Gacha Sovereign

Chapter 7: Alisia Fores

Chapter 7: Alisia Fores

7 Alisia Fores

"We are at the entrance of Alisia Forest boy" Said the middle-aged leader

"Thank you very much" he got off from the cabin.

"It's alright, please be careful when you get to the woods. Though this forest danger level not that high, still be careful" He advice Alex.

"Yes" With that, Alex went inside the forest.

"So what's my plan now?" Thinking for a while "I will try to kill some monster first"

He walked for a few minutes until he saw 2 goblins by the river.

"I think I can kill one of the goblins out of guard with my spear since they didn't detect my presence and battle the second goblin with my sword" He immediately ready up his gears. He sneakily runs around the goblins. Find authorized novels in ReadNovelFull´╝îfaster updates, better experience´╝îPlease click .Com for visiting.

He runs to the goblins and thrust his spear to one of the goblins head. Confirming its death, he swung his sword without hesitation to the other goblin, beheading its head.

"It's my first kill but I don't have any feeling right now" After he killed the two goblins, he searched his surroundings. Noticing it's safe he sat down and open his system panel

[Gacha Ticket x1]

"Oooh... I got a ticket. Isn't it easy to get a ticket system?"

[No Host, you are just lucky enough]

"Hehe, let me check my status"

Name: Alexander Sirius

Job: Adventurer

Rank : 0

Level: 2

STR: 23

AGI: 16

VIT: 17

DEX: 13

INT: 5

"Oh, I really get 5 points. How about its system? Are there any problem with the energy"


[Yes Host, it's really not pure enough, so I don't recommend you to take that energy]

"But how ? aren't my body taking it automatically?"

[System can expel the energy host, but Host won't get any status point for leveling up. Confirm?]

Thinking for a while, he decided to expel the energy

"Please expel it"


Name: Alexander Sirius

Job: Adventurer

Rank : 0

Level: 2

STR: 20

AGI: 15

VIT: 16

DEX: 13

INT: 5

After training for two weeks at the outer forest

"Haha another level" Alex laughed happily

[Host even you level up, You won't gain any status points]

"System you don't want me happy right? Just say it. Don't always strike me when I'm happy" Sighing, he complained

[There's no such intention. System only remind you]

He was tired arguing with his system and open his status.

Name: Alexander Sirius

Job: Adventurer

Rank : 0

Level: 34

STR: 100

AGI: 60

VIT: 75

DEX: 40

INT: 24

"People who saw my status will think of weird aren't they system?"

[According to the norm, yes Host]

Contemplating a bit, he decided to go to the inner forest.

"I will need more level then. Let's go to the inner zone of the forest."

After an hour of walking, he reached the inner forest. When sound heard,


He immediately raised his guard. Following the sound, while grinning happily "Another EXP"

He saw 8 wolves including 1 leader wolf. The wolf has an average level of 35 while the leader was level 45. He calculating the battle plan in his mind

"If the leader doesn't join the battle first then I can wipe them out easily. But if the leader join, I just hope there are no monsters nearby"

He Throws one a javelin to one of the wolves. The javelin hit its body. Looking at the wolf died, the king immediately ordered the others to kill Alex "Auuuu.."

Alex entered his battle stance immediately, noticing the leader doesn't join, he happy decided to end the battle fast

Two wolves trying jump forward to him, he sliced the two wolf. The remaining wolf started to get anxious looking at Alex's capability, they hesitated a bit. Alex didn't let go of this chance. He immediately killed another 2 wolfs. Looking at Alex kill another 2. The remaining three scared. He got his spear on his back and thrust his spear to one of them, and kill the remaining with his sword.

When the king Look at his subordinate dead. He angrily looking at Alex. His charged was much faster than his subordinate

"Fast" Alex surprised a bit but with enough time he ready his defense. Alex got knock back 2 meters away

The wolf king doesn't let go of this chance, he slammed down Alex to the ground. Alex trying to defense from the wolf fang. But he never knew Alex has a system with him

Alex thinking about another sword and said "Extract". Another sword appeared in his other hand, he stabbed the wolf head with it.

"Huft... It's a close fight"

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