Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 29: Alchemis

Chapter 29: Alchemis

29 Alchemis

They arrived at Dean's office.

'Knock knock'

"Alex huh... Come in"

"Teacher, I'm sorry for not coming yesterday" Alex didn't come to see him yesterday because of Alicia, so he apologized.

"Hehe...The girl was more important than me after all" The dean gave a teasing gaze at Alicia.

"Uncle!" Alicia blushed red. The dean relationship with the king and grand duke was close. so Alicia calling her uncle was appropriate.

"haha..."The dean laughed then he turned to Firia "And this is..."

"She is Firia, Firia Merona. Umm...My friend" Alex introduced Firia.

"I...I'm...Firia Merona" She is so nervous, this is the first time seeing her idol so close to her.

"Well, as you know my name, I am Marco Glither. The dean of this academy and also his teacher. Just relax Firia girl" Seeing her so nervous, he tried to smooth the thing.


Alicia giggled looking at her, this is the first time for this seductress acting like this.

"Then what do you come for?" He surprised Alex was coming with Alicia and Firia today.

"I want to borrow teacher's courtyard, to practice"

The dean astonished, he gave a teasing glance at the three "Sure" then he recalled something "Oh.. in the competition, I remembered Alicia, this girl using new magic?"

"Ah.. Alex is the one to come up with the magic"

"Hoo.." He turned to Alex "It seems you have many secrets ain't you lad", the dean now looks like an old fox that planning something.

"I...only give her a bit of knowledge and advice. Princess is the one who created the magic" Alex said.

"Let leave it at that. I will join too. Let's go" the dean lead them to his courtyard.

"There are three factors to make a fire. First is fire source, second is fuel and the last is oxygen." Alex explained

"Oxygen?" The dean and Firia were dumbfounded, Alicia already knows a bit about oxygen from Alex.

"mmm.. how do I explain this? You can say it's like a super small substance in the air" Alex confused how to explain oxygen to them. Science in this world was not that advance

"We can use fire chant as the source, and mana as our fuel to use fire magic. The fuel taking in Oxygen and combust them with the chant" Alex continued

"Oh... I remembered when you first using a new chant back then, you said 'Take in Oxygen and burn'. I and sister were surprised because of that. You even use a new magic chant in your first-day training" Alicia added.

Firia and the dean shocked, they looked at Alex like he is a monster. Alex scratched his head.

"How about miss Firia try?"

"I..." she calming down a bit then she nodded.

She tried Alex chant just now "Take in Oxygen and burn". A fireball as big as a head appeared in front of her. She was dumbfounded.

"Al...Alex, I really can use it" She becomes too happy and hugged Alex. Alex froze, he felt two big mountain pressing him. Even with Sandra his ex-girlfriend, he never even holding hands, let alone a hug. So this is his first experience.

Seeing Firia hugging Alex, Alicia's jealousy soar. She immediately got in between them and separated them. She glared angrily at Firia.

"Ah..." Firia just realized what she did at the moment, she blushed.

The dean still silent, he is processing what happened just now.

"Ah... this is interesting indeed, maybe I will researching this, what do you think Alex?"

"I will leave it to teacher"

"Haha..." The dean laughed happily. He wanted to leave but he remembered something "Alex, yesterday minister of agriculture give me a letter praising you. He said your idea was brilliant and he wanted to try it. if the result was good, you will be rewarded."

"Thank you, teacher" Alex didn't really care about that, since the one who invented the four-rotation crop not him, he only used his knowledge on Earth to here. He didn't even know how to make electricity that help the world so much because he never study about it, so his knowledge is limited.

"I want to make 'that' again later, I think my control was sufficient" Alex continued.

"Sure, just come as usual. Though I already succeed two days ago" The dean smugly said and left.

'comparing a few decades mage with a few week mage' Alex sigh.

He tutored Firia for an hour and come to the dean's workshop, he didn't see the dean anywhere. So he thought, maybe the dean is researching magic.

He grabbed a set of the herb for the regeneration pill. He put them in the cauldron, before he only can burn them one by one, after practicing magic control he now can prepare them together.

The herbs have been prepared, then he turned them into liquid and mix them together. The last step is to solidify them.


A blue-colored pill formed, this pill didn't have any black spot.

"Now, I can try to make other pills"

He turned around, he saw a few papers with a few pill names on it, like 'body tempering pill, rank 1 restoration pill, skin-refining pill, and muscle refining pill' and a few sets of herbs below each paper.

Alex gave the dean a few recipes, of course, the recipe he gave him is the one he needed now. They are beneficial to him.

He thinking a while which pill to choose first, and he chose the body tempering pill.

He grabbed a set of medicine for the body tempering pill. He tried to make the pill according to the manual.


The pill failed to formed, he summarized the experience and try again.

'second time...failed'

'third time...failed'

'fourth time...failed'

Alex confused. Why he failed so much. He didn't have any teacher to teach him about alchemist, so he can only try it step by step.

'fifth time...failed'

'sixth time...failed'

'seventh time...success'

Seeing the pill successfully formed, Alex happy. He examined the pill, 'mid-grade body tempering pill'. It's also above 75% purity.

He tried to look with the system

[Mid-Grade Body Tempering Pill (75%)

Use: Str+3

Limit: 7]

There's a new term 'limit'. "System what is this limit all about?"

[It is the limit of how many Host can take the pill. After the limit become zero, even Host take it again, it won't have any effect]

"..." Alex thought something 'if mid-grade can add strength by 3 points, what if I make a top-grade or peak grade?'

Alex eager to try again. But before he tried again he summarized his experience for a while.

'eighth time success'

'ninth time failed'

'tenth time success'

'eleventh time failed'


'fifteenth time success'

He stopped at the fifteenth time because there are no more ingredients for body tempering pill anymore.

Alex now has 6 body tempering pills, 1 of them is low grade, 3 mid-grade, 1 top-grade, and 1-peak grade. He successfully made a peak-grade pill by luck.

[Low-Grade Body Tempering Pill (50%)

Use: STR+1

Limit: 7]

[Top-Grade Body Tempering Pill (92%)

Use: STR+7

Limit: 7]

[Peak-Grade Body Tempering Pill (100%)

Use: STR+10

Limit: 7]

He shocked by the effect, with seven top-grade body tempering pills. He can get 70 points of strength. He can have a rank 4 warrior strength if he had this pill now.

"Alchemist is really overpowered"

Pill effect is overpowered, but the higher the grade of the pill, the higher the rarity of ingredients. So many can't use them to the limit.

The process of making body tempering pills not too long. Alex still has an hour before he usually comes back to his room. He decided to make the restoration pill.

The ingredients used in the restoration pill didn't have much difference with the regeneration pill, he only needs to change one herb and adding one herb.

'first time...Failed'

'second time...failed'

'third time...success'

'fourth time...'

'eleventh time... failed'

The process making restoration pill didn't have much difference with the regeneration pill. He succeeds in making six pills from eleven set herbs. There are 1 low-grade, 3 mid-grade, and 2 top-grade.

This time he didn't succeed making a peak-grade pill.

[Low-Grade Restoration Pill (54%)

Use: healing a minor wound

Limit: -]

[Mid-Grade Restoration Pill (70%)

Use: healing a minor wound

Limit: -]

[Top-Grade Restoration Pill (94%)

Use: healing a minor wound

Limit: -]

He noticed something

"System, why they have the same effect?"

[Restoration pill used to heal a minor wound. The different of grade will differ the healing speed]

"And they have no limit?"

[Yes Host]

He pondering something, he didn't notice the dean already comeback.

"You still here Alex?"

"Ah.. Teacher. I making pills and I use all the herbs for Body tempering pill and restoration pill" He scratched his cheek.

"Oh.. I will re-supplied them tomorrow. How many pills did you make?"

"I make six body tempering pills from fifteen sets of ingredients and six restoration pills from eleven sets of ingredients"

"..." The dean astonished with Alex's result. Even he tried them for two days he only has twenty percent success for body tempering pill and forty percent for restoration pills. While Alex surpasses him on his first day. He is ashamed.

"Then...what grade those pills?" he didn't want to admit his loss so he wanted to challenge him again with pill grade. He successfully makes two top-grade body tempering pills yesterday.

"one low grade, three mid-grade, one top-grade, and one peak-grade for body tempering pill. And one low, three mid-grade and two top-grade for restoration pill. Unfortunately, I didn't succeed to make a peak-grade restoration pill" Alex sighed.

'what do you mean 'didn't succeed to make peak-grade restoration pill'. Even I failed to make them with so many tries and you succeed with only twenty-one try.' The dean can't help but cursed secretly. 'ah..forget it, if you compare yourself with this monster...' he sigh.

"Did teacher has tried to eat the body tempering pill?"

"Yes, I tried. The low-grade adds your strength one point, mid-grade five points, and top-grade is seven points" The dean answered.

"The peak-grade is ten-points" Alex add. "and the limit using this pill is seven pills, more than that the pill won't have any effect" Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

"Really? How do you know about this?" the dean asked.

"I..." He can't say he knows from system, "That right, The manual said that."

"Oh.." The dean nodded, he never read the manual so he trusts what Alex said. He pondering something.

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