Galactic Dark Net

Chapter 469: Three Waves of Storm Strike

Chapter 469: Three Waves of Storm Strike

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"Emptied 3,890,000 galaxies!?"

"Creating 10,500,000 death stars every 24 hours?"

Nobody could clearly figure out how big this number really was because a Death Star was as big as a star system.

And 3,890,000 galaxies were emptied in order to mine enough minerals? This number would make even more people faint. Most people wouldn’t leave the galaxy that they lived in even once in their whole life, but for mining, the Earth Corps had already destroyed millions of galaxies?

"Where would they get such great abilities to manufacture?" 9527 asked really confused.

Long Chuan said, "According to calculations of the production forces, every robot can create another robot every 48 hours, so that means if we have 100 million robots, the number would change into 200 million in 48 hours, four days later, 400 million, 6 days later, 800 million, ten days later, 1.6 billion, in 12 days, 3.2 billion, in 14 days, 6.4 billion, in 16 days, 12.8 billion, in 18 days, 25.6 billion, in 20 days, 51.2 billion, we only need 22 days of time to get the total number of our robots corps to exceed 100 billion!"

"And then it’d be 200 billion, 400 billion, 800 billion, 1.6 trillion, 3.2 trillion, and from the beginning of this war, it has already been 16 years, our robots corps still can double their numbers every 48 hours, so, do I need to continue calculating?"

Everyone all shook their heads. He definitely didn’t need to continue calculating. Everyone understood the way under which the robot corp grew their force, it was a huge exponential growth that normal people cannot grasp.

"Then now, how many robots are there in total in the Robot Corps that is managed by the Earth Corps?" Lu Shui Qiu Lin asked.

Long Chuan pointed to the skies outside and asked instead, "Is there anyone who could count exactly how many stars there are in the universe?"

"No." Lu Shui Qiu Lin said.

Long Chuan nodded and said, "Then there is no exact number of robots in the robot corps either, because last year, the total number of robots have exceeded some sort of mathematical structure, so there are no numbers that can be used to represent how many of them there are. I can only say, a lot, and it will continue to increase."


Everyone let out a huge gasp of air, Han had expressed many times his attention to robot technology, but nobody would ever think that in the end, the ones who could actually resist the crazy insect race wasn’t humans, wasn’t beasts, but it was those robots!

The Insect race had the strongest reproduction abilities in the universe, but the reproduction abilities of robots was even crazier than insects. If they don’t implement control measures, then robots will take over the whole universe, until there are no more metal in the universe that could be made into robots, the exponential growth in their numbers would stop.

Long Chuan said in a low voice, "According to Han’s requirements, the Earth Corps has made the universe’s biggest robot troop, and now it is time for a last fight!"

"We will begin the last fight with the insect race after the number of robots in our robots corp and death stars have reached the maximum, hopefully by then we will have enough power to kill the Universe Insect."

Han shook his head and said, "That’s difficult, the mass of the Universe Insect has exceeded 80% of the mass of the universe, even if we have over a trillion Death Stars, we wouldn’t be able to completely destroy it."

"The only way is to break the Universe Insect is internally. Very soon, we will leave again and enter the body of the Universe Insect."

Long Chuan said, "Then we will protect from the outside. According to our mathematical models, even though a large-scale attack cannot kill the giant Universe Insect, but it could slow down the rate at which he grows."

"Very well!" Han said, "Then let’s do this, from now on, the Earth Corps will focus all their efforts on stopping the growth of giant Universe Insect, and us, we will go inside its body!"

"When do we start executing this plan?" Long Chuan asked.

"Now, we don’t have much more time left." Han clenched his teeth and said, "Immediately start organizing starships, concentrate them together first and attack giant Universe Insect before thinking about anything else!"


The Universe, divided into two by darkness.

To be technically correct, darkness had already taken over 80% of the universe, leaving less than 20% of the universe’s space for intelligent creatures to live in. Even the new home of the strong Earth Corps, Twin Horse Galaxy, was on the edge of destruction.

After accurate calculations, if the darkness progresses at the same rate as now, then the last galaxy that will be invaded by darkness would be the Eidis galaxy at the far edge of the universe.

Han could not wait till then because he didn’t know whether the galaxies that were already invaded with darkness could come back to light. He needed to make a plan for the worst possibility. Even if he could kill off the giant Universe Insect, then only 20% of the universe would be left, or maybe even less than 10% of the original area.

Darkness was like fog in a damp night. It would continue to move forward, drowning planets, star systems, constellations, galaxys, starships, star fleets, and even big alliance fleets inside its hazy yet terrifying body.

This was the original body of the giant Universe Insect. You could also say that the giant Universe Insect didn’t have an original body. It was an expanding darkness. Wherever it went, life ended and the only thing that will be alive would be the stupid insects.

Han didn’t have time to readjust himself before he left again. This time, the number of people was more than before, but when faced with the widely populated insect race and the invincible giant Universe Insect, this was still very insignificant.

"Let’s begin!"

Following Han’s order, the Earth Corp started progressing as a group. From the fleets in the back of the base, numerous Death Stars as big as star systems, all came together to go to the battlefield.

Transition tunnels were opened one after the other. It was like bright stars in the night sky, and this time, the number of Death Stars the Earth Corps had activated was over 300 million. It was like over 300 million stars lit up at the same time in the night sky.


The super star fleet made up of Death Stars continued to appear. Right beside Han, the distance between them was just the shortest amount of distance for them to safely transition. Once they appeared in the universe, they would begin to attack maniacally. They used huge cannons with the same diameter of the sun and aimed at the darkness that continued to progress towards them.

Boom boom boom~

Boom boom boom~

This was on an unimaginable scale. All the forces in the universe joined this final fight for the life and death of the universe, under the crazy attacks of the 300 million Death Stars, the rate at which the giant Universe Insect was swallowing the universe began to slow down, and the whole universe was lit up by these crazy gun fires.

Han and the others waited patiently until the insect race could no longer take it and sent out their own fleets to fight back.


From the dark body of the giant Universe Insect, more insect star fleets than the number of Earth Corps jumped out.

The looks of the star fleets of the insect race were weird. They were like huge cockroaches that were inserted into the universe one by one, every one of them was similar in size to Jupiter.

But under the huge gunfire of the extreme star fleet formed by Death Stars, the star fleets that were the same size as Jupiter were nothing. The diameter of the cannons on the Death Stars was equal to the diameter of the sun, its lethality was even more like that of the sun exploding.

But the insect race was ultimately brave and loaded. The Earth Corps sent out 300 million Death Stars, so the insects sent out 3 billion ships, 300 billion ships! Even reaching 3 trillion ships!

They had prepared for so many years already after all. They have accumulated enough force. They had taken up over 80% of the space in the universe after all. They had enough resources!

Right when the insect race sent out a huge scale of fleets, the second wave of attacks from the Earth Corps started.

This time, Earth Corps organized 3 billion Death Stars!


The number had blocked the universe’s death stars started a crazy round of barrages. This was the strongest fighting power of the Earth Corps. It was originally prepared for the last battle, but Han’s sudden return increased the tempo at which they entered the final battle.

Long Chuan was indeed an intelligent leader, in the past 16 years, the Earth Corps had been so oppressed by the insect race that they couldn’t raise their heads to them but Long Chuan had never shown their true real fighting power. He had been hiding this huge fleet outside the battlefield and had been pulling them back again and again as the main battleground progressively moved forward.

The Earth Corps had the full support of the robot corps, but what they needed the most was time. If the robot corps had enough time, they could create a fleet that was stronger than the insect race, and they would need less time than the insect race.

The insect race didn’t think that the real strength of the Earth Corps was so terrifying. Right when the insect race’s fleets were about to pull back, the second wave of Earth Corps’ main force arrived again!

It was over 3 billion Death Stars again, plus an uncountable number of various types of flagships. The total number would probably exceed a trillion.

Triple attack!

The insect race could not pull back anymore, they watched as the main force of Earth Corps came into the world out of nowhere, and completely destroyed their main fleet force!

The wreckage created from this battle was enough to cover over 1000 new galaxies!

"Our turn now." Han watched as the main force of the insect race was destroyed. He glanced over everyone at the scene and said.

His plan was actually quite simple. It was to enter the final battle early, have the final battle inside the body of the giant Universe Insect, and tear apart the humongous bug that was swallowing the universe from the inside!

Now, the main force of the insect race had been destroyed by the Earth Corps, once Han entered the body of the giant Universe Insect, the obstacles and forces they face would be much fewer and much weaker.

Even though because of this, the hidden Earth Corps’ main force that Long Chuan had made every effort to hide was completely exposed.

But Han didn’t want to wait till the giant Universe Insect had swallowed the entire universe to start. That would be too dangerous. He had to consider what he would do if the universe could not recover.

And what Han cared about the most was the dragon race, the all mighty dragon race was inside the body of giant Universe Insect, completely surrounded. Did they still exist? The later they entered the body of the giant Universe Insect, the more likely it was that the situation could not be saved.

Things like swords, they were crafted for the reason of being used one day!

Which would be now!


Black Egg let out a roar, and rushed towards the blob of darkness that was currently swallowing up the universe. The billions of cannons firing beside them were like they were bidding farewell to Han and them for their expedition!

Come! Come! All come!

The battle for life and death in the darkness!

Is today!

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