Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 8: Alexs Status

Chapter 8: Alexs Status

8 Alex's Status

After the fight with the wolves. Alex sit down Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

"System how many my ticket now ?"

[13 Ticket, Host]

"Please use 4 tickets at techniques, 2 at tools, and the rest to the material."

[Basic Cooking Manual x1]

[Basic Archery x2]

[Fencing x1]

[Spoon x1]

[Bow x1]

[Iron Ore x1]

[Water Bottle x4]

[Grass x1]

[Mithril x1]


"Water....water...Water bottle again! System do you hate me? And what the deal with grass. I can have X99 if I want it.!" he angrily rebuked the system

[Calm down Host. Gacha system is random Host, even you angry to me ?can't do anything about it]

"..Fine" Alex calm down a bit before he asked "How about the bow? Is there any arrows in tools gacha?" the next answer he getting angrier than before

[No Host, there are in the material. You can use iron, wood stick, and chicken feather if you got them from material gacha]

"*&$%&*$*%&*" He got mad at the system for couple hours until he finally calms down

Name: Alexander Sirius

Job: Adventurer

Rank : 0

Level: 40

STR: 105

AGI: 60

VIT: 75

DEX: 40

INT: 24

Gacha Status

Sword x5

Spear x2

Dagger x2

Shovel x3

Hammer x2

Javelin x8

Bow x1

Cooking Set x1

Spoon x4

Fork x2

Basic Cultivation Manual x5

Basic Body Tempering Manual x3

Fencing x5

Basic Sword Arts x1

Basic Spear Arts x3

Throwing Arts x1

Basic Cooking x1

Basic Trap Manual x1

Basic Medicine Manual x1

Water x77

Food x19

Iron Ore x10

Gold Ore x1

Wood Stick x3

Wood Block x4

Grass x1

Mithril x1

After calming down, Alex continuing to kill in the inner forest for one and a half months. Reaching at rank 1


When he got to rank 1, he confused since the king said they will have another boost status but he got nothing. So he asked his system

[System speculate, when your rank upgraded, it purifies the impurities in your energy resulting in a boost of status in him/her. with host never taken any energy from monsters you got no impurities so there's no boost for your status]

"....." Alex speechless with the explanation

"System how about I take the energy, and after my rank upgraded you expel the remaining impurities"

[If Host take too much time having impure energy in your body, it will blend with your energy and it will be impossible to separate them anymore]

He sighed."I know you are a useless system"

Like system said Host, there's no useless system, only useless host]

"Okay-okay, Let's go out of the forest. I'm bored watching the trees here"

After walking for a few hours, just before he got out of the forest, he immediately raises his guard

"There's a fight there" he peeked at the situation in the main road. He sees knights facing many orcs. There are Orc Leader and Orc Shaman spotted too. He decided to help after looking at the knights protecting a luxurious caravan. He thought 'if I help them, maybe I can get a free ride to the next town'

He immediately closed their distance starting to slash the orc one by one until he gets in the middle of the knight formation. He said "I will help"

"Thanks, young man, I can't get my attention distracted because of the Orc leader and orc shaman. Though I can face the orc leader sine we have the same rank. The Shaman will start pummeling my subordinate if I fight their leader." The middle-aged captain is a rank 3 warrior. His face can't be seen since he using a helmet

"I am close to rank 2, I can distract the shaman while you fighting the orc." Alex reply

"Oh, that helps me so much, thank you. Let's go" before the two started to get to their target. The caravan door opened and a girl came to the outside. The girl looked around 15-16 years old, stunningly beautiful, with long purple hair. Her body curves make the other think perfect. She said "Let me help too"

"Please go back inside, princess" The Captain immediately response.

The girl's name is Alicia Van Rizertia. She is the current Acacia Kingdom king's niece and the current grand duke third daughter. The current grand duke didn't have any son resulting his brother get to the throne, but the duke was fine with it since he always thought managing kingdom was tiring.

"No. Please let me help. Even with this, I'm Still a rank 1 magician I can support us" she rebuked the captain

Looking there's no way to convince the princess. He sighed, "Okay princess, but you need to support us from here and don't go closer to the battlefield. Besides, I think you need to support this boy. Even he was almost rank 2 but he still not rank 2 while the shaman already past the rank 2"

"Okay" Smiling happily, Alicia Complied.

Alex just nodding his head and ready his battle stance.

Name: Alexander Sirius (Early Phase Body Tempering Stage)

Job: Adventurer

Rank: 1

Level: 181

STR: 240

AGI: 200

VIT: 190

DEX: 150

INT: 100

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