." Alex looked down.

"Fine, I will wait for you to call me by my name again. But don't make waiting for too long" She pouted.

"Yes" Alex sigh.

"So what is this present all about?"

Alex gave the spiritual liquids to her.

"Are..aren't this teacher taiga's spiritual liquid?" Alicia surprised by Alex's present. "Where are you got this?"

"Teacher got this after betting. Then he gives these to me."

"This.. you are the one who needs to use these liquids, they are too valuable to gift me" Alicia rejected.

Alex shook his head "These liquids won't bring me benefit. Especially because of my pure element. So Princess should be the one to use it"

"This... Thank you, Alex" Alicia doesn't know much about Alex's pure element. So when Alex mentioned about his element, she thought that must be the case.

"How about you use it right now?"


Alicia sat on the sofa, she drinks one of the bottles. She felt her magic increase, but she surprised by the effect.

"This liquid... Its effect was even higher than top-grade spiritual liquid" Alicia looked at Alex "Alex...This bottle was too precious"

"Are Princess have drunk this liquid?"

"When I was 12 years old, father bought me this liquid. We sisters got one each. He gives three of us three top-grade spiritual liquid. But your..your liquid's effect was even higher than the top grade spiritual liquid"


Alicia keeps staring at Alex.

Alex sigh "I purified this liquid from the impurities. The impurities can hinder the liquid's effect and also give a side effect."

"Side effect? I remember people usually don't drink this too much. Since they have a chance to struck with magic deficiency disease. Do you mean...?"

"I guess what Princess think was correct, when I purified this liquid, I removed the impurities resulting in the side effect to vanished."

"Then even when I drink many of this, I won't have a chance to get magic deficiency disease"

"Yes princess"

"But how you purified this?"

"Did princess forget my element?"

" 'pure' fire element" Her eyes brightened.

Alex nodded.

"This.. was even more precious. Alex... you are the better choice to use this liquid"

"I already said princess, this is my present for you get the championship."

"But... That's right sister Mia also in the school. I will give it to her the last bottle."

"But Princess, this is my present" Alex look down

"I...I will drink it then" Alicia thought she was unfair to Alex since he already gives this to her with great effort, she shouldn't waste it. She drank the second bottle. Her mana now was comparable to mid-rank 3 mage even when she was a rank 1 mage.

She excited about this, she unconsciously hugs Alex. "Alex, Thank you".

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After Alicia calms down a bit, she too becomes a frozen statue. She embarrassedly released her hug.

"Alex...this.." her face was red like a tomato.

"This... I will go to cook now." Alex awkwardly escape. he runs away like a robot. Even Alicia who in the midst embarrassment giggled when looking at Alex, forgetting her embarrassment a bit.

After Alex dinner, Alex started to practice.

'mana control, Princess can increase her mana with external help. The liquid that contains mana got inside her body, and then she absorbed the mana. What if I try to manipulate the mana around my body to go inside my body?'

Alex tried to manipulate the mana around him to his body. The effect was surprised by him. After a few hours. He realized.

'this method, makes my progress three times faster. With this, I will break through to rank 4 prowess as well as a breakthrough to the qi gathering stage within this month.

Alex overjoyed with this newfound method. After the excitement he realized, it's time for sleep. He calms down his heart and sleep.

In the morning,

"Princess, please wake up"

"mmmm" She fuzzily woke up. She rubbed her eyes

"Alex.. you seem happy?"

"I..can breakthrough to rank 4 within this month"

"What? Breakthrough to rank 4? This month? But where you got the experience from?"

"I...I..." Alex knows he doomed. "I leveling not with experience but from taking the mana from the can also say I'm cultivating the mana"

"This..."She surprised by Alex's statement. "Can everyone become like you?"

"can not. When you leveling you got energy from the monster that called experience. But that energy contains impurities within it. the energy already assimilated with your body. And what I'm taking was the energy from heaven and earth, which means the purest form of energy. If you start to take this energy, the energy will clash with the energy from your body resulting in you become crippled."

She sighed, she thought if she can get stronger with this, she can help Alex and also she can train together with Alex.

"I'm sorry" Alex apologized.

Alicia shook her head "It's not your fault. Right, how about the baby?"

Alex shook his head "The baby will get contaminated with the energy from their parent's body. Even if you try to dilute it with level 1, I don't know how many generations it takes to make their body pure."

"" Alicia want to ask Alex but her eyes brightened, she thought of something

"Yes. As princess already knows, I am from another world. That means my body still not contaminated from the energy of this world."

"sigh" Alicia can only sigh, she was a bit disappointed she can't get stronger to help Alex.

Noticing this Alex tried to change the topic

"Princess today is a big day, you may get challenged, so let's eat first"

She and Alex have breakfast and go to the arena.

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