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Chapter 22: Goodbye, Ye Weiwei

Chapter 22: Goodbye, Ye Weiwei


When Ye Weiwei’s body started tilting to the side, Han was already right behind her. He again reached out to her without thinking.

Honestly, it didn’t really matter how pretty she was, the majority of people would help when they see someone falling in front of them. It was a type of natural reflex.

Han pulled Ye Weiwei back from the edge of the cliff but didn’t let go of her little hands. Instead, he continued dragging her while walking towards the top of the mountain.

“Mountain climbing isn’t supposed to be done like this. There’s a good saying, your desperation for speed may actually slow you down.”

“Pay attention to below, step at where I stepped.”

“Don’t move randomly, otherwise both of us will fall into the abyss and then we are both screwed.”

Han was like a nice older brother holding Ye Weiwei’s hand, and Ye Weiwei started having a very strange feeling. She was already extremely exhausted, her brain felt as though it short-circuited and lost the ability to think. She just let Han lead her by hand.

After all, Ye Weiwei was still a girl, and age 14 was the beginning of adolescence. Due to her unique power, Ye Weiwei was never touched by anyone before, and if it wasn’t because of Han, she might never have been touched in her entire life time.

Do you still remember the first time holding hands with an opposite sex? That heart-racing and blushing feeling, that’s how Ye Weiwei was feeling right now. Her face had mysteriously turned red, her heart started beating faster, her palm started to become a little sweaty. To Ye Weiwei, it’s a feeling she never experienced before.

The mountain path was tough, although Han had Void End, they were still walking very slowly. Ye Weiwei didn’t know what to do, and she felt like she was led by a mysterious feeling.

Because of Han’s power immunity ability, Ye Weiwei’s whole body felt cold but her hand that was held by Han felt really warm. Ye Weiwei start feeling the urge to lean her entire body onto Han because to her, Han was like a warm furnace. What she needed the most right now was this kind of warmth.

It felt kind of strange, but Han’s hand was really warm. Ye Weiwei realized that she doesn’t want to let go.


Finally, Han and Ye Weiwei had past the last step and arrived at the top of the mountain. The system automatically restored both of their stamina, Ye Weiwei felt a sudden relief and sat right down beside Han who was also breathing heavily.

“Umm, now we should be fine, can you let go of my hand?” Han said with a faint smile.

Ye Weiwei just realized that she was still holding onto Han’s hand very tightly, as if she was scared that Han would leave her.


Ye Weiwei’s stubbornness started to surface again, quickly taking back her snow white hand. The two sat side by side on the ground, facing a thousand miles of snow. It was such a beautiful scenery.

Ye Weiwei started to take a closer look at Han out of curiosity: a little older, not ugly but not handsome. His body wasn’t really buff but not skinny either. Then again, he was pretty handsome when he smiled.

This guy was like a monster, being able to touch her hand and still be fine?

Thinking about that, Ye Weiwei started looking at her little hands: her fingers were white and slim, very perfect. Maybe because of the fact that she always wore gloves, Ye Weiwei’s hands were maintained a lot better than other girls. However, they were weak as if they were boneless, and Han knew about it since he had held it before.

“It’s going to be a difficult battle test later.” Ye Weiwei said suddenly.

Right after she finished, she felt like giving herself two slaps… Why would she tell this shameless pervert about this? Did her head short-circuit or something?

Han nodded slightly, but said as if thinking of something else, “Ya, but after this we probably won’t meet again.”

Ye Weiwei really wanted to ask why, but she stopped herself at the last moment. It would be like as if she cared. She had too much pride to ask.

“After all, Earth is too weak, but it’s still my family…” Han patted himself on the butt to get rid of the snow, took one more look at this beautiful girl in blonde hair, but Ye Weiwei nervously turned her little face away.

“It was nice meeting you, I have to leave now.” Han said, and walked into the sacred temple with big steps. The third test’s bonus mark was automatically given, as long as one completes the walk. After all, this test was way too difficult for the majority of the people.

The sky was lighting up once again with fireworks which then transformed into words, congratulating Han on passing with a perfect score once again. This really brought out the admiration and jealousy of the crowd of espers that were still struggling on the mountain.

But, Han didn’t really care about the attention, he went straight back home.

When he returned to Earth, Li Muyun wasn’t there. Monk and some other espers that tried the test all congratulated Han. Han took a look at the time since he already arranged with Li Qi to go to the hospital with him to see how 4th grandpa was doing after taking the zero-degree healing potion and revitalizers. It was already almost time.

So he quickly said goodbye to everyone and left the Esper Administration hastily.


On the other side of the Milky Way, Ye Weiwei’s house.

Han and Ye Weiwei originally came from two different worlds, Han lived in a small home on Earth and didn’t own an assessment or simulation pod. Instead, he had to go to the Esper Administration to use the public one.

But Ye Weiwei lived in a mansion that could be compared to a king’s palace, and she owned not just one simulation pod but also specific rooms to store different sized and purposed simulation pods.

Now, Ye Weiwei had returned from the pressure exam but she didn’t leave the room and instead walked to the window and opened it.

She stared at the flat green grass field and the borderless forest outside her house. The tall mountains and waterfalls in the distance, even the birds flying in the sky, they were all personal possessions of the Ye family.

Ye Weiwei leaned at the window and looked outside, in her gloves.

In her not very long lifetime of experience, she never experienced anything as exciting as today. Born in wealth, what she wanted was not beautiful clothes nor delicious cuisine, but freedom.

She could easily own everything in this world, but freedom. The freedom to wear short dresses like the other girls, the freedom to pick up a little rabbit and have a few kitties in the house, these were all what Ye Weiwei could never have.

Although the Ye Family’s mansion was gigantic, there wasn’t a single pet. When Weiwei was very small, her father had once given her a puppy as a pet. It was a beautiful white galactic hound with big, round, watery eyes and a small tail that was wagging nonstop.

But when the cute puppy jumped into Weiwei’s arms for a hug, a tragedy happened. The thunderstorm girl’s fearful power had easily killed the puppy. Weiwei looked at the little puppy laying lifeless in her arms and was sad for a long time. It was also from that day forward, she began to realize she was going to be alone for the rest of her life.

Until today, Weiwei met a guy, a very special person. Han wasn’t like those charming princes on white horses but Han was also not scared of her at all, unlike the other guys that would hide somewhere in fear whenever they see her, with their eyes filled with despise.

Thinking about that, Weiwei couldn’t help but lower her head to look at her little hands. A pair of white and beautiful hands, but they were no longer innocent. They have been held by a boy.

Ye Hua, the old faithful senior servant hid behind the door outside, trying to peek to see what was going on.

“What are you doing sir?” The giant guard captain Ye Xiangdong asked curiously.

Ye Hua smiled, “Looking at My Lady. Today someone touched My Lady’s hand.”

Ye Xiangdong became furious immediately, his face turned completely dark, “WHO IS IT?! WHICH BLOODY BASTARD?! LET ME GO KILL HIM!”

Ye Hua frowned, “You shut up! Do you not get our family’s situation? If another family’s ladyship get touched by outsiders then it’s a crime, but someone being able to touch our young lady is a gift from heaven! Stupid, can you use your brain?”

Ye Xiangdong thought for a bit and finally realized it. Immediately, this grown man broke down crying.

“Isn’t he scared of My Lady’s thunderstorm?” He asked in surprise.

“Apparently not.” Old servant Ye Hua answered, “This young man may have a unique power that can control My Lady’s fearful thunderstorm. He took My Lady by her hand and took her past third assessment’s final checkpoint.

Ye Xiangdong’s face was now covered in tears. He couldn’t help himself and cried, “Heaven has finally opened its eyes! Someone can actually control My Lady’s thunderstorm, our Ye Family is saved! Which family does this prince belong? How does his family background look? Where does he live? If he says no, I can bring a team and capture him and bring him over!”

“Capture my ass!” Ye Hua’s face turned angry, “This might be our Ye Family’s only opportunity, so you stay quiet! If you ruin My Lady’s opportunity, watch how I deal will deal with you!”


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