Galactic Dark Net

Chapter 21: Perfect Score!

Chapter 21: Perfect Score!

Li Muyun picked up the phone and dialed Chief Chu Li’s number. Unfortunately the chief’s cellphone was off. Li Muyun then anxiously dialed the number of the Chief’s assistant Dong Yuewu.

“Yuewu, how come Chief’s phone is off? Where did you guys go?” Li Muyun asked hastily.

“We are at the New York headquarters attending a short meeting. We won’t be back until dusk.” Dong Yuewu explained, “Director Li, do you have any important news you want me to pass on to Chief?”

Li Muyun thought for a bit, “We have good news for him, but since you guys are coming back at night, I will just wait at the office. Give me a call when you guys are back.”

“I’ve noted it down, don’t worry.”

After hanging up, Li Muyun let out a long breath. Misjudging Han Lang’s potential was a big mistake, but luckily it wasn’t too late. After Chu Li gets back and hears Li Muyun’s report, he would for sure provide Han the best arrangement.

Top treatment was for sure, and a personal training director was also essential. In conclusion, all available resources must be used to train Han. After all, with Han’s SSS ranked power and stunning potential, his future was unmeasurable.

Li Muyun was still thinking, and Monk who had been paying close attention to the broadcast jumped up in happiness, “Look! Han past the second round of the pressure exam! They even lit fireworks in the sky!”


Li Muyun was stunned for a sec and turned right to the screen, only to see that Han had already walked out of the sand storm. Although the raging wind had ripped Han’s cloth apart, the sharp grains of sand had left marks on Han’s face, but Han’s steps were still as firm as always. Walking with his head up proud, his face carried the pride of a victor.

“Congratulations to contestant Han Lang from Earth for passing the second test with a perfect score!”

Li Muyun was shocked, he looked at Han’s score board which suddenly had increased by 350 points! A perfect score!



The light flashed past Han’s eye and he was teleported to the public square where he had started, his clothes were back to normal and the wounds on his face had recovered. After all it was just a virtual test, all you needed was for the system to rewrite some data and everything could go back to normal.

On the public score, two soldier-like young girls were chatting. One of them, a red-haired girl asked in curiosity, “Where’s the United Government of Earth? Apparently a monster from there past the second round with a perfect score and I’ve never even heard of that place.”

The other black-haired girl answered, “Hehe, you don’t know this but the United Government of Earth is indeed a small place, but they are famous for producing monsters! Last Galactic Meet, Earth sent an esper named Ke Lake, a 5 star esper, and without any reinforcement he broke through A7!”

The red-haired girl thought for a sec, “Ke Lake? I do have a blurry memory about him, but 10 years ago I was too young so I probably forgot.”

The chat between the two girls was heard by Han. So senior Ke Lake was also a pretty face haha, but what’s A7?

Whenever someone passes a test with a perfect score, the system would broadcast the news in public in order to encourage more contestants to be like them. Everyone in the public square now all knew about Han. Many people were talking about him, after all only a few can pass the second test with a perfect score.

But, Han did not feel proud at all because he knew very clearly that he was able to make it only because of his power, which provided immunity to all other powers.

Following the third round of pressure exam would be the battle segment. That was when Han might actually screw up because he had never learned any fighting techniques.

Now thinking about that, time was tight. Han decided not to wait till one week after and he went ahead and started the 3rd test. That way, he can clear up his schedule and focus on going to the extreme frost domain to shut himself away to train.

Han made up his mind and went straight towards the third test’s teleporter. The third test was called the Climb of Frost Mountain, and a snow mountain of over 1000 meters high appeared in front of Han. It looked just like an icy pyramid, with multiple paths leading to the top. At the top of the mountain sat a sacred temple, shining with golden light and emitting a mysterious feeling.

Han didn’t hesitate and he started walking right away. The path to the top had blue stones built as steps. It didn’t look difficult, and the mountain was only a few thousand meters high. But, only the ones really climbing it understood the horror within.

The mountain wind was howling, the gusts hitting Han’s body were icy like blades. Suddenly there was a snow storm and immediately after, it changed to hail. There were sometimes even rain. The rain water made the steps a lot more slippery, and there were no handles on the side of the steps, so people could easily slip and fall into the deep abyss that surrounded the mountain.

Out of the three assessments in pressure exam, only this one had a redo option. Every contestant can take this test three times, and the best score will be calculated. It really goes to show something about how difficult this test was.


Gabong~ (sound of people falling)





If you look at it from the spectator’s perspective, snow mountain climbing is actually pretty interesting, the majority of the people chose to help each other out to climb.

Although climbing in groups may seem like a good idea, but it has several deadly weaknesses. Sometimes, the moment one guy in the group trips and falls, the whole team will be dragged into the abyss.

Of course Han wouldn’t choose to cooperate with others. He found the path with the least people and chose to climb by himself. As he walked, he looked at his two sides and saw that sometimes people fell down head first, other times people fell with their butts first, and sometimes a bunch of people hugged each other tightly and screamed as they fell down.

The people that chose the lonely paths were mostly elites of at least 4 stars and Han, the beginner esper, was considered to be out of place to be taking this path. However, his speed was not slow at all, moving up at a constant pace one step at a time.

Every time Han came close to another climber, they would all voluntarily stop and make way for Han. When the screen beside Han showed that he was only a beginner with a Power Source Index score of 42, everyone was very surprised. Seeing him climbing was like watching a demon, but no one asked any questions. The unbearable pain from climbing made everyone unwilling to waste any energy on things like talking.

The snowstorm hit and Han slowed down his footsteps. The hail storm struck, Han put out his arms above his head and kept advancing.

Because of the fact that Han was immune to powers, climbing this mountain was like an ordinary climb, it was purely for exercising his body.

To any normal guy, climbing a mountain of a thousand meters was not too big of a problem, not to mention that Han was an esper. Although his Power Source Index was a bit lower but he was still stronger than normal guys.

After 3 hours, Han was already in the final stage. The road signs showed that Han was only 50 meters away from the top. Near the sign was the final resting platform before the top, and all contestants were welcome to take a break there without having to worry about falling down into the abyss.

Han took a look around, other than himself, there was only one more person. It was a girl, small in size with a cute face and shiny golden hair. Wasn’t that the Ye Weiwei he saved a while back?!

Ye Weiwei was still wearing the black leather clothes with only her small hands and face exposed. She was squatting on the ground and breathing heavily, her pretty face was also as white as the snow.

Ye Weiwei rose her head and saw Han and was stunned immediately.

In her mind, Han was just a shameless guy with some perverted or evil intentions and at this moment, that pervert was actually smiling and waving at her!

In order to come this far, Ye Weiwei had used up most of her energy and she felt that she was about to break down. She couldn’t even feel her legs.

And looking at Han, whose face and breath was still normal, who still hds the energy to wave and greet Ye Weiwei, she felt it was extremely unfair.

“What a coincidence!” Han laughed and said,

If Ye Weiwei still had energy, she would have cursed at Han for sure. But now she didn’t even have the energy to be mad at anyone. And this Han guy with no awareness was actually waving at her and walking closer to her.

As soon as Ye Weiwei thought about the last time Han grabbed her hand, she started to get angry.

The thunderstorm girl Ye Weiwei’s hands was something that people can touch casually? From a baby to now, not even her parents have touched her hands before, but now this male stranger did? WHATTTT?

Ye Weiwei had a stubborn personality, and now seeing Han, her personality got triggered again.

She grit her teeth, gave Han the evil eye, turned around and started sprinting towards the top.

“Only 50 more meters! If I can just hold on for a little longer, I can make it! I can’t lose to this shameless pervert!” Ye Weiwei was encouraging herself.

As for Han, of course he didn’t know what was going on. It was fine that Ye Weiwei didn’t thank him, but instead she ran?

Shrugging his shoulders, Han followed Ye Weiwei and started advancing towards the top.

Han was still maintaining a constant pace to climb, but Ye Weiwei was using as much energy as she could, which violated the most basic rule in climbing mountains.

When climbing, the worst thing you could do was rush. With a long road up to the top, how can the path be finished by rushing? One must be patient and take it one step at a time.

Of course, Ye Weiwei just climbed a few steps and began to feel dizzy. She felt as if her energy was being sucked away from her body and her legs were shaking.

But she was honestly really stubborn. Even though she was almost completely out of energy, she was still clenching her teeth and not giving up. For a 14 years old girl, this personality was very rare and impressive.

But Han had power immunity, you really couldn’t compare the amount of pressure Han faced in comparison to Ye Weiwei. Snow, hail, chilly wind, those were all nothing to Han but were all fatal threats to Ye Weiwei.


A piece of hail struck Ye Weiwei’s head, and it acted as the final straw that broke the camel’s back. She couldn’t hold on anymore, her body tilted, and started falling to the right side into the abyss.

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