Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 30: Refining Pill

Chapter 30: Refining Pill

30 Refining Pill


"ah..what is it?"

"No no, your face was scary just then"

"I'm thinking if we can use this pill to give the army"

Alex surprised, he never thought his teacher have an aim to the army. Alex pondered something. "Peak-grade is almost impossible since they are really hard to make. For top-grade, we can give them to the high ranking person in the army, though a bit hard but feasible. Mid-grade is the main pills we can give. As for low-grade... I don't know, they are basically a junk pill"

The dean astonished, how is Alex brain work. He just gives a bit topic, he almost gave him a perfect answer.

"We will wait and see first, we will try to make the pills first and plan how to distribute them later. I will buy many set ingredients tomorrow."

"Yes, I will follow teacher arrangement"

"By the way, Alex, you usually already went back an hour ago. So it's surprised me to see you here when I came back just now"

"Ah... Teacher, I will go back now" Alex forget, he usually comes back an hour ago to cook for Alicia. He is too immersed in Alchemy he forgot about her.


"Is Alex forget me? Already an hour pass since the time he usually came back. I still haven't eaten" Alicia rubbed her stomach. "Or something happened to him?".

When she thinks about this, she rushed to the door to search Alex. When she opened the door she saw Alex who about to open the door too.

"Alex!" Alicia shout with joy

"Princess...I'm sorry" he felt a little guilty to her.

"Is something happen?" looking at Alex, she worriedly asked.

"No.. nothing happened, I was too immersed with training" He ashamed.

"So..nothing happen" She relieved but suddenly there a sound 'rumble..', hearing the sound Alicia blushed.

"Ah...I will immediately cook something"

After eating,

"Princess, I think I will be back a bit later for a few days"

"Really? Don't mind about me. I can still eat in the cafeteria. Just be careful" She still worried.

Alex moved, even though Alex said about 'training' with dean which basically safe, she still worried about him.

"Yes Princess" Alex smiled, he decided to give her a few peak-grade body tempering pills to enhance her strength. "Umm... Princess"

"What is it?" she smiled.

"What is the test for grade ranking next month?"

"Oh.. I never explain about this, We need to kill monsters in Night Forest for two weeks. The whole process will be monitored by the teachers, so It won't be too dangerous. The grading will be determined by how many monsters we kill. This is a joint event with the second-grade student and third-grade student"

She continued, "The monsters in Night Forest is relatively low level, even the forest king is a rank six ape residing in the core area."

"Core Area?"

"Night forest divided into three areas. Outer, inner, and core area. Outer area monsters are only rank 0 to rank 1, First-grade students usually hunt in this area. Next is the inner area, the monster resides in here is rank 2 to rank 3 monsters. And second-grade student and third-grade student hunt in here. And for the core area, the monster consists of rank 4 and rank 5 with rank 6 ape as the forest king. A genius of the genius of third-grader hunt in here"

"Rank 4 and rank 5..." Alex muttered. "I can try in the inner area, if possible I want to try in the core area"

"What is it?" Alicia heard Alex muttering something, she warned "You can hunt in the inner area since you have rank 3 power but don't go to the core area, do you hear me?"

Considering Alex's past action, she almost sure Alex wanted to go to the core area.

"I..." Alex surprised by Alicia's reaction.

"Promise me you won't go to core area" Alicia give a threatening glare to Alex.

"I have confidence in having a rank 4 prowess before the event start." Alex didn't back down.

"You..." She sighed, "Fine... but be careful, If you meet a strong monster run away okay?"


"I will now explain other events for the first-grade student. After grade ranking, we will have a vacation for two months. After that, we will have a normal class for three months. The next event would be killing the monsters in the Dungeon for a month."

"Dungeon? There is a dungeon in this world?"

"There are 9 dungeons in this world. there are 4 of them in the human territories. 1 of them in Geisha Town in Zircodina Kingdom, 1 of them in Holy kingdom, we Acacia have 1 of them too, it is in Maka town only one day away from the capital city, and the last still in our territory, but the previous king decided to make that town under Hunter guild Jurisdiction"

"Hunter guild?"

"You are an adventurer right?"

Alex nod.

"Adventurer have many types of mission such as scouting, guarding, and killing. But for Hunter, they specialize in killing the monster in the dungeon. They can sell monster part in hunter guild."

"I see... Then where is the rest of the dungeon?"

"2 of them in the demi-human territory and the rest in demon territory." Alicia remembered something "I almost forget about this. There are three classifications for the dungeon, low-class dungeon, middle-class dungeon, and high-level dungeon. The classification was based on the monster's level. The high-level dungeon even has a rank 9 monster."

"Rank 9..." Alex muttered. 'system, if I want to kill a rank 9 monster, I don't think basic sword arts or basic spear art will be enough'

[Host Doesn't Need To Worry, System Have Intermediate Skill Too]

'oh... you are really a great system'

[But Host Need To Upgrade System First]

'...' Alex speechless.' and the condition is?'

[For First System Upgrade, Host Need To Accumulated Two Thousand Tickets]

'two thousand... I can't make it in grade ranking in the night forest. Well, I'm not in rush, I will accomplish it in the dungeon. But system after this upgrade can you cover your own track?'

[System can....probably]

'Oiii...' Alex snapped on his mind


"Ah..."Alex just snapped from his conversation with the system "What is it?"

"Are you listening?"

"I'm sorry, I will listen now"

"I just said, you can't be reckless in the dungeon. This dungeon event has a high mortality rate, not only commoner but nobles might die too in the dungeon. This event usually make forty percent of student quit from academy whether they are dead, disabled, or coward"

"I will be careful. That's right, what class the dungeon in Maka Town?"

"Middle Class"

"I see. Is there any event after that?"

"Only ranking competition for class ranking in grade promotion exam. This will determine your ranking when we become second grade"

Alex pondered for his plan after this.

"It's already late, let's sleep" Alicia yawned.

Alex just noticed now it is almost midnight. "Yes, Let's sleep"

Alicia nodded and go to bed, "Alex how about..." she hesitated. she wanted to go together with Alex in Night Forest

"What is it, princess?"

"Never mind" she decided not to be a burden to Alex.

Alicia and Alex went asleep.

Tomorrow, they just do as usual. After practicing with Firia, Alex went to Dean's workshop again.

"Alex... you have come. I make another stove yesterday. The new one is for you"

Alex noticed, there are two cauldrons now.

"I already purchased a thousand set medicine for each pill, they will arrive next week. For now, I managed to get a hundred set for each pill."

Alex nod, "I will refine body tempering pill first"

Alex went to his new cauldron, He examined the cauldron. The cauldron seems better than the previous one. Seeing the dean give this better cauldron to him. Alex's heart move.

"Thank you, teacher" He thanked him.

"What is this thank you all about. You are my student and the only successor, If I get too old later who will take care of me if not you" The dean said jokingly, though he said like it was a joke, Alex still perceive the seriousness in it. the dean treated him like a family.

There are a few tears in the corner of Alex's eyes, this is the feeling he had forgotten, 'Family'. He now treated him as his family.

Alex calms down a bit, then he focused on the cauldron in front of him. He grabbed a set of ingredients then refine them.

After four hours of refining body tempering pills, he managed to make forty-two pills out of sixty set ingredients. That means five minutes for one set of ingredients. Now he felt his mana already empty. So he tiredly lay down.

After a bit, he looked at the pills he refined. Out of forty-two pills, four of them are junk, eighteen is mid-grade pills, fourteen is top-grade pills, and the rest is peak-grade.

The dean refined the rest forty set ingredients. He managed to make two peak-grade pills. He looked at Alex's six peak-grade pills, he sighed. This must be the effect of Alex's talent and Pure fire element. But he secretly happy with Alex's achievement.

"Good work" The dean give him water.

"Thank you teacher" he gulped down the water in an instant.

"What are you going to do with the pills?" The dean asked.

"For peak-grade, I will eat it myself. After eating them I will have rank 4 prowess. As for the rest, I will leave it to teacher"

"Oh... you didn't plan to give the pills to that lass?" He teased Alex.

"I will refine them later after the next batches ingredients come."

"From the look of it, you planning to give to a few people"

"Yes, I'm planning to give Grand duke, madam, Alicia, and her sisters, Firia, The king and crown prince, I think. That makes fifty-six pills. With my current percentage for peak-grade pill, that more than enough to refine for them."

The dean astonished, Alex plans to give so much. But he also feels gratified, Alex remembers the kindness shown to him. "Well, It's up to you. If the ingredients are not enough I can buy them again"

Hearing this, Alex heart warmth "Thanks teacher"

"Just eat the pills now, and immediately go back. It's already late."


Alex eats the pills one by one. After eating the pills he feels refreshed, he noticed his strength now equal to rank 4 warrior.

After eating the pills, Alex immediately said goodbye to the dean and left.

When he went back, Alicia already asleep in bed. So he cultivates until tomorrow.

Name: Alexander Sirius (Peak Phase Body Tempering Stage)

Job: Adventurer(Primary), Alchemist(Secondary)

Rank: 2

Level: 271

STR: 435

AGI: 319

VIT: 364

DEX: 320

INT: 190

Alex's status has a significant increase from last time, especially his STR. While his level still stagnant, so as his rank since he never kills a monster when arrived at the city. He needed to increase all his status to 400 to make a breakthrough to Qi gathering Stage. Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

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